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  1. Start by Friday or I am out of here and Im talking the hog with me
  2. Also, Hoggers would have won if he wasnt a pussy and bussed. Not sure why people are praising him for his sub-optimal play. He was scared to lose and die alone, thats the only reason he kept his mafia buddies around.
  3. I am never returning to play here. Keep my name out of your mouths.
  4. This doesn’t answer the question. Also your avatar is scary
  5. Team killing for mafia needs to be allowed. It is necessary in a situation where you need to smear multiple Townies and the best way to do it is by killing your fellow wolf. If a player abuses the function, punish them dont punish the game. who is with me??
  6. I personally prefer Cup Noodle. The big round packages. i like spicy flavor. I put butter and protein powder in it too. Cheap and filling!!
  7. Sorry guys, for having a mental breakdown. Especially to my teammates and to the host. Good luck (Don't worry btw, I got help).
  8. I always knew I was a loser. I always knew I wasn't going to be a player that people would desire to play with. I always knew people wouldn't feel me. I always knew that I was a loser. I am content with being a loser. I'm not an awesome. I am a loser. I always knew I sucked as a person. I suck. Nobody is going to ever want to play with me. I am a piece of $&!# ass player. Ever since I was in Middle School I knew I was a &^@#ing loser. I've accepted it. In the future I will be an even bigger loser. I always knew I wasn't $&!#.