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  1. Be funny if This was a trap and Montreal goes and spends to the cap now on Free agents only to have Carolina say Just kidding we changed our mind.
  2. Having Hutton and Stetcher as a 3rd pairing would be a nice problem to have. I'd like to move tanner down to the 3rd line and get another winger with only to letters in his first name to fill out that line
  3. And if you want to keep guys like Bo And Bess around you need to surround them with good players and take this team to the next level which in our case Is the playoffs. I dont expect a cup next year or the year after but progress goes along way to giving our core confidence long term and keeping them around
  4. It's a hard pill to swallow but I'll reserve judgement until next Draft. We really weren't that far away from the playoffs last year. 2 big losing streaks. If we played .500 hockey instead it would have been a different story. I'm a wait and see how next year plays out.
  5. GMJB may covet someone at 6. Pretty sure he has a better eye for talent the us and the so called professional experts out there. Cant wait
  6. Thanks but pretty sure it doesn't work like that from what Ive read.
  7. If cap friendly is correct which I'm not sure then almost all his contract of 5.25 is going towards cap hit with only 125k used on LTIR.
  8. Joe Thornton to play for free next year and collect a pension cheque instead
  9. To Van: Colin Miller & David Clarksons contract. To Vegas: 2020 5th round pick. Yay or Nay?