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  1. Brother? Is this you inputting your 2 cents from the Hambone?
  2. I'll keep tuning into watch Kucherov. Guy does something incredible every game and hardly seems like he is trying. Oh and Hedman is playing the best hockey of his career. TBL should win the cup, even if Stammer can't come back and play in the series. I also enjoy watching Seguin struggle. He is currently the Stars version of Loui Erickson; an offensive black hole.
  3. All I know is that Quinn has bragging rights over Jack all off-season long!
  4. I just hope Marky doesn't end up in Alberta. He would take those teams and put them on his back too. Their goaltending has been a major weak spot for years. Wouldn't be surprised if they offered him the moon. If Marky ends up in Detroit, well, he won't see playoffs for a while.
  5. To take on Loui, a team would really have to want Marky bad to not let him get to hear offers from other clubs too
  6. Steven Stamkos says hello. That guy has had a tough run. Imagine his career numbers if he didn't miss so much time!
  7. Agreed. It would take a lot to land a player like Eichel. Lots of speed, skill and a wicked shot. Too bad he has to rot in Buffalo. If they don't make the playoffs again, my money would be on him demanding a trade.
  8. We are not moving out Bo. We already have a great 1-2 punch at center and Eichel is a head case. Literally, the worst doo in the show.
  9. Both for next season and come expansion draft, keep the goalie that gives us the best chance to win a cup. Marky was the main reason we even made the playoffs this year; it was a vezina caliber season. And yes Demko played lights out against the VGK but methinks a 3 game sample does not make a workhorse #1 tender, which Marky currently is. But if we can't have both...I vote Demko as his age and cap hit will align with the team and where we are headed. That cap savings will help us improve our D but we could also improve our D by trading some young forwards and or prospects as we are seemingly very deep at the F position within the org. I hope Marky signs a 4 year deal at 5 per and we can have both as a great tandem for the next few years. This position is so important, I'd do a deal with Seattle to ensure they wouldn't select the goalie we don't protect.
  10. But we can't... There is that damn Miller trade coming back to bite us. I hate his compete level alongside his skill mixed with sand paper. We are not unloading a 1st round pick simply to rid ourselves of him. A trade is possible based on the info LeBrun shared in his article. Throw in a prospect a team likes and it could happen. (Just not one of our high end prospects).
  11. Would we be able to loan him to a team in the SHL if there is not going to be an AHL season?
  12. I find it baffling that Fleury sat on the bench most of these playoffs. Yes, Lehner had a load of shutouts in his wins but that series winner that got past him is a shot he will want back 100% of the time. All the while, a 3 time Stanley Cup champion was waiting in the wings... Happy for Dallas. Benn, Comeau, Pavelski, Radulov. Lots of vets looking to get the chance they've waited for, to sip from Stanley's mug. If TB wins and get Point and Stamkos back I expect TB to win it all. If they don't have Stammer or even Point at 80% I see Dallas taking it, especially if Khudobin continues his stellar play. Stone, is a sour puss. VGK are cocky and as the saying goes, "pride comes before the fall."
  13. I think Gaudette holds more value than Jake as he is a young center who works hard and has good ability to put up offense in a limited role playing 3rd line minutes. As mentioned above, he really took a big step in his 2nd pro season with the big boys. I think if we are looking to move out money, he might need to be packaged with someone like Rousell or Sutter, if teams push for him instead of Jake. I hope this doesn't happen as having 3 strong centers would be a huge asset down the road and working with Manny, his defensive game and face off percentages should improve steadily over the next few seasons. For that reason, I hope we can hang onto him despite our cap and the work JB will have to do the next few years to shed salary and cut the fat (Erickson, Baertschi, Sutter, Rousell).
  14. I do if that is what he decides. But I also see him seeing what the UFA market will bear. Lots of teams could use a solid number 1 such as Buffalo, Edmonton, Pittsburgh, Calgary, Detroit and Ottawa, Carolina, Chicago, Colorado. I think lots of these teams above could offer him more term and $ then what JB wants to spend, especially since TD is the heir apparent as per his 1040 interview from the other day. If he doesn't sign in Vancouver, I see Colorado, Calgary and Pittsburgh vying hard for his services.
  15. As long as Marky gets the term and dollars he is happy with, despite a not being offered a NMC, he might take the deal. He loves the city, his team mates and has had a taste of success, making the playoffs and winning a few rounds. Also, going to Seattle wouldn't be awful. It is basically Vancouver south but with worse traffic. It is a beautiful place to call home and their facilities will be top notch. I can see Marky signing with us and being ok "expsoing" himself during the expansion, whether it be a 2 year or 5 year deal, or somewhere in b/w. He doesn't seem like someone who will sign somewhere purely for the most $. He is a competitor and wants to play for a winning team and we are just entering into this realm. If Pittsburgh moves on from Murray, maybe they go hard after Marky? Lots of moving parts and options for GM's in the goalie market this fall. Going to be interesting to see how it all pans out. I hope we resign Marky for 3-4 years around 5 per.