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  1. Dube or doobie? Gaudreau Dube 1st Valimaki? That's like... Boeser Gaudette 1st Juolevi
  2. Buffalo is such a great place! /s The ask for Eichel would be huge! Petey Or Hughes, 1st, likely Podkolzin and or more draft picks or prospects. He's not a generational talent but definitely a franchise #1 center. Ottawa or Montreal should pick up the phone asap
  3. 17 days till ufa Pandemic Static cap Expansion draft looming Marky is priority #1 Tanev & Toffoli #2 & #3 Neither of Tanev or Toffoli will be signed until GMJB knows exactly how much markstrom will sign for. Oh and the fact that Pittsburgh, after making several trades has a little over 6 million in cap space with 11 f 8 d and 1 goalie signed So, Matt Murray, Jarry, some depth F and Tanev signed all for less then 6 million? P.s. i know Murray is traded soon( likely after he is re-signed) Jarry & Desmith are the future in Pittsburgh. So, 2 mil for Jarry, 4mil for tanev ?
  4. 1) facebook, ew. 2) Pittsburgh has 6ish mil in cap space 3)facebook, ew. 4) pens have 11 forwards signed, 8 d and one goalie 5) facebook, ew 6) Murray, Jarry with desmith signed. Both are rfa but could easily eat up that remaining cap space.
  5. Weber 7.85 Chariot 3.5 Kulak 1.850 Edmundson 3.5 Petry 5.5/6.25 Alzner 4.625 Not bad for 27 mill, still gotta sign mete though
  6. Correct me if i am wrong... Wasn't Tryamkin here before covid hit or at the tdl and his representative said "that the canucks really want to sign him(Tryamkin) but don't have the available cap?
  7. I getya now, my bad. Hughes Tanev Edler Myers OJ stecher Rafferty benn? Rathbone Even if GMJB decided to sign barrie that immediately jettisoned stecher and perhaps tanev. I'd like Tanev back but the cheaper the better.. Stecher would suck to lose as he is a local kid, his effort level is excellent. He does whatever he can to stymie the opposition. Or barrie/maybe Stecher and maybe a cheaper veteran rhd D as depth Hughes Myers Edler Barrie OJ Rafferty Benn Soucy? Stecher? Or Hughes Tanev Edler Rafferty OJ Myers Benn Soucy If Barrie takes Stecher money, 3-4mil then GMJB may be able to bring Tanev back aswell. Hughes Tanev Edler Barrie OJ Myers Benn Rafferty Wouldn't be my favorite move, Rafferty seems to have that offense in his game with hopefully a better d game. I'd much rather some more snarl on the back-end. I'd go streaking through a corn field in the dark running backwards at full speed if GMJB somehow got Pietrangelo to sign cheapish here but that ends tanev and stecher in van Hughes Pietrangelo Edler Rafferty Oj Myers Benn Soucy
  8. @mll cdc won't let me quote you.. Sorry bud, i disagree. Minny needs to burn it down and start fresh. Staal, Parise, Suter are all 35+ costing over 18 million. jared freaking Spurgeon makes 7.575 for 35-40 points as an undersized d man, that contract runs until 2027. Suter brodin dumba and spurgeon as top 4 d cost over 25 mil... Boldy is their most recent 1st rounder, with greenway, kunin, Eriksson ek and kaprizov. Do any of those players scream franchise C ?or even 1st line C ?
  9. Dumba is gone as long as the wild can get a young top prospect C in return. Brodin vs Tanev Left d vs right d Brodin is a few years younger Brodin is less injury prone Wild as a team are rebuilding, they have alot of work to do. Canucks almost made it to the conference finals after taking out the wild. Minny paid a premium to keep Brodin in a less than desirable market thats rebuilding. Tanev should be about a million less
  10. Mackinnon Landeskog Makar Burakovsky Jost Kadri Zadorov All need new contracts now or within 2 years Rantanen already makes 9.250 Mackinnon and makar are looking at around 10mil each. Landy 7ish Kadri 5ish Burakovsky 5ish Jost 4ish Zadorov 5ish Adding ufa forwards or defenseman is a mistake for colorado. Grubaur and francouz need to be replaced asap as that is their biggest weakness by far Colorado isn't sitting as pretty as many people think, yes they will be strong on offense. D is excellent Goaltending is atrocious