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  1. PRAYING for a quick recovery for marky. my bloodpressure can only handle your absence for 2 weeks MAX.
  2. Demkos not going to stand a chance against toronto’s first line. Anxiety going up 110%
  3. Knowing we’d play this way. I’d at the very least like to see more line juggling. Maybe taffoli with horvat and pearson. Virtanen back on the first line. The first line was trying to be too fancy, dangling 3/4 guys at once. They weren’t having any of that ...
  4. The puck tracking with Demko is just not there. Wonder if it has anything to do with the concussions. Either way we needed the 2 points. Its only going to get worse from her with. Marner, Mathews, and Nylander will tear us up next game if we continue to play this way.
  5. please dont loose to ahl team. please don’t loose to an ahl team. please don’t loose to an ahl team.
  6. Really happy with Virtanen’s game tonight. Made some great defensive plays in our own zone, kept the puck going on their end to setup Edler in the second, and a nice pp nuckle to keep us in the game. Gaudette coming in close second.
  7. 21 page pinned thread on an incoming backup goaltender. An absolute blockbuster of a trade at the deadline. Classic example cdc overthinking everything
  8. Are we overplaying hughes? Hes getting close to 24 minutes and almost half of OT on his own. He’s looking pretty beat towards the end, worried its not sustainable.
  9. Get Eriksson tf off the TEAM. Had a wide open net 3ft out and completely miss the net ...