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  1. I want to see Miller between Ferland and Virtanen at some point to create havoc! I also like loading up the top line with Bo, Brock and Pettersson, maybe not all the time, but to shake things up or when down a goal late. Not sure how the other two lines would shake out.... maybe something like this. Its a decent typical 3rd line and an unorthodox 4th line with some skill to play limited minuets against the other teams 4th line... Alternate double shifting EP40 and Bo onto the 4th line C to play with Bear and Goldy to spread out and throw off how the other team defends. EP40 - Bo - Brock Ferland Miller Virtanen Leivo Sutter Pearson Baer Beagle Goldy?
  2. I think you can take off $250,000 AAV for each year shorter?? 7.5 @ 8 years 7.25 @ 7 years 7 @ 6 years (reportedly rejected by Brock) 6.75 @ 5 years 6.5 @ 4 years 6.25 @ 3 years 6 @ 2 years Fair numbers, just pick one. Get this done.
  3. I'm sure he would sign for 8 years at some dollar amount. If that number is higher than 8.5 then I'm sure its a non starter for the Canucks. I like BB but we can't pay him more than Leon Draisaitl. I feel like 7.5 on a long term deal is the middle ground that both sides have failed to get to yet...
  4. Who do you think says "no" to an 8 year 60 million dollar contract (AAV 7.5) - Canucks or Boeser?
  5. I read that article a couple hours after I tried to post this. The post came later because its my first, had to wait for the registration to go through. Read this article about the flames cap space a couple days ago.
  6. Not sure what the odds are of a mid 2nd rounder turning out to be top end talent is, but its not great. I agree we need top 6 wingers, we only have 1, but we won't find 3 this off season. Sam is a huge upgrade in our bottom 6, and may fit in well with Bo or EP, you never know. He's young and I don't think his best seasons are behind him.
  7. Offer next years 2nd round pick+ to Calgary in a sign and trade for Bennett, or offer sheet him to 4 years @ 3.5 million. Compensation if Calgary doesn't match is a 2nd. He might look good in our top 6 on the wing or in the 3C spot. Could move Sutter to the wing or trade to recuperate a pick and save some cap. Gaudette can play the wing and be there for when injuries happen. Petterson, Horvat, Bennett, Beagle is a solid center group when you have Sutter and Gaudette to step in. We become younger, faster, more skilled and more physical. Contract projections have him at 3 years @ 2.85 million. Thoughts?