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  1. Vote: DarthMelvin Sorry for the inactivity. Life's a bitch
  2. @Maple What is your role? Do you think Raddish's role fits in the same type of game as yours? I'm Vanilla Town, btw.
  3. Blue Jay, what is your fear over the Raddish wagon? Do you really think he's town? Or do you just think Toes and Zfetch are better lynches?
  4. @hoggers @Master Radishes' @Zfetch You three should cast a vote between Radish man, Darth Marvin and Zfetch. Especially you, hogg.
  5. @luckylager @Blue Jay 22 Does hoggers speak correctly on Falcon here? Is his solving hollow and forced? Also, Hoggers what about ZFetch? I think he's someone you'd want to talk about at least in passing
  6. The biggest thing is he tried to team with me early on, which is a good sign. When hoggers is scum, he tends to play off on his own more. With that said, he's not out of his scum meta yet for sure, but he hasn't really done anything scummy. His lack of action isn't alignment indicative.
  7. I'd lynch Raddish today over Falcon. I think Raddish placing his vote on Falcon and then dipping is pretty scummy in itself, and I think Raddish/Falcon have W/W potential. The reason why not Falcon is because, I think his EoD interactions with TimeLord although scummy, it's not really crystal clear. The only clear scum-benefit thing he did was discredit Time Lord.... that's really it. It makes no sense why Falcon would duel with Time Lord in that fashion when if he went hands-off I probably would've been lynched. Outside of Intoewsables who placed his vote on TL earlier (and Maple) all the other votes on him were at EoD. Blue Jay, Lucky and Falcon were the people who jumped onto TL. Falcon went from hoggers (who I think is town) onto Time Lord, also Town. No reason to bring that attention to yourself. The discredit was scummy but I discredit people all the time just as a way to get my point across. Not really scumy. Not even sure I saw Falcon and Raddish interacting that much in the thread and this place doesnt have an ISO tool so im notta bout to check lol @falcon45ca @Master Radishes Link me to the part where you two were chatting if I'm wrong. Vote: Master Raddish Intoewsables, Zfetch and Dark Melvin are the other people I would lynch today. I'm feeling less and less good about Honey and Milk also. I really would like to lynch Zfetch though. Theres something about him that just rubs me the way. @Maple What do you think?
  8. @Blue Jay 22 This is where I need you to come in. I like this post from Stamkos, because they express healthy paranoia in the last part regarding LL. My issue with this post is that Stamkos uses his admitted cluelessness about the game to not take a stand on anything. Is this something Stamkos does often or not? I am not asking if this is something you could see Stamkos doing, I am asking specifically if he has done something like this in a past game.
  9. Lol I remember reading this post when I was at work but I forgot my login pw. idk it's a very melancholic post for some reason. Anyway Vote Count SixFootFiveAndJackedAF (3) - milk and honey, Stamkos, Darth Melvin hoggers (2) - Zfetch, falcon45ca Time Lord (2) - Intoewsables, Maple falcon45ca (1) - Master Radishes Blue Jay 22 (2) - SixFootFiveAndJackedAF, Time Lord Master Radishes (2) - Blue Jay 22, luckylager Intoewsables (1) - 112 This was the VC (posted by TL) on page 42, and we all know what it became by like page 45 Final Vote Count Time Lord (5) - Intoewsables, Maple, luckylager, falcon45ca, Blue Jay 22 SixFootFiveAndJackedAF (3) - milk and honey, Stamkos, Darth Melvin Blue Jay 22 (2) - SixFootFiveAndJackedAF, Time Lord Intoewsables (1) - 112 falcon45ca (1) - Master Radishes hoggers (1) - Zfetch (In response to TL saying he didn't like my wagon). This is obviously a scummy discredit, and falcon's movements at the EoD are more scummy than others but before we lynch falcon we need to work through the other worlds before going down that route.
  10. unvote @luckylager @Maple @Blue Jay 22 You three are my most trusted allies. I've decided that, even if Hoggers isn't here to play with, it's my responsibility to finish this game and give it my best shot. I work best with others. Maple, I'll need your power of foresight. Luckylager, I'll just need your power in general. And Blue Jay, wherever you are, I need your knowledge of everyone's meta. Slanking is never the option, especially for me. Aladeen, I hope you're reading this, I may have trolled you a bit, but I promise to avenge your death.