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  1. after he was just wrong on ss? nothing hes done has helped town. if i dont lynch him today i end up dead just like the rest where do u stand timelord
  2. vote AV i believe ss. i liked his claim and not backing down into claiming a desperation power role. they also didnt immediately fling $&!# anywhere else either
  3. imagine how the scum feel trying to piece this game together. ill let you guys know who to move on when i know
  4. what the &^@# is the point of your first sentence
  5. actually vote timelord i trust blue jay's judgement here.
  6. your play was good enough to let you slide in r1. you havent done anything to justify it now. believe it or not, my reads are malleable and change in real time based on what i see in the gamestate.
  7. ???? i can read people good but i can't read minds. at least not yet, so you gotta give me something to work with
  8. i havent been paying much attention your argument but i promise ill look into it later today
  9. vote sharpshooter timelord said he'll start playing later and fetch i'm waiting to develop his reads. feels like sharp disappeared though. he hasn't felt like his normal self all game