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  1. Sorry guys. Havent been around much the past week
  2. Suggesting they stay away from those two is pretty low hanging fruit lol.
  3. The only way this happens imo is if a team wants Eriksson as a top 6 or at worst top 9 player. Benning would likely have to retain at least some of his cap hit and possibly add depending on the contract coming back.
  4. I am pretty neutral about Goldobin. If he gets another chance and earns a spot i am fine with that. If they cut him loose its ok too. If he earns a top 6 spot, I think he might actually benefit from having a big body, puck retriever like Miller or Ferland on his line. He showed some chemistry with EP but wont likely be there unless Boeser is out or doesnt sign. A case could be made to give this a look in camp though to see what it performs like. That could be a solid 3 scoring lines. All 3 lines have at least 2 good defensive players too. Ferland-Petterssen-Goldobin Miller-Horvat-Boeser Pearson-Gaudette-Virtanen I dont expect this would be an opening night lineup as Baertschi and Sutter are getting the shot over Goldobin and Gaudette for sure.
  5. Thanks to @inanefor the negotiations on this one. We are sad to lose a quality leader like Dan but the reality of the salary cap came calling. We feel that Dan will still be a solid depth player and wish him the best of luck in St Louis. Getting back a 3rd in the DeAngelo offer sheet conpensation gave us the leverage to pull this deal off to get cap compliant. Washington still has their eyes on making a few more changes prior to the season so feel free to inquire about potential deals.
  6. Lol this goofs greatest hits continue. In this one he says the Leafs have the best cap situation in the league. WTF? Is this guy smoking crack?
  7. This is a good risk to take for the Bolts and for Shattenkirk.
  8. Lol from the same "author". This is pure comedy gold. Guy needs to learn what playoff hockey and quality depth means.
  9. I actually like the idea of moving Tanev and signing Gardiner if the term and AAV is reasonable. Edler-Myers Hughes-Benn Gardiner-Stecher Biega, Fantenberg Each of those pairings could be rolled at 5 on 5, and Gardiner, Hughes, Myers on the PP allow Edler to be given less of a role there which i believe is important to improve the PP. Gardiner and Hughes would give the Canucks a potent PP duo imo and Myers also has some tools that would help. Edler and Benn as mainstays on the PK instead. Tanev is great defensively but I think this moves the team more in the direction Green wants them to play. EDIT: Gardiner is WAY better than he is given credit for by Leafs fans and homer media. They needed a scapegoat to deflect from their star forwards and overall defensive effort $&!#ting the bed and Gardiner has been it.
  10. Green finally has the tools to put together a top 9 that can score and play solid defensively, a 4th line that can soak up defensive minutes without being a liability, and 3 balanced pairings that can transition and move the puck up ice efficiently while being defensively sound. Plus, there is now tools on place for a 2nd pp unit that can pitch in and depth in the event of injuries. Plus two goalies that can steal some games. Camp is going to be very interesting.
  11. Even if they could buy out Baertschi (which they can't), he would probably never make it through waivers to get to that point. Someone would pick him up I bet.
  12. Sam Bennett's wikipedia page sayd he was traded for sutter and eriksson lol