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  1. His current play, reminds of JM from a few years ago. IMO, this is all mental on Demkos' behalf cause his lack of confidence (based on the eye test), will also affect how the team plays in front of him.
  2. Demko, averaging one bad goal a game so far, very similar to JM from a few years ago..
  3. Great team (players and coahces) lost ! Let's see, if this (very) bitter pill will light a fire (winning streak) or crumble the team - off to the next game. I hope Green goes all in with Demko, despite the result, until JM gets back.
  4. Ditto. The Toffoli trade could probably had waited while giving MacEwen an extended look. A panic move ????
  5. The team is simply, going all in while EP and QH are still in there elc. On the surface, it seems like a good plan to keep/extend the compete window open while the young core (EP and QH) are in there bridge deal...
  6. Probably, safe to call a shutout for JM on Sedins' night - 10 seconds left. GCG !
  7. This is probably, a perfect game to were analytics does not reflect the score. Very interested, how CA and other sites will right about this game . Great job JM
  8. Each one is allowed to have an opinion and it doesn't take anything away from the Sedins and the ceremony - imo. Personally, I enjoyed the ceremony and most of the memories. Congrats to the twins , kudos to the fans and time for new memories ! Game time...
  9. Deserving send off, to the twins and time for the, New Core to make there own memories- hopefully, with a Stanley Cup. Respect, your honesty; just wondering how come ?
  10. Chicago might be fired up to win ??? Hope the Canucks win - GCG !