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  1. She can speak and she can be challenged and mocked if appropriate.
  2. I am aware they are preparing as per this notice. They are waiting to proceed. I want to be wrong but think I am not.
  3. She was quiet for a moment at the beginning? Oh I take it all back then.
  4. Sure. I know she believes what she is saying. I believe it is crap as per my posted presentation.
  5. I didn't know autism wasn't a mental illness. Thanks for the heads up. Would you protest if someone responded to her in the same hysterical fashion she employs?
  6. Hiding 100%. Replying to her nonsense in a proper fashion is regarded as picking on a kid. How dare you.
  7. Could a little girl with obsessive tendencies be manipulated?
  8. Because, as you know, there are no shovels in the ground.
  9. I'm triggered because I laugh at people who hide behind a 16 year old kid with mental illness? Watch this and see if you can come up with a single point to contradict what is shown. https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/climate/climate-alarmists-fraud-exposed/
  10. Of course the word Greta could be used as a label to cover her devotees. I like it. I'm not aware of any construction or as they say "shovels in the ground".
  11. It was supposed to be ridiculous. Glad you agree.
  12. The pipeline is moving forward is a motherhood statement. Everyone with a stake knows it. If Greta puts up a court challenge it will have to be delayed so due process can be followed. Maybe not though. We will see soon. Constuction must start immediately.
  13. It is disgusting. Ever since I was a kid I wondered why they always made decisions I didn't agree with. I finally know why.
  14. The paid protestor thing is overplayed. Some foreign money was required to ignite the famous Canadian do gooders. That's all. The fact that one mind cannot be changed with truth is the reason separation is required.