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  1. Ferland Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Miller Baer Sutter Virtanen Motte/Roussel Beagle Leivo Motte or Leivo sit when Roussel returns
  2. Ferland Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Miller Baer Sutter Virtanen Motte Beagle Leivo Roussel Edler Myers Hughes Tanev Benn Stecher Fantenberg Biega Marky Demko Canucks property in AHL / ECHL Boucher Graovac Macewan Perron Gaudette Bailey Goldobin Schaller Jasek Gadjovich Lind Juolevi Woo Brisebois Sautner Teves Rafferty Chatfield Eliot Dipietro Kielly Bachmann Mcintyre
  3. Lol someone hits you with some knowledge and you run? If i wasted my time replying to you, you should do the same?
  4. I"d like to ask you a few things. What are the odds the 1st VAN traded Miller for becomes a player as good or better then Miller? Miller is a proven NHL player, a 1st is not. What's the odds a 3rd rounder even suits up professionally? AHL fodder? Mazanec is a win-win, make room for Kielly, Dipietro, Bachmann, Mcintyre, Latvian? How long will that player take to make an impact in the NHL if at all? At some point you need to trade an asset to make room for incoming bodies / get better now. Canucks are pretty set moving forward with prospects/roster players The argument i could make is we need better D and more higher end prospects there. How long would a D prospect drafted late in the 1st take to become a full time NHL d man? Add in the pick is 1-2 years from even being drafted, looking at what 3-5 years from 19/20 season? Ferland Pettersson Boeser Miller Horvat Pearson Baer Sutter Leivo Roussell Beagle Virtanen Motte Gaudette, Podkolzin, Goldobin, Karlsson, Hoglander, Lind, Lockwood, Madden, Jasek, Macewan.. plus more Edler Myers Hughes Tanev Benn Stecher Fantenberg Biega Tryamkin Juolevi Woo Rathbone Teves Rafferty Sautner Brisebois Again I'm sure i am missing a few Markstrom Demko Diepietro Kielly Bachmann Mcintyre Plus that latvian? This is a good trade and a little cheap by Benning, Miller adds to the core for 4 years. That's a win for the cost of a 1st and a 3rd.
  5. Hypothetical If you get caught talking smack about your boss in the media while on vacation on another continent, expect consequences. Then when that boss trys to contact you about what you had said, you avoid his calls forcing him to contact a union rep to find you and tell you to contact your boss asap? Then refuse a transfer to another location several times? Tell loui to take that silver spoon out of whatever orifice its currently stuck in. How is loui the victim here? The fans are the victim's watching this bum make 6million a year. I could walk on as an open try out and make more of an impact then loui has since signing in van. E-X-A-C-T-L-E-Y!
  6. Lol Mcdavid traded?! Draisatl,RNH, Klefbom and Larson would be traded first.
  7. . Look at the final 4 teams this year. Blues sharks bruins and hurricanes. All had some snarl and size with some smaller players sprinkled in. Ratboy, karlsson, terasenko, teravainen. Chara, coyle,backes/burns,kane, jumbo/ parayko, pietrangelo/ Ferland,Staal,Hamilton. What pushback so the avs have? Zadorov?Kadri? Johnson is a tough sob though.
  8. I think st louis has alot more size on the backend. Bouwmeester 6"4 Pietrangelo 6"3 Edmundson 6"4 Parayko 6"6 Bortuzzo 6"4 Gunnarsson 6"2 Dunn 6"0
  9. Landeskog Mackinnon Rantanen Burakovsky Jost Kamenev Compher Kadri Donskoi Calvert Wilson Nieto Bellemare Nieto, Donskoi, Compher,Kadri, Jost and Calvert are all at or under 6"ft. I think they are a good team, but i dont think they have the snarl or size to challenge for the cup.
  10. I like the av"s big 3 and D prospects (so many). The problem i have with the av"s is that they are very small up front. Only f"s above 6"2 are Kamenev, Burakovsky and Raantanen. Not exactly physical types of players either. They have 5 fwds above 200lbs. I don't like their cup chances. I just noticed Samuel Girard is 162lbs. Why hasn't sportsnet/tsn done a hit piece on why he is too small ala petey? Especially a dman at 162lbs....
  11. Lol i was just going to ask the "Asset Management " crowd to burn down dubas? Basically T.o. gave up a 15g scorer for nothing?
  12. That leafsnation article hurt my head. Funny because next year both teams gave up their 1st. A top 6 player in his prime for 4 more years for the Canucks, a pure cap dump of Marleau for the fleas. Canucks got the better deal. Let's compare rosters now and in the future. Kerfoot Matthews Nylander Kapanen Tavares Marner Johnsson Shore Hyman Spezza Petan Moore Rielly Ceci Muzzin Barrie Demott Harpur Vs Ferland Pettersson Boeser Miller Horvat Pearson Baer Sutter Leivo Russell Beagle Virtanen Edler Myers Hughes Tanev Benn Stecher With Tanev, Leivo and Schaller as noteable upcoming UFAs. Toronto has 3/4 of top 4 dmen as UFAs. Ceci, Muzzin and Barrie will all be looking for raises and i don't think Barrie will be back in flea land. 2019/20 season and beyond Canucks will be as good if not better then the leafs. Matthews, Marner and Tavares are great to have, but not at 30million plus with poor depth and very little on prospects. Sandin and lilegren vs juolevi, woo, tryamkin, podkolzin, Hoglander.. Keep drinking that kool-aid t.o.