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  1. Ryan Kesler is that you? Just to play along with this ridiculous thread I'm going to say it will be exactly 49 more years until the Canucks are TRUE contenders.
  2. That's it. Cancel the parade.





    1. Coconuts


      But during the summer a phantom lead me to join the black parade


      Don't do this to me 

  3. Canucks 3 Preds 25 Does it really matter who scores the GWG but I'll go ahead and say Hamhuis Edit: Your title says Nov 21th. I like this!
  4. Good thing the minimum wage is like 12 or 13 bucks then eh lol Oh well I make at least 22.01 an hour so I'm livin large, boys
  5. This would be absolutely hilarious They fire him and then they tank hard and then they beg him to come back and he says aw hell naw lol
  6. Wait I just had a great idea inspired by the great Hindustan What about dis: To STL: Markstrom Stetcher Eriksson 3rd rd pick To Van: Binnington Pietrangelo 1st rd pick That's a clear-cut upgrade! Right??
  7. I'd sign that petition Also Vezina should be the Patrick Roy award, Calder should be the Pettersson (for obvious reasons), and the Conn Smythe should be renamed the Brock Boeser Maybe Lady Byng can become the Sedin award?
  8. Will be using this soon. Thanks for the good work!
  9. I've got news for you Babcock, nobody's been able to fix the Leafs since 1967, you're not gonna be the one to get it done, lol First bolded: That's what she said Second bolded: Nice use of third person bro Do you guys honestly think that even "a coach like that" can turn around the dumpster fire that is the Toronto Maple Laffs? Or is he gonna get FIRED only to be replaced by another coach that cannot fix the cursed Toronto franchise?
  10. Even Toronto would laugh and hang up the phone and block GMJB's number lol