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  1. Are you watching the same footage as me? If so, I cannot fathom your rationale.
  2. Alf, I think you need to watch the play again. I'm a Canuck fan too but you stating that Perreault initiated the contact with Virt is homer-ism at its finest.
  3. And Jake's elbow to Perrault's head was a dart that the league missed. Definitely needs to be some sort of universal minimum suspension for contact to the head so players will be better protected. I mean this city is still upset with Keith's elbow to Danny all those years ago because these types of head shots can be life altering, let alone end someone's playing career.
  4. Pitts wanted to round out their top 6 with Guentzel all but done for the year unless they make a run come spring and he can return. Galchenyuk was brought in to be a complimentary piece on the wing but never seemed to find his game in Pitt. Yes they overpaid but Crosby and Malkin only have about 3-4 more years of elite, game changing hockey left, so every year is pretty much win now mode.
  5. I agree with many posters in this thread in that the Canucks should not be adding at the TDL (although I really like Krieder but the asking price might be too much) but rather we should try to unload some players if possible. The fact we have 3 injured players (F) that can be inserted into our lineup is like having additions at the deadline anway. Leivo, Ferland and Motte are the depth we have on hand, not to mention the call ups from Utica like Mac, Bailey, Goldi, Baer if needed. Our D seems deep enough too with Benn or Fantenberg being a very solid healthy scratch when one isn't playing. Jim Benning has done an excellent job making this team deep in every position.
  6. Time is now for TB to get to the SCF. They need more size, speed, skill and playoff acumen. Insert Kreider from NYR to fill out their top 6 and push Palat down the lineup making this contending team even more dangerous on paper. NYR retain salary TB offers up their 1st rnd pick or ours if we make the playoffs, as well as a prospect outside of the Foote brothers. If Kreider resigns in the offseason or TB wins the cup, NYR will also receive TB's 2nd rnd pick at the 2020 draft. Stamkos Point Kuch Krieder Cirelli Johnson Killorn Pacquette Maroon Palat Stephens Guorde Hedman Sergachev McDonagh Cernak Coburn Shattenkirk That is a championship caliber team if they can stay healthy. As far as Canucks trades, I have no idea. It will all depend on where we are at in the standings over the next 5-6 games, Ferland's health and the internal vision of JIm and his staff. I just hope we stand pat.
  7. no thanks on simmonds. rather try Macewan out for no cost. simmonds is a shell of the player he once was.
  8. I also find it laughable that Brock was in this "huge" funk going pointless for a whole 5 game stretch. Guess the media just needed something to talk about outside of the fantastic stretch the team has been on since mid December. Brock is a great player. He will get his points over the course of the season. I'm not worried about his deployment. The team is winning. Whatever is happening off the ice, I believe his teammates have his back and support him 100%. This is a tight group. They play hard for each other and have been pulling on the same rope for awhile now going 15-3 since Dec.17.
  9. I for one am happy to see you included Kole Lind. He could turn out to be a very valuable piece for this club 2-3 years from now if he keeps taking steps in his development. Having GMJB and his scouting staff is such an advantage for our org. Once the contracts like Baer, Sutter, Schaller and Erickson are done away with and those spots earned from within via our prospect pool, his quality of drafting and developing will shine through. This post points to the depth we now possess and it will only get better.
  10. For us Sutter is a cap dump. For some teams who could be a very effective 3rd line center (when healthy). Goldy is not a throw away prospect. He has elite play making ability and was very good at times in a top 6 role with us but never found consistency in his game and Green now has other, heavier options, which is his preference. Demko is a very good goalie with a small NHL sample size but many around the league project him to be a starter. If Marky wasn't playing lights out this year and the Pacific so tight, you can bet Demko would be getting more looks. Krieder is a rental, so not sure he is worth a 1st rounder for us. I offered a 2nd because we don't have a 1st this year if we make the playoffs. Not only that, the return for an elite player like Taylor Hall, former MVP only fetched one 1st round pick and no conditional ones should he resign with the coyotes. Also, if they fail to make the playoffs that 1st round pick goes back to Arizona should they fall in the 1-3 spot. I feel this deal is sort of a precedent for what teams will pay at the deadline. It's possible Krieder will get a 1st if there are many teams interested. However, he may not get the NYR a 1st. Other teams might look elsewhere. I never said, this is the best offer we could give to get Krieder. Just a proposal to get the conversation rolling.
  11. Mark plays playoff hockey all year round. He is going to be a great depth pickup for whoever offers the most to the sens. So many teams are close to making the playoffs in both conferences, I am sure he will be plucked by one if the sens want to move him out. Teams in need of that sort of help on the back end and have cap space could really use him. Winnipeg, Carolina, NYI, Toronto, Edm to name a few. If Boston can fit him in...they want to redeem themselves as a group from last years gm 7 loss in the SCF. I don't see us making this move since we have decent depth at D with either Benn or Fantenberg as our 7th. But if we were looking to add another d-man, Mark B would definitely fit the bill but I'd rather we give someone from Utica a shot. We have lots of interesting D-prospects down there.
  12. Apparently Canucks brass are extremely high on Madden, so they would really need to be coveting Palmeri to move Madden out. I really like the idea of landing a player like him since he would fill out our top 6 nicely, is under contract at a good cap hit and gives us more depth at F. That Luongo recapture penalty is super annoying...3 mill we gotta eat for 2 more years I'm stoked for the present and the future. It will be interesting to see what our team looks like in 2023. I'm thinking the core 4 will be tearing it up and complimentary pieces like Virt, Gaud, Podz and Hog will be impact players in their own rights. Plus our D will be completely revamped by then. Going to be fun years to be a Canuck fan!
  13. I hope Megan moves to BC! Prince Harry can go fly a kite at English Bay. Jake is playing like royalty, is what I'm getting at!
  14. Not only that, their peers in the NHLPA would vote them off the island!
  15. If that's the case, I would pass on Kreider. Virtanen is still progressing, is younger and more affordable. Plus, a 1st is steep considering we gave one up for Miller but that has paid off big time and will continue to do so! I agree with other posters in terms of that we are not 'there' yet when it comes to being contenders for the cup but we are certainly at the spot where we are a team pushing to make the playoffs. I was just curious as to what fellow fans would consider we would need to do to make Kreider a Canuck because I think he will be very valuable to the team he ends up playing for come spring. Cheers!