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  1. The best time in recent memory for Canucks fans was that amazing run to the Finals we had in 2011. Since then, we have steadily been declining. Many players from that team left due to free agency, retirement, and through trades. I propose we bring back that 2011 team to see if the magic can be recreated. While Luongo is retired, he was never really important to the team, so Schneider will do. We could easily acquire him for Demko or someone insignificant. Last I checked, Mason Raymond was playing overseas, so he would probably jump at the opportunity to return on a modest contract. Yannik Hansen would possibly return, bringing back the pure goal-scoring talent we've lacked since he left. Again, this would be a simple free-agent signing. The Sedins have already been contemplating a comeback for months, so they will no doubt be on board for all of this. Mike Gillis would happily replace Benning if ownership expresses trust in him. Ryan Kesler would probably return once he sees all his old pals coming back. To make room for him in our lineup, trading a center such as Horvat would probably do the trick. And finally, the process would be complete if management can convince John Tortorella to return for one more run at the cup. This is just a proposal, so don't be surprised if it never happens, but as a season ticket holder, I hold a lot of influence on the franchise's hockey decisions. Hopefully this process can start soon, because it's about time the Stanley Cup is back in Vancouver!