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  1. I liked yours the most but it was too big to upload.
  2. Nobody uses gifs like Darth Smellvin does. He's a master at it. If he stuck to just gif-posting instead of attempting (and failing badly, I might add) to solve the game, he would be a much better player.
  3. Seems my setup isnt attracting people. Cancelling it. Have fun guysy
  4. can't. 8 VT, 3 mafia, 1 doc, 1 cop flipless 1. Professor Linguine 2. Hoggers 3. falcon Reserve 1. luckylogs
  5. 8 VT, 3 mafia, 1 doc, 1 cop flipless 1. Professor Linguine 2. Hoggers 3. Kurisu
  6. All I'm asking is to play this game because my friend hoggers designed it and some of my other friends are joining. I appreciate everything you guys (especially some people in particular, like Kurisu) have done for me. Especially 2 games ago when I was going through a rough night. I've always wanted to make people laugh and I think I succeeded in doing that for a while, but I obviously took things too far. I've never tried to cheat or harm the integrity in the game in any way. What I've done on MafiaUniverse and stuff isn't relevant to what I've done here. I can go into detail about that if people care, but in short it's because I care about the people on this site and I respect all of you. I get people are angry. I went out of my way to push buttons, but I don't understand how even just a few days ago, a lot of you were laughing at me/along with me in the imaginary hockey thread and now you are saying I've always been $&!#. I want to be liked by you guys. I've heard loud and clear what I've done wrong not just from game hosts, but the whole community itself. I'm not going to do what I've done in the past games I've played on this site. All I want to do is play hogger's game and enjoy it.
  7. i have something to say. Give me time to come home from work
  8. I wasn’t targeting Zfetch specifically. I actually thought they were town lol. I just didn’t want to get mislynched in 4p. We would lose.
  9. Its true and I’m sorry. Ive been playing Forum Mafia since 2015, and I’ve played and been banned on multiple forums. Canucks is without a doubt the most fun and enjoyable place I’ve played on. i usually get banned so swiftly the fact everyone accepted me here was a big shock to me. I wanted to see how far I could push things. I am not good at forum mafia. To be honest. I’m just not good at this game. Its not a loss skill wise to lose me so if you all deem me as not fitting in here socially/fun wise I will leave silently.
  10. This looks really fun mechanics wise... if I joined and promised to improve my behavior and just play normally, would people still leave? i don’t want to ruin the experience for anyone so if me joining is a deal breaker in any way, I will sit this one out and probably leave the site too.
  11. Sorry guys. I actually didn't read the Zfetch doc claim (and forgot i was doc for the most part) and I really just wanted to stop playing. After seeing Honey and Milk get Godkilled and cause a f5 go to f4 favoring scum, I was gonna just do the same thing but bring it back town sided. I've definitely been wilding out recently, but I have no regrets.
  12. Can we end the day early? I think I have everything I need. If its me Falcon and whoever else in F3, i am going to lynch him. I would like to lynch Darth Smellvin for the meme, but it's just running away.
  13. Guys don’t vote lol. a no-lynch here is always the correct play
  14. Why are you using gay as an insult. That’s not allowed. Hiding behind insults is cowardly Bear. Its even more cowardly that you called the game I play lame instead of calling me lame to my virtual face. Let me sum things up for you Bear. i play Mafia to use my mind to punch and beat the snot out of cocky kids with big attitudes. You play imaginary hockey so you can imagine yourself in a place of power, buying and selling random nobodies. i. Am. Better. Than. You.
  15. all this talk for nothing. let me say this again for the people that didn’t hear me the first time. i dont want to sext you. I don’t want to get into an imaginary hockey fight with you, and I certainly don’t want to joke around with any of you freaks. if any of you, I repeat IF ANY OF YOU, think you are worth more than a piece of $&!#, come to the Mafia section and square up against me and I will remind you what you’ve always been.