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  1. Tonight, the University of British Columbia hosts its 2020 Winter Classic vs the University of Manitoba Bisons. The UBC team is coached by former NHL defenceman Sven Butenschon, and the roster is mostly comprised of WHL/BCHL/AJHL players. Butenschon played 140 NHL games, primarily with the New York Islanders. He was a prospect of the Pittsburgh Penguins for several years, and spent time with the Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks. He also played in the AHL, IHL, and DEL -- he was the Manitoba Moose's All-Star representative in 2006 and won the DEL and IHL championships. I decided to create a montage about his team.
  2. Thanks for your concern and for asking about this, YouTube has a unique feature called Content ID, which allows copyright holders to receive ad revenue whenever their work is used in a YouTube video. Copyright holders can submit their work to YouTube and have it added to the system; they then decide whether the copyrighted material should be blocked by YouTube or monetized for the rights holders. In the case of the former, the video simply becomes unavailable. Some content is blocked on YouTube by default because of this. In the case of the latter, the rights holders are compensated for the use of their work. In effect, it serves as a provisional licensing arrangement on YouTube, which is how YouTube protects itself from infringement. In choosing to allow the monetization of their copyrighted material on YouTube for themselves, the rights holders are in spirit allowing the use of their material by others on YouTube. Another rule of this is that I can not personally monetize the video. Rights holders can still manually request the removal of a video by YouTube at any time, so they can take the video down if they wish for it to happen. I have clarified that this video is only to be available on YouTube where this Content ID system is in effect. It's a film in the sense that it is a lengthy presentation of sound and images, but it is not for profit and is intended only for educational purposes. The following is an example of what I see on my end. Both video and audio content are listed in this menu. Video content is included in the Content ID system as well. YouTube also identifies and publicly lists all of the music rights holders in the video description: The Content ID system keeps everyone happy, and as soon as someone is not happy, the video is removed.
  3. Thank you all so, so much for your kind, generous words. I had dreamed about bringing this video to life and wanted to help remind everyone about the magic of Pavel Bure. I am so glad now that it's out there for everyone to enjoy. It was a blast to make. A few of you have messaged me about the music selection. You can find a list of all of the songs used in the credits at the end of the video. Thank you all again. I'm excited to continue working on new projects. I hope to have something new for you all soon.
  4. This is a presentation I have wanted to create for quite a long time. I am proud to finally be able to share it with everyone. The film, titled Pavel Bure: A Rocket Through Time, is an 85-minute retrospective about the career of one of the NHL's most dynamic, electrifying, compelling figures of all time, Pavel Bure -- The Russian Rocket. There are many hockey films that communicate the history of their subjects through interviews and narration, but often a lack of footage of the players undermines the illustration of their impact on the sport. In the case of Pavel Bure, more often than not, people are only ever told about Pavel's tenacious, mesmerizing ways on the ice; most highlight reels only capture a small fraction of Bure's brilliance. Words and phrases such as "electrifying" and "he could bring people out of their seats" need to be reinforced with a corresponding visual representation. This feature is a non-stop show-and-tell of Bure's abilities as a player and his effect on the hockey world. Over 300 of his goals at the NHL and international levels are on display here, as well as a plethora of other defining plays and attributes including his end-to-end rushes, assists, explosive body checks, forechecking, creative, improvised plays and intelligent decisions in all three zones. He was the complete package -- a sniper, playmaker, end-to-end rusher and warrior on the ice with a lethal goal-scoring instinct and an ability to elevate his game to even greater heights when the stakes were high. There were many additional nuances in Bure's game that were often overlooked during an era when the odd late-night highlight may have been all that many people saw of him. Many of those lesser-known elements are on display in this presentation. Each stage of Bure's career is highlighted during the film, from his days with CSKA Moscow to his final days with the New York Rangers. The images are accompanied by a soundtrack of carefully-chosen excerpts from film scores and popular recordings of songs from the 1970s to 2000s designed to reflect the themes and tone of the events throughout Bure's story. It's a soundtrack for a star whose presence and aura transcended the sport. He became an idol to an entire generation and had a transformative influence on the hockey culture of the cities he played for, especially Vancouver. The phenomenon was known as Pavelmania, and the on-ice reasons for it are fully exhibited here. Pavel Bure was a special player, once called unstoppable. He was the sixth-fastest player in NHL history to score 400 goals and continued to be a dominant force to the very end in spite of the injuries and challenges that robbed one of hockey's all-time greats of consistent opportunities. His jaw-dropping brilliance was a unique gift to the sport, and thus his legacy must not be lost with time. Enjoy the presentation.
  5. The Vancouver Canucks are entering their 50th year in the National Hockey League. To mark this special occasion, fans of the team, new and old alike, deserve a concise, accessible retelling of the team's history since its inception into the NHL in 1970. There have been heartbreaking experiences and periods of despair; despite all of the hardships, there have also been bright, beautiful, irreplaceable moments. Over these past 50 years, we have witnessed the growth of a fanbase from humble, fair-weather beginnings to an exemplar of unwavering loyalty and pride. Although the wait has been lengthy and arduous for a trophy most elusive, a different history is incomprehensible, for this journey and the precious relationships forged along the way are the features of our identity that shall make that summer of glory all the greater. This is an ode to the Vancouver Canucks, a team both blessed and cursed. I hope you enjoy it. Subscribe to the channel if you like the video. You can find me at @CambieKev on Twitter as well. There will be future presentations like this one. Thanks for watching. Encoded in 4K resolution to preserve fidelity.