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  1. Montreal is interested in looking at some trades to improve our team. If interested, let me know.
  2. We are happy to get these young RFA players signed to solid deals that give them raises while keeping our cap in line. We are expecting them to be ready to compete for spots on our NHL team this fall.
  3. Leafs will match but it makes things very hard for them. They will need to trade Nylander most likely.
  4. Or Lou Lamoriello. You know sticking it to Dubas would get him excited.
  5. I hope its Colorado. Kerfoot, Barrie, and 4 1sts for Marner and Kadri is still brutal but at least it screws Toronto.
  6. Nothing says Bergevin like an ill-advised attempt though. Most of the time we are happy when they dont actually happen.
  7. Thats why you dont see more offer sheets. Toronto is in a situation where sure they would have 4 first round picks they could then trade for other help but still not be able to add significantly as even if they let Marner walk they are still in a tight cap spot. My ideal situation is to see the leafs implode under the weight of their idiotic forward signings and be forced to rebuild again haha. I might be slightly biased as a result. I hope Barrie signs elsewhere and Kerfoot gets a big arbitration award so they have to walk away or cut more salary.
  8. Someone should offer sheet Marner. Make Toronto match or lose a top player while they are in their window for future picks. And tgen if they match dubas will have to do a lot of dancing to keep Barrie next summer. Toronto isbasically trying to go all in this year. Someone needs to ruin that.
  9. Happy to bring in Simmonds to fill a hole on rw in the top 6. We are betting on a rebound season for him in NJ.
  10. You know Myers is a good skater and has pretty good lateral movement, right?
  11. I am similar. Although i strongly dislike the leafs and oilers. Hate that every $&!# move the leafs make is heralded as the greatest ever. And that the oilers are where all players go to die. Tippett coaching McDavid/Draisaitl? WTF holland is off his meds.
  12. Good question but i dont believe they can.
  13. Would love for my habs to get aho but this aint getting it done i bet.