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  1. If the Canucks trade Boeser, its definitely not for a smaller left handed forward. Miller, Petey, Horvat, Pearson, Ferland, Roussell, Eriksson, Baertschi with Hoglander and Podkolzin on the way Boeser, Toffoli, Virtanen, Gaudette, Sutter, Macewan, Lind? If Boeser is to be moved, it should be for a position of weakness. BB for a stud RHD the same age or younger than Brock.
  2. Just asking for a friend, how does one accomplish this legally?
  3. So, currently something like... Hughes Myers Edler Tanev Fantenberg Stecher Benn With Brisebois, Sautner, Rafferty, Juolevi, Woo in the AHL/ wherever. Oj and Rafferty are the most likely to be 7/8 next year . Fantenberg and Stecher won't be brought back because of how much of a raise they deserve and should get elsewhere. Hopefully Benn can be moved without any retention. Tanev would be nice to bring back unless GMJB swings for Pietrangelo in free agency. Oh amd if Tryamkin comes back for next year... Hughes Pietrangelo/Tanev Edler Myers Tryamkin Rafferty Juolevi
  4. Because some people are jealous of his success and life path thus far? Thank you Pears. How many Vegas golden knights players have been to the script clubs in that city? Anonymity at it's finest.
  5. I do think OJ is the 3rd best ld option. Though Fantenberg brings more grit and has more experience in the NHL, OJ never playing in the NHL and suddenly being thrown to the wilds bigger forwards in the play-ins would be a clutterbuck Macewan with his big body and knowing how *to use it on 4th rw over Sutter. Keep Sutter healthy in case Miller, Pettersson, Horvat, Gaudette, Beagle miss time. Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Toffoli Ferland Gaudette Virtanen Roussell Beagle Macewan Sutter, Motte, Leivo. FWIW Leivo was brought in to be 2/3 Winger. Who does Leivo push out of the top 6? Unfortunately for Josh, no one. Is he better than Virtanen? Jake over Josh Is he better at 3c than Gaudette? Adam over Josh Is Leivo a better 3LW than a healthy Ferland? Michael over Josh Does Leivo bring more to the 4th line right or left wings than Rooster or Big Mac? Leivo will be a black ace along with Sutter,Motte,Baertschi,Eriksson,Graovac etc I'm quite curious as to who the Canucks can bring in for D depth? Any Comets? College or Euro leagues making the jump?
  6. Sorry guys but this has MTL winning the #1OA pick to get Lafrenierre. Yzerman stated he's not surprised at the draft outcome. If the canucks did land #1 it sure as heck wouldn't be traded.
  7. Make no mistake about it, mario lemieux was tough as nails, strong as an ox, 6"4 230lb and when he did decide to fight ( younger days) he more often then not won the fight. Rumour has it or maybe it was something i heard in my younger days but when Lemieux was being scouted for the NHL. atleast on person voiced his concern as to whether or not Mario would be a goon or a star because of his fighting/temper. I remember being surprised at that as i never saw Mario fight as a kid, YouTube Mario vs kasparitis. This is why and how come its so hard to say who's the GOAT in the NHL history. Mario was fantastic, if he played more and didnt have all the health issues he would have won more then gretz amd had better totals. If gretz did not play so long and be relatively healthy over his career would his totals be the same? If howe was in his prime vs gretz vs Lemieux who would be the best? If McDavid as he is now, played in the late 70's and 80"s would he have broken the 300 point mark? To me, Lemieux is the GOAT. You don't have to be the toughest but be willing to get mad/angry/focused/determined Michael Jordan Tom Brady Etc
  8. We'll see whichever team takes on loui for the remaining term, ottawa will be needing to add cap space, they are rebuilding and have a boatload of draft picks this coming draft and next. After his signing bonus this july his contract remaining is 6 million cap but 4 mill in salary for 2 years. Dipietro would be attractive to Ottawa prospect wise plus he's from Ontario and played in the OHL for the Ottawa 67s. Throw in the rights to Motte Stecher whoever just move loui!
