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  1. Maybe ur right. If you can show something Towes has done towny though, I would be willing to not lynch him or you. However, right now you or Toe is the best lynch for the information and chance of hitting a wolf. u sux
  2. Guess its Toes, SS, Lucky w/w/w Anyone who isn't a LIAR should be able to see Toes/SS.
  3. @Qwags Seems like everyone is scum reading you. Do you bleed?
  4. You need to slow down and explain yourself a lot more. How is it a dumb post to make? You can't just say things and not back it up with reasoning.
  5. I deserve to be slaughtered and left for dead. ans go Canuck u seem towny.
  6. Kill me tomorrow if I’m not playing better. lucky was right. I am kind of low energy rn. Maybe cause I missed that date, lol.
  7. Sharp Is mafia for sure I can tell. He too awkward @hoggers waht do u think?
  8. you and towes are scum for sure. And whoever else im voting rn