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  1. Canuck fans unite. I don't say this often but horrible reffing down the stretch. Let's beat these &^@#ers.
  2. I always chuckle when you coasters say that. Like isn't hockey great anytime? Is your grape feeder and fan lady not available then? Oh yeah, Go Canucks Go
  3. Pathetic, I thought this was a covid thread, not a teacher or politics thread. I'm wrong. Can you make it any worse? If you try.
  4. Hrudey knows as much about hockey as I know about flying an airplane, and my left nut, which I know nothing about.
  5. Lol, I got a noise complaint from the neighbors. So sorry my happiness offends you. I'll move if my cheering for the Canucks offends you. Vancouver here I come.
  6. Revote, pick your once in a lifetime ballot where you'll never have influence again. Problem ....... not solved.
  7. And rightfully so. That's trolling ... good job though, are you Tyler Myers, hiding in the closet?