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  1. I think they should call it the Peanut Butter & Jelly line.
  2. I think he's played well since his last stretch of injury, he's finally picked up his defensive play and is more physically engaged than I've ever seen. I do think he needs to improve his skating however, maybe needs to go to Horvat's skating coach in the offseason. An interesting prospect to keep tabs on...I'm not sure if I see him as more than a bottom pairing defenceman at the NHL level but hopefully he proves me wrong.
  3. The problem is that this line has been awful when tried so far.
  4. He's been pretty bad apart from one season here, and he's quite overpaid. Nothing wrong with calling like it is.
  5. Come on, it's pretty clear Gardiner is a better player. And just because there are more LDs than RDs does not mean that RDs automatically get more money, there is no evidence to support that claim. I thought that acquiring a RHD was a good idea, which is why I happy that they targeted Subban and Barrie first, as was reported. They thew this crazy contract on Myers after striking out on the first two. I don't think he was a good target and he's vastly overpaid.
  6. Haha he is pretty cute. Maybe you can take him to the beach and you can bury your heads in the sand together
  7. Myers doesn't play with truculence haha, you're in for a surprise if you think he does. This Gardiner contract really shows what an awful contract the Myers is, as I've said from Day 1. It's a shame as all the other off-season moves were quite good imo, and of course we just missed out on Subban and Barrie (far better targets).
  8. You can`t conclude that at all lol. For example NJ could`ve ranked him 3rd.
  9. Whoops - someone already posted the article but in any case: Main points are the guy split time between 3 different leagues, fairly difficult to find your groove when you're switching teams, coaches and systems that frequently. For the KHL he averaged 3:30 per game which is nothing, so those three games are completely irrelevant. I'll be paying close attention to this production this season, if he stays with one team and gets reasonable minutes that should be a good litmus test. If his production sucks in that context it'll be a massive red flag, but I suspect he'll start to produce at a much higher ppg. I don't think he'll end up being a first liner, I see him topping out as a solid 2nd liner in terms of production but he also brings so much more to the table than points.
  10. Well what's more likely is that he refuses to report, and then the Canucks can terminate the contract. Then he can sign in his beloved Dalls for 1.25M or whatever they offer him. Don't let the door hit you on the way out! #Loutica
  11. Here's my two cents - Baertschi, when healthy, has had a much higher ppg then Pearson. Yes, Pearson and Horvat showed some chemistry for like 9 games or whatever, but Baertschi and Horvat have had chemistry for 2 seasons. Furthermore I don't see how Baertschi and Sutter are a fit in any way, shape or form. I think it will play out like this Miller - Petterson - Boeser (best player at each position, Miller is a great puck distributor so this line could be dynamite) Baertschi - Horvat - Ferland (this line is the wildcard, but as I said Baer and Horvat have chemistry, and Ferland is underrated offensively) Motte (Roussel when he returns) - Sutter - Virtanen (shut down line, play this vs other team's top lines. Reasoning should be fairly obvious) Pearson - Beagle / Gaudette - Leivo The last line is a bit tricky. I wouldn't mind the team exploring trade options for Beagle as I think Gaudette is ready for a fourth line role, but maybe they want Adam to work on his offensive game in Utica. Lievo is playing his off wing however is a right shot so theoretically shouldn't have too many issues on his off wing. Pearson can be moved up to the 2nd line when Baertschi inevitably gets injured. I like our forward group, there's some versatility, speed, size and skill. And some depth which we haven't had a while. Ferland can play LW on the first line for example, or Pearson LW on the 2nd. Hell even Miller could be tried out at 2nd C if Bo gets injured. Excited for the season.
  12. Here's the McCurdy stuff https://twitter.com/IneffectiveMath/status/1145734208473767936/photo/1 I'll find a link for the GAR stuff. Yes, Hughes was amazing in regards to advanced shots / shot differential. He's going to be an elite defenceman imo. Personally I think Stecher may be ready for top 4 minutes with Edler, he did very well last year. If not then Tanev. Even though I am very optimistic about Hughes I think that he should be sheltered as a rookie, so that's why I see him and Myers on the third pairing. Maybe Hughes works his way up midway through the season?
  13. Simply because I have a different view of this player does not mean I have an agenda. Characterizing everyone who disagrees with you as having one isn't very conducive to discussion imo. I'm looking at Micah Blake McCurdy’s Threat model, which attempts to isolate the individual impact of a player on shot rates from the impact of a number of confounding factors such as teammates, their opponents, score effects, zones starts, and home-ice advantage as well as The EvolvingHockey Goals Above Replacement (GAR) model and just plain old quality of competition. Maybe "never" was a bit extreme but he normally played against 3rd / 4th lines. What statistics are you looking at?