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  1. Wow, am I glad I didn't pull the trigger on that Panarin/Tarasenko trade :O
  2. Well, in all likelihood, if we have both goalies on our roster when the expansion takes place, we are losing one of them. Unless we swing some sorta deal with Seattle ie; don't touch our goalies, we'll trade you pick + X player and you take *Insert name here...ah hell who am I kidding Eriksson, ERIKSSON* off our hands.
  3. I think Trump may have just found his Captain for "Space Force!" Cadet to Captain in record time, amazing. *Salute*
  4. Boeser ~ 36 goals Pettersson ~ 33 goals Horvat ~ 28 goals Miller ~ 23 goals Bearcheese ~ 22 goals Ferland ~ 19 goals Pearson ~ 16 goals Virtanen ~ 16 goals Edler ~ 11 goals Myers ~ 9 goals Hughes ~ 6 goals
  5. Miller-Pettersson-Boeser Ferland-Horvat-(Pearson/Leivo/Bearcheese) Hall-Hughes-Palmeiri Gusev-Hischier-Simmonds Hard to say which top six is better. Might get burned for this, but I'll definitely say NJ has more skill in that top six, but our top six is a lot harder to play against (Miller/Ferland/Horvat).
  6. Honestly, it's not that bad of a deal. Absolute worst case scenario is he is a scrub and bolts to KHL in 2 years. Not ideal scenario is he's a 40-50 point top 9 player, slightly overpaid, but not by a lot. Likely scenario is he is an ideal top six player who can put up around 60-ish points and help a PP that is in need of it. Good deal then. Best case scenario is he is Panarin 2.0 or close to, puts up 70+ points on the top line and tears up the pp with Hall/Hughes and Subban. My money is on a 65-ish point season and 20+ pp points. Guy has too much vision and has good insulation with Hall, Subban, Hughes, Hishcier to not make an impact.
  7. Over the years, only been to 4 games. My record... 0-4-0 Cgy loss Edm loss STL loss SJ loss I should go to more games this year
  8. Igor Shestyrokin. General consensus is he's one of the top 3 "prospect" goalies in the world, except he's been playing against men in the KHL for the past 3 years. He is the heir apparent to the King. If he pans out like pundits think he might, Rangers are loaded, if not, they need a goalie badly lol.
  9. Government should counter sue for frivolous lawsuit, get them to pay for any fees associated with the case then slap them with another fee for clogging up the damn system with this bs. I could sell my apartment in the valley right now and buy a nice house almost anywhere else, here I could maybe upgrade to a slightly nicer apartment...yaaay.
  10. I think Chi...as much as I hate to admit is, is...or was a great model to follow. Establish who your core is, build around those 3-4 players and when it comes time to re-sign players who are expecting big raises ie; Ladd, Buffugly, Bolland, cut them loose and trade them for assets back and maintain your core with flexible cap space. Chi followed this model for quite a few years and had huge success with it, but then came bringing back old players, retaining to many players who were due for big paydays.
  11. I believe this draft addressed this issue with a giant exclamation mark. Podkolzin is like a bull in a china shop and Hoglander should hopefully be at his worst a 3rd/4th liner who plays in the same vein of Brendan Gallagher, or at his best, a Swedish Brendan Gallagher.
  12. ^ Pretty much this. Lots of teams draft power forwards, not many develop into legit top six talent in the NHL though, most seem to struggle to break into the league or they eke out a living playing bottom six. It's not just us that has a difficult time, many teams do, as for why... I believe it's a few reasons, one of them being that the game has changed over the past decade and speed is less of a good attribute to have and more of an absolute necessity to be able to play in today's game. A lot of so called power forwards tend to suffer in the speed department, not all (see Chris Kreider), but a lot of pwf's have trouble there. Another is a catch 22 scenario, they ooze oodles of potential because of their size and strength along with other attributes, but it's their very size and strength that prevents a lot of them from developing a good hockey acumen. Perfect example of this is Virtanen, guy doesn't lack for speed and he also possesses a great shot, he doesn't think the game at an NHL level though, I personally believe it's because a lot of pwf's are able to bulldoze their way through juniors playing against 16yr old, 150lbs soaking wet kids. When they come up against NHL competition, they neither have the time nor space that they are used to and aren't able to physically impose their will upon their competitors as easily as they once had. Some are able to adapt, many are not. Lastly, I think it's because pwf's, more-so then any other kind of forward, they take a longer time to develop. GM's and even fans are used to waiting for years and years for D to develop and even longer for goalies. For forwards, it seems if they're not there in a few years, they get discarded more easily, minutes go down, chances to shine are fewer and farther in between and they eventually bounce from team to team.
  13. I'm happy Edm took Broberg cause I sure as hell didn't want Benning drafting him. The kid has a lot of size and can hit speeds very few bigger guys can...outside of that, I'm not huge on the guy at all. He has severe deficiencies in his defensive game, his hockey IQ is not that great. He's great when he's got time and space, but when there isn't a lot of time to process, doesn't look nearly as good and at the NHL level, time and space is in very limited supply. Glad Oilers jumped on that grenade rather then us.
  14. Shestyrokin I feel is their main home run with drafting. Chytil and Lias Andersson are still up for debate, both have a lot of potential, I feel like one of them will break through and be a high end top 2 center. Outside of that, yeah, no home runs outside of Kakko. They've done very well on acquiring young talent over the last couple of years though. They've joined a long list of NHL teams in fleecing Ottawa, that Ziba trade is looking horrible. Trouba for a low 1st and a fringe top 4 D was also great. Getting a top prospect in Fox for essentially peanuts was quite the coup. Panarin for free (outside of cap) is icing on the cake. Honestly, I don't think they make the playoffs next year, not quite there and lot of new players will need time to build chemistry plus rookies/young players more adjustment time to NHL. Bos/Wsh/Tor/Fla/Car/TBL would be hard to see Rags finish ahead of any of those teams, so will be fighting against Mtl/Isle/Phi/Pit for wild card spot. I think Canucks and Rags take the same step next year, good playoff push, but finish just outside the playoffs and following year make the show. 2023 Canucks-Rangers SCF! lol