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  1. I think Sutter is injured from the last play. Came out for the last shift and headed straight to the bench after a few strides. Looked discomfort.
  2. What happens to his salary against the Canucks if he is sent down to the AHL? Does it still count against the salary cap?
  3. What about Josh Leivo? and when you say LE remaining as canucks property, do you mean that we will retain some of his salary?
  4. I don't know this 'another guy' but I can assure you I'm not him or questioning the Canuck's ability. Frankly, they have been disappointing and it was hard to watch them since their stanley cup final run in 2011 it's a fact that they have not been too strong, so I'm just curious as to how they can improve this year that's all my man.
  5. I don't think that the Canucks are not good enough for me; I've been a die-hard Canucks fan since I was a kid. Just trying to understand how they can get better and where they stand with this offseason moves that's all but thanks for your input
  6. He has shown glimpses of his skills last year when he was traded to the Canucks but is he really a threat being a winger for Horvat on the top line?
  7. I agree we should sign Gardiner/Myers Get a 3rd pairing guy for Grandlund / Sutter And get a top 6 forward for a pick + virtanen/goldy + Baertschi Pearson Horvat Boes Leivo Petey [?] Rousell Gaudette Virt LE Beagle Motte Edler UFA Hughes Tanev ? Stech Schenn
  8. That's Hutton (Unsigned at this moment) and Pouliot both won't effect salary cap
  9. Which contracts are you referring to..? We're not even sure if we're unloading Sutter or Baertschi at this point.
  10. With Edler signed we have roughly 23.5 mil left in our cap space. Sign Boeser for 7~8 mil Sign Leivo for 2~3 mil Sign Goldy for 1 mil Sign Schenn for 1.5 mil We are left with roughly 10~10.5 mil If we sign or trade for a top 4 d men for roughly 7~8 mil what is our plan for adding a top 6 forward granted we have about 2 mil to spend? Those numbers are all loosely projected numbers, but I am not sure how we can improve the forward group with those numbers
  11. That's fair, I agree Would you say this is a solid lineup as a playoff team? Assuming we get a solid top4 RHD and a decent bottom paring guy or Schenn Edler - D from Trade Hughes - Tanev Free Agent D - Stecher  Juoelevi - Schenn
  12. As of now we're looking at some variation of this forward line up for opening night roster Pearson Horvat Boeser Leivo Petey Baertschi(?) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Goldobin(?) Sutter(?)/Gaud Virt Eriksson/Lucic Beagle Motte Is it just me or does the idea of Pearson at top line left wing, Leivo and Baertschi at 2nd line wing seem weak for a team trying to make the playoffs? Also is our bottom 6 considered average in the league?
  13. Thanks for that Going off of the lineup you projected do you think stecher is a decent, reliable d for bottom paring?
  14. I hope Benning can add some toughness and grit Aside from Edler, who is not too physical (and maybe Schenn), all of our defensemen are soft and small size Tanev, Hughes, Stecher, Juolevi ... If the blues has shown us anything, grit & size matters in playoff