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  1. Kreider breaking Petey's nose says he will never be his teammate.
  2. Don't you think Gaudette being a C and having better PPG than Virtanen entitles him to the same money ?
  3. You're missing Gaudette, he needs to be signed aswell. Leivo and Stecher won't be back. Loui, Baertschi and sutter need to be moved out too.
  4. Pearson replaced by ELC of podz or Hoglander. Kassian replaces Leivo. Edler, Benn replaced by Tryamkin and Juolevi. Miller Pettersson Boeser Hoglander Horvat Virtanen Ferland Gaudette Kassian Roussel Beagle Macewan Hughes Pietrangelo Juolevi Myers Tryamkin Demko
  5. Edler, Pearson, Benn and markstrom all ufa freeing up about 18mill to sign petey and hughes
  6. Either bad troll or.... 1st 3rd Merkley(1st rounder) Kevin bahl a big huge stud d man, likely a top 4 once developed, a 2nd rounder that should have gone in the 1st. For A few months of taylor hall. Terrible trade for arizona. In any of your proposals the value is ridiculously low in favour of the canucks. Krieder has never won league MVP. Krieder will never be a canuck after breaking Petey's nose. Krieder is redundant and not needed. Virtanen is looking to be that player, pushing Ferland, Roussel, Leivo down the line up.
  7. Any deal involving dumba will have to have the following as part of the return. A 1st rounder and top high end prospect. a legit replacement on an expiring contract to replace dumba's minutes. And more, the salary difference incoming with dumba is 3.675mill. So again, more cost to add a cap dump to minnesota. Baertschi 3.66 + 3rd rounder or lind/madden. Just for ghits and siggles Canucks 2021 1st rounder Podkolzin Stecher Baertschi 3rd or lind/madden For dumba Hard pass Just go after Pietrangelo or Barrie in UFA and save the assets. Stlouiis cant re-sign Piet. Torontah can't afford barrie.
  8. I like sutter and all but Jumbo would murder Brandon Sutter, Thornton family tree has gorilla's in it only a few generations ago P.s. Did anyone catch evander kane's elbow to Quinn Hughes in the 3rd? It was a sneaky shot to the back of huggy bears head. It was on the near side boards in the sharks end. If anyone can hookup a gif on screenshot please let me know, i need it for a friend.
  9. Where are the people calling jake to be suspended!?!??! Carter speared Petey and no suspension or penalty. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Petey handled it like you should, get up and punish the opposition.
  10. No, easily out muscled in the d end. Hughes / Pietrangelo and it only costs cap money.
  11. Miller Petey Boeser Pearson Horvat Leivo Ferland Gaudette Virtanen Roussel Beagle Sutter Motte Schaller Baertschi Graovac macewan goldy Boucher Eriksson More like the twentieth best
  12. Or just make it a penalty if a goalie crosses center ice to play the puck, Wait they did!