  9. 1) Roussell is not going anywhere, sorry. 2) sutter most definitely should be moved. 3) after 10 years in the NHL and finally getting UFA status, tanev signs a 1 year!? Not going to happen. 1)Yes to Eriksson being moved. no, not at the cost of Demko. 2) yes to moving Baer, zero retention. 3) yes to moving Sutter, zero retention. 4) yes 5) yes 6) yaaaaas 7) Stecher q.o is too high vs what he brings, likely becomes ufa and signs cheap somewhere like ben hutton in l.a. 8) We hardly knew thee 9) If the canucks d is like... Hughes Myers Edler Tryamkin Juolevi Tanev Rafferty Benn will likely be moved for cap. 10) with Eriksson, baer, sutter, benn stecher Dominique leivo Fantenberg all leaving that is more then enough cap to sign Gaudette, Toffoli and Virtanen. If Boeser is to be moved its a RHD STUD coming back. Otherwise, Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Toffoli Ferland Gaudette Virtanen Roussell Beagle Macewan Hughes Tanev Edler Myers Tryamkin Rafferty OJ Sign Polak & Kurtis Gabriel for #8d and 13th fwd.
  10. I was a big fan of the triplets, a few things i haven't seen mentioned have not been posted. When a player that's capable of putting up numerous 60ish point seasons bounces around the league so much like Anson did does that not proof that there may be other issues going on ? I also liked that carter was very, very hard to move infront of the net. The issues with his play were 1) He was not very fast or strong of a skater. (Sedins need a strong skater for the cycle/positioning game) 2) I remember he avoided contact more then the twins did. 3) If he was having a bad game or the team was losing he would "give up" on plays/ fore checking / back checking, sorta try just so it looked like he was competing I also remember Anson spoke about getting paid so he can start his life long dream of owning a record label, Not being in the NHL making millions. IIRC the canucks had approximately 3ish mill in cap space and offered 2x2.5 and he refused and spoke in the media of it being under whelming. Fans were upset about losing Jovo, Ruutu and Carter. Then Canucks fans laughed when he signed a 1x 2.5 in COLUMBUS who were terrible. 36/37 year old Sergei Fedorov outscored anson carter as teammates. rumour had it ansons struggles were due to the off ice stress of starting his record label and not having adequate time to train properly. When A.C played Vs L.E roughly a 10 year age difference Similar players but it seems to be different issues A.c. had health/ age /speed and possibly attitude issues L.e has been relatively healthy, has o.k. speed, doesn't seem to be an issue personality wise. It's like l.e. hands are 1.5 seconds behind where they need to be. Look at how his teammates treat him, they know hes struggling massively and yet have never said anything other then how much they appreciate his personality on the team. I'm no l.e. fan but comparing the two ppg or contracts is incorrect. The Salary cap has gone up 40 million since 2006/07. P.s. I just saw a sportsnet article from june 4th 2020 where carter goes in on iginla and why he was not offered the same luxuries as he. Iginla is my favorite flame ever, his story and the adversity he over came to become a dominant force in the nhl and a HHOF. IGGY was the player I coveted for the twins (scha-wing) I've lost alot of respect for Carter, he can voice his opinion on racism and thats progress. But do not throw other minorities or other people, teams or cities under the bus for his own failures.
  11. Judd want's more control over prospects and specifically the draft. What owner is known as being cheap and wanting his NHL staff to do multiple jobs for peanuts? What NHL team has 3 x 1sts , 4 x 2nds, 2 x 3rd for 13 picks total for the 2020 NHL draft?
  12. Having a Reaves level heavyweight that can play 10 min a game is worth the bump in ice time among the forward group. Not wanting to put a curse on anyone though I have legit concerns about the Canucks young stars being targeted or injured. Can Ferkie, Macewan... Myers... bring enough?
  13. Too bad Pearson won't be on the same ice anytime soon... I'd pay for the tickets just for the opportunity to see some husband retribution