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  1. Sorry Apollo, back to back 60 goal seasons means his number is raised in Vancouver! Bure is one of only 20 players in nhl history to have scored 60 goals or more and he did it back to back years. Pavel Bure had his career cut short because of knee injuries and yet the field of work he decided to pursue after hockey is used as an excuse as to why his number should not be retired is Like is he supposed to sit at home and only talk about hockey and nothing else? Sheesh.
  2. Sssshhhhhhh, don't tell the Toffoli trade haters that!
  3. Never had a doubt about Lockwood signing with the Canucks. You could tell in the few interviews/ tid bits that have come out that lockwood is not only thankful for being drafted also the relationship the patience and support through injuries really means alot. Players like Petey, Hughes, Boeser would also be tempting to join. Can't wait to see what a full summer if training with the Canucks can do for Will come next training camp!
  4. @smithers joe Replace Pearson with Podkolzin Replace Ferland with Hoglander Add Tryamkin, OJ, Rafferty to Canucks d core of Miller Pettersson Boeser Podkolzin Horvat Toffoli 5 Hoglander Gaudette 3 Virtanen 3 Roussell Beagle Macewan Hughes Myers Edler Tryamkin 3 Juolevi Tanev 5 Benn Rafferty Demko Marky 6 Out: Motte .975 Fantenberg .850 Leivo 1.5 Pearson 3.75 Ferland 3.5 Eriksson 6 Sutter 4.38 Baertschi 3.37 24.325 Edit. Then when Hughes,Pettersson, Juolevi, Demko and Rafferty need new deals theres roughly 23million without any cap increase.
  5. Annnnd the rinse and repeat cycle of the cali teams begins a new with sjs lagging behind in the scorched earth approach ( Perry, Pavelski, Toffoli etc) 7 more years until Anaheim is back in the playoff hunt
  6. Sorry to nit pick, but there are some things that need to be corrected. I am a big fan of the Toffoli acquisition, anyone can check my posts. TT has scored 30 or more goals once. I also looked to see if that was a GPG % over 82 games, it is not. Last 5 seasons: 19/20 24 goals 16 assists over 68gp. Maybe he would have gotten another 6 goals in the remaining 14 games? 50/50. 18/19 18 goals 16A over 58gp 17/18 13 goals 21A over 82gp 16/17 16 goals 18a over 63gp 15/16 31 goals 27a over 82g He's a solid high end 2nd line winger and legit threat in on PP2. And such should be paid as a 2nd liner of the higher end, like Bo Horvat. Bo is also younger, better, more important to the team, captain, etc Toffoli should max out at 5 m. Marky will be getting paid closer to 6 per year. Tanev @ 5 m max Leivo won't be back, no money for him Fantenberg will be getting a big raise via ufa and should be let to walk. Motte basically gets leivo salary from last year. Re-Signing Gaudette, Virtanen and Macewan and the other forwards under contract give the Canucks a solid forward core. Stecher as an RFA iirc qualifying offer has to be more then 2.3 he made this season? I like stech and all he brings( Hustle, Heart, Character, Local kid).....we have Quinn...but he's not affordable like Hutton was. If Ferland is unfit to play due to injuries, his contract is covered by insurance i.e. robidas island. He gets his money, medical treatment but never plays hockey professionally again. The canucks only pay insurance and that's not against the cap? Hopefully ferkie recovers %100 for the start of next season. What must happen especially because of the Luongo bs is that Eriksson, Baertschi, Stecher, Leivo and Sutter must be moved out. Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Toffoli 5 Ferland Gaudette Virtanen Roussell Beagle Macewan Motte Hughes Myers Edler Tanev Tryamkin Rafferty Juolevi Benn Marky 6 Thatcher When Petey, Hughes, Thatcher, OJ and Rafferty need new deals there will be 26m in cap space and thats with no cap increase the next few years, plus ELC players coming in during that time. The Salary cap will not decrease
  7. Richter has a cup, Rogie has a vezina and a cup. Winning championships = Jersey retirement Vachon played for many teams, Richter played for one team during his career.
  8. Thanks for making my point, that's what i meant to say. Part of the reason i refuse to use translink, when i was a student there were several tb patients on skytrains. Yaa.... no thanks to that! Well well well comrade, your true colors are now showing! Racist! I am a proud mutt with Ukrainian heritage! Honor thy pyroshki!
  9. Too soon when people are dying from it. 30-70% of populations will get it. That's why it is very important to contain it to halt the spread. Places like old age homes with shared air vents are a terrible situation with how hard it is for seniors to fight off viruses as is, only that much worse as this new virus sounds like it is a "super flu" and seniors have the worst survival rate. Eat healthy, wash wash wash, disinfect with some nice scotch, eat healthy, wash wash wash, stay calm as this is no worse of a death rate than most things that kill people also. I believe the best way to halt a pandemic is to shut down all travel from infected areas immediately as well as shipping. I'm born in Canada so i am a little unfamiliar with inoculations when immigrating to a new country. Though i believe that if i were to say move to Sweden that i would need to provide a clean bill of health with no communicable diseases. another issue i have with people flying around the world spreading things on "vacation" without having to be in good health.
  10. The Canucks would be blocking all the shots and scoring 0 goals, defend the 0-0 tie!
  11. Edler will slowly be pushed out by OJ starting next season. Hughes Myers Edler Rafferty Juolevi Tryamkin Benn If it wasn't for Fantenberg being surprisingly decent OJ would have been called up already. Oj is too important to Utica because he and Rafferty play huge minutes and can't afford them to be called up to sit in the press box with the canucks( chatfield brisebois)
  12. Ahahah Myers isn't going anywhere anytime soon arrow. Ehrhoff was not a deadline acquisition, he was acquired in August.... Sutter? Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Toffoli Roussell Gaudette Virtanen Motte Beagle Macewan ??