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  1. Hi everyone, Is anyone interested in joining a sim hockey league? We are in our 10th season and have a number of openings. We sim two seasons a year and our rules and ratings are based off of the NHL. The following teams are available: Columbus, Florida, Montreal, Ottawa, St. Louis, and Vancouver. You can view the rosters here: We are looking for active GMs to join our group! Sim runs on the Simon T STHS software (If you don't have regular access to a computer, we can do your lines for you) Most league activity takes place on our forum (trades, draft pick list, articles, videos, updates, and other discussion) Sims are done everyday Entry draft each summer Full offseason of pre-signs(re-signing players), free agency, prospect activation, etc. Award voting If you're interested in joining, email If you have any questions you can email our commissioner or post them here. Thanks