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  1. Not a big fan of defenders playing their offside unless they are ultra skilled. too many missed pucks and dead plays on the boards.
  2. They've both been quite good. Edlers' breakdowns have been very limited and while Myers makes some typical big man mistakes here and there he's really added a neccessary element to our back end. That Bertu44ssi guy/gal is off their rocker.
  3. Lol. It's not like Bo and EP are both incapable of covering MacKinnon. The guys got beat on one play because they weren't ready. This in depth analysis is silly. Either play or players could have just as easily got us a goal. We're talking 3on3 overtime. A stupid concept to begin with that has very little in common with real hockey.
  4. Probably because the fan reaction, like this. It sounds like you're just getting ready to criticize someone or something. With regards to last time he was injured they better treat the media releases with kid gloves and be 100% correct with reports, or be unceremoniously raked all over the coals again.
  5. I saw Jett play against Russia the other day and all I have to say is Wooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! He's amazing. I can't see him not being a mainstay on our D line for years to come. He can skate, he hits, he's great on the puck, he's very cerebral and he gets right in peoples face. He plays like Bieksa but he's actually big. He's also very mature. He just exudes maturity.
  6. I went to the game Wednesday in Saskatoon. I must say we got ourselves a heck of a player. Vasily does everything right and comes exactly as advertised. He was loving my Canucks bunnyhug ... sorry hoodie lol. @sterilitz - thanks! On a side note. These Russian kids are humongous. I wouldn't be surprised to see them win the juniors.
  7. When Baertschi was in junior he scored a lot of points. He scored 2 ppg his last year and was compared to Iginla by some since he was a really tough and in your face player while generating both assists and goals. Not fighting of course bit in game effectiveness. The problem was he didn't seem to grow at all after junior or play with any grit either. He went from being an intimidating all over you type of player to more of a perimeter skill guy.
  8. If you say so. I find hockey to be a far harder game than you I guess. In my opinion there are no easy games in the NHL. You got me beat by 10 years so I will respectfully defer to your longevity.
  9. There are no bad teams in the NHL. You have to learn the sport first. Then temper.
  10. People have issues with that? People that never held a stick in their life and would lose profusely if given the opportunity. Super healthy for a goalie I believe. He was pissed because they practice like that routinely and he missed the obvious quick pass. I love a person that gets mad at themselves because they know they can do better.
  11. The Blues announcers: I have never seen an actual 3-0 before. cute
  12. Crap way to to end that game ... but hey who cares we got a point and kept them even.