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  1. i've been missing both for a while now. i just get too into my own head
  2. okay, cool. time to figure out why the mafia team thought a 1v1 tradeoff was worthwhile unless you guys thought i wouldn't show up. i haven't checked setup. can someone enlighten me to see if mafia have a rolecop?
  3. what's the point in fakeclaiming a peek if i'm not active enough to view it? @luckylager
  4. ackshually, just hand me the gun and watch the fireworks.
  5. this is the part where you tell me you're from revelstoke ontario
  6. The boku no losers academia resemblance with the Sith is ginormous. Even star wars had a better concept of heroes: Jedi are like monks who have a superior control of their instinct and are able to restrain from passions. If Izuku would have keep researching on heroes he could have accumulated a great amount of wisdom and he could have become a great strategist or ruler. Napoleone Bonaparte who is quoted in the anime never fought one of his battle, he lead his man from behind and he was able to win like no one before him. Instead Izuku weakness dragged him to wish for more power. He wanted to save others so desperately, beyond his capabilities, that his desire of force blinded him. Like a primordial and sexual instinct his legs detached from his brain and moved on their own, at one point he didn't even know why he was running, he just went straight for it; like an addict that can not wait to satisfy the needs of his body, not caring about the consequences. Not to talk about the great Sith lord All Evil. Jedy power is innate like quirks in the anime, instead All Evil strength comes from a dangerous and mysterious power that is passed down master to apprentice. Just like palpatine he get super hard every time his apprentice show submission and moves one step closer towards the force.