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  1. CBJ could have already take Baer for free... and passed.... so why give up assets??
  2. Don't think boeser is a elite star.... elite shot yes! But elite star no.... hes not at ep40 or huggys potential.
  3. You are correct. It seems I got my facts mixed up on the 2 prospects. I was sure it was lockwood... but it's not. I dont mind admitting when I'm wrong Cheers
  4. I am not for nor against. However In most real world situations a player would be under contract ..under this contract he must do what his gm says within his contract.. if hes waived or signed then traded or sent to minors repeatedly this has nor bearing on what people think of the gm. It's just part of the cutthroat nhl management we see. I did talk about star power before.... I think to keep a gm accountable to his fans like a real world situation would be more important.... I do have something drawn up. But just like the nhl.... you cant field a ahl team full of bad contracts.... unless your the Oilers hahahaha.... you need a minimum number of stars to keep buts in the seats.
  5. That sucks.... I just put it on the radio at work kinda quietly. No headphones for me. Well fingers crossed for ya bro
  6. Dunno about that... I love stecher as a canuck fan... and as a hockey player i love he made the show successfully after not being drafted. However Benn does alot of things well too.... I think moving into the playoffs I'd rather have benn Not that stecher is bad... hes a good defenceman.... but for playoffs I'd take benn 8/10 times
  7. Hey I agree... except lets not rush it anymore... we have those skilled wingers and defense in the system... just need to wait a year or 2... also at that time our starts will begin thier peak time... this lasts about 5 -7years. . No need to give up key resources. Pod hog lind rather madden joulevi woo 2 can can fill those holes. And we can really use those elc instead of more big heavy contacts Cheers
  8. Babcock still smells like a leaf.... a unsuccessful one at that !...keep that $%^& away !
  9. Hughes on over a 60 pt pace Not bad for a rookie d... or any d for that matter. I'm sure that would put him top 5 in league last season Just sayin
  10. I believe majority of lockwood missed time was to care for a disabled personal injury