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  1. Because any young offensive players go to die with sutter at C. Let's look at the points & play when gaudette is in the centre position... Now compare to his games on wing... He's a better centerman and it makes the team better when Sutter who is a good veteran but he sucks ass as an offensive Center. Proofs in the numbers people. This team needs to play with the focus on 3 offensive lines. Sutter can still provide defensive stability playing from the wing.
  2. He should play on the same line with Sutter. Sutter can take majority of the faceoffs. during real play time gaudette takes the centre position since he's a better puck distributor an overall offense minded player. Sutter has a good shot & good face off guy. He can do both of those things from the wing. Hopefully sutters faceoff skill rubs off on gaudette playing together because sutter wont be around in a couple seasons.
  3. This line up has shown it can play against & beat any team in the league. The top 9 players need to be given the chance to play together consistently to build real chemistry. Top 9= petey, brock, bo, jake, miller, ferland, gaudette, rousell,sutter/Pearson. Put jake on the PP!!! Resign markstrom!!! Demko isnt ready
  4. I can live with that but think this team is 100 times better when gaudette is 3C & sutter is on the wing. He is not a effective centre but can be a good veteran piece on the wing. Id want to see ferland swap with gaudette. Sutter over on the 3rd line wing & gaudette in middle 3.
  5. I meant slowed down in intensity & overall speed. Not concerned with his point preduction. Bottom line they could have a really good top nine if Green wood just put the right 9 together and leave them together . And then they have some pretty decent depth in McEwen, leivo Etc.
  6. Pearson has value in the line up but on the 3rd line. Schaller has slowed right down & needs to sit for a few games to get him going again (on the 4th line only!) This team once healthy can go on a big run if green gets his lines together... virtanen/ferlund-petey-boesar virtanen/ferlund-Bo-miller Pearson-gaudette-rousell Sutter-beagle-macewan/motte They have the makings of a really good team Underachievers like leivo shouldn't continue to get played over Jake. God dammit green! Want jake on the PP
  7. JV is the 5th highest goal scorer on the team. He has no PP time ever! No PK time & averages some of the lowest time on Ice by any forward. Yet still is 5th in scoring all goals 5 on 5! What the hell does this kid have to do to be given a real shot by this coaching staff. What a joke! Yet Schaller is elevated up the lineup McEwen is gifted a spot on the second line and has done nothing with the opportunity and Jake spends the entire game on the fourth line with Loui Eriksson. Put Jake with horvat! And leave him there he will produce . Put McEwen on the third line and keep Schaller where he belongs on the fourth line and when other players come out he's up in the Press Box . If I was Jake I would be asking for a trade he's getting absolutely screwed!
  8. Exactly my point. There's no chance he's going to ride out his contract on a bus in the AHL. It would essentially before seeing his retirement.
  9. The bottom line is there is no room for him. Every minute he plays takes away from us better player getting ice time or developing. Is not part of the future even if he has 50 points I'd rather see a younger player get that spot. If they were to make room and put them on the fourth line he's going to play uninspired crop hockey like we've seen for the last 2 years. If they put them on the top six that means they're sending a legitimate top six player away. No room! Send them to Utica at the beginning of the season he's not going to ride the bus for 3 years he will retire.
  10. Yes. It's the best option though. The idea of trading a asset to get rid of him when it's as simple as shipping him to the ahl it's a no brainer
  11. Send Erickson to Utica. Case closed. Theres no spot for him even after multiple injuries. Dont give him the comfort of sitting in the box watching each game. If you send him to Utica he will retire there's no chance he's going to ride the bus in the AHL for three more years. If he doesn't get called up by Christmas which he wouldn't he will retire and they will not have to pay him a penny. Problem solved.
  12. We have the Personnel to already put three offensive lines together with a decent 4th. Put Sutter on your fourth line win he has a decent shot and in the right spot could put up double-digit goals but he is not fit to lead a line at Center. Gaudette as 3C with Pearson & baertchi. With legitimate Wingers I think Gaudette could have a great season. Virtanen with Horvat for the year. If gaudette doesn't pan out as your third-line Center put him on the wing 3rd or 4th Line. Pearson moves up to the second line Miller drops down to your third line Center.
  13. Stick virtanen with Horvat and Miller & he'll be a 20-25 Goal guy every year. Bo 30+ he's getting better year after year and if he has some stable linemates sky's the limit. Playing with Miller and virtanen will give him even more opportunity Miller is a good puck distributor and jv size and speed creating room for his line mates Pete 35+ BB 35+ Bo 30+ Miller 20 Ferland 15-20 Virtanen 20 Pearson & baertchi 15ish Myers 10ish Hughes pile up the As Goldy 15 ( once someone in the top-six gets hurt he can step in and if he's playing with Pettersen he's going to produce if not goals definitely assists his playmaking & chemistry with Pettersen was completely overlooked but the coaching staff last year