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  1. MTL with 762 pts.... wild card spot. Feeling good about life
  2. Maybe not much heavier....but stronger defenitly.... hes more max domi than kane.
  3. His pre suspension numbers were very diffrent....and so was they way he played. I admit it will be intresting to see what happens over the course of the year. I also want you to watch some tape.. And ask yourself what a 19 year old hoglander would look like in the chl... after dominating super elite at 17
  4. With due respect ... I dont believe you get to a professional level of hockey before age 20 with a lack of focus. His boredom is caused by a lack of challange.... that is why in my opinion hes getting cute in his the lacrosse goal. Hes taking his creativity to extreames to challange himself and make it fun. The kids u20 stats are close to petterssons....I'm not saying hes as good as petty .... just saying its alot of elite skill. So no boredom is not a positive.... but the underlying cause is. Just my opinion
  5. Um no. I agree guys a brick $%^& house.... but hes a 19yr old. In another 3 or 4 years his body will mature. Yes he will get heavier....yes he will get stronger. 19 is 19 no matter how you slice it.. His hockey IQ is already high... It's how he plays shl productively at 19.
  6. Um no. He has 3 goals and 1 assist so 4pts in 14 games... Most he was on over a .5ppg pace before his suspension. Have you watched his games? I have Post suspension hes playing not as aggressive...probably was told to a bit. Watch pre and post games. And he is way more talented....its how he can play at that level against men in a kids body. If he had a 22 or 23 year old body...... domination. Hes got tons more skill and creativity than those boys.... I stand by what I said hes bored
  7. To be honest..... you see this stuff cause the kids bored.... he completly outclasses 99% of the competition around him.... he is almost always the best player on the ice. Hes a kid among men.... the fact he can pull off some of this stuff in a game in the shl is insane. If the game was faster ahl or nhl or he was playing against more guys his caliber you will see the show boating go away.... but he will always want the puck... want to be the guy... that's a nhl player
  8. Montreal would like to Thank VGK for the stern but productive negotiations With Holtby becoming a UFA at the end of the season it became a $%*& or get off the pot situation. We opted to get off the pot. Holtby would have had far to much term and been far to expensive for Montreal to have effectively worked into our cap moving forward. We felt with his questionable play at the beginning of the season, we would rather move on... free up cap space, aquire assets and make room for our goalie of the future Illya Samasonov. Montreal thanks Mr. Holtby for his years of service and wish him well with Vegas. Cheers guys Snapshot85 Montreal GM
  9. Dude no! Just No! NO NO NO! Stecher has some value.... I'll give you that but not much. GOLDY AND SVEN are worthless in trade value ( They clear waivers ) You will never in a million years get anywhere close to a 1st for Marky as a rental. Oj is injury prone and should not be relied on as a future piece of the canucks.... if he makes it hes a bonus. That bodies got alot of miles on it as of late. And FYI....hes injured again. Just wait 2 years.... lind... pods... hog
  10. Nucks were 3/3 on pp last game....... easy.... strap on your bandwagon seatbelts
  11. Everyone still think jake isnt woth a second round pick.. lol.... That a boy Jake. That why I wear your Jersey buddy
  12. Wtf... we cant do this.... this is crazy... why.... Come on @janisahockeynut