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  1. Virtanen appears to have gotten hurt at practice
  2. As per JPat Jim Benning says Q Hughes skated this morning in his own. Officially day to day. Will try it again tomorrow #Canucks
  3. As per Brendan Batchelor PP1: Pettersson, Boeser, Miller, Horvat, Edler PP2: Sutter, Leivo, Pearson, Gaudette, Myers Quinn Hughes is not on the ice for pre-practice PP work. #Canucks
  4. As good as Gaudette is doing vs scrubs in the pre season.... I still firmly believe he should go to Utica and play as Top line Centre in every situation. It's his first full year as a pro, there is no harm in sending him down and letting him develop. The alternative is he makes the team playing 6-10 minutes a game. Why would we limit his developmental ceiling like that ?
  5. Jake's 5th game I believe. Most regulars have played 3. This means 3 things . 1. They are showcasing him for a trade. 2. They have no clue where to put him in the lineup. 3rd or 4th line .they are trying to see which role works best for him. 3. He is really really out of shape and they are trying to get him caught up.
  6. Tierney is one of Bo's best friends. They played junior together and Tierney was in Bo's wedding party. I'm sure Tierney has reached out to Brock and Bo already.
  7. We have a week to practice after tomorrow and only 4 reg games in 2 weeks spans to start the season. There will be plenty of opportunity to click. The bigger need is to see who is willing to fight to make the team in the bottom 6. Depth will be huge this season
  8. This sounds like more excuses. I cant believe people are actually defending Jake for coming into training camp out of shape and then having a a lackluster effort in preseason and getting outworked by guys like Adam Gaudette and Tyler Grovoac. Green has given him plenty of stern warnings. From putting him with echlers at camp to saying he is disappointment w. Compete level. Jake will find himself a healthy scratch in some nights if he keeps this up.
  9. All I'm saying is there is more evidence and a waaaaay higher chance that Jake is what he is and not some miracle playoff performer. The more damaging result has been his off ice lifestyle and lack of professionalism rather than his skill itself. Hes a fine bottom 6 player and that's what he is ..I've accepted that. However I still don't want him in our core... we have a motivated, driven and eager core lef by Horvat Pettersson and Boeser. .. those are the type of characters I want. I'd move Jake for a pick , 3rd, 4th... sure those picks may not amount to anything with whomever we draft.. but if u can you have an overly optimistic outlook that Jake will become a playoff player then I'll do the same and and say that the 3rd rnd pick we draft will be a top 6 star for us one day. We can also use the draft pick to package for a stud. Just look at the JT Miller trade... there was a 3rd in there that isnt considered a throw in. Draft picks are valuable in trades.
  10. He said big hits that force opponents to keep their head on a swivel. Not 154 rub outs on the board. People are delusional if you have some sort of fantasy that Virtanen will all of a sudden become a Ferland like type player in playoffs. I've got sand to sell you at the beach. Why just Virtanen ? Why not sell the magic beans and say Goldobin will be a beast in playoffs too..
  11. To avoid a big hit ? JV doesnt hit. How can you possibly expect people to believe that JV will be a playoff player when he can barely handle the intensity of pre season. We cant build this roster and team based on magic beans and wishful thinking that JV will all of a sudden become a player that he has never shown to be. Theres no actual evidence that supports he will be a good playoff player.
  12. Yes its preseason but JV isnt a vet or a core player that considered a staple on this team. The coach has firmly given him expectations when season ended last year and it looks like he did not put in the work. He has has a terrible camp and preseason. He isnt someone that should have gone into this preseason with a relaxed, easy breezy attitude. He should be hungry , motivated and dominating. Not even close. The problem is , I think the fanbase suffers from Cam Neeley PTSD. Were afraid to move on from JV because what if hes a layer bloomer. Unfortunately, guys like Neely and Bertuzzi and are the exceptions. Virtanen isnt a power forward. He doesnt drive the the net. What we see is what we get from him. When Ferraro said JV at best will become a Janik Hansen, the fans base erupted. Now it would almost be a shock if he became anywhere near as useful as the Honey Badger
  13. I'm officially on the trade Jake Virtanen train. Even if it's for a 3rd or 4th round pick. Use the asset to add to a package that will get us an NHL player for the playoff push and hopefully the playoffs itself. JV just isnt a good hockey player. He reminds me of Euginie Bourchard w. Tennis. All the tools in the world to be successful but neither are motivated. Jv doesnt hit, he skates around real fast without a purpose and his ice-q is below average. His game hasnt evolve. He can clearly see that he doesnt have the skills to be a power forward, why not evolve and develop some sort of net front presence game. Be a screen, be a big body in around the net , be something. Instead , he plays a perimeter game like he is 5'8 170lbs. I'm done with this player. Hoping I'm wrong.
  14. Gaudette is a very good prospect but in this moment in time, he is not as good as Sutter. Gaudette should go down to the AHL and be THE GUY... develop ... and perhaps force The Canucks to trade Sutter around January. No point of keeping him on the team as the 13th forwards or switching him to wing for a bottom 6 role. He needs to develop more.