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  1. One of the head guys at work basically wears his as if he's doing it to protect his beard.
  2. How about beards are dirty and hold the virus. They cannot be washed 15 times a day like your face. Makes sense I think.
  3. You are getting real annoying. Leave the insults to the grown ups and go back to politics ... yeesh
  4. But yet you prove everyday you have the the qualifications? Yeah to bitch about $&!# you have no clue about. Get your head out of your arse, I could dig up the crap you were writing two weeks ago. Ridiculous load of uneducated I'm a service worker load of crap that was,
  5. Does a contrarian mean you don't believe anything but yet you believe everything?
  6. That's overtly simplistic. So we we just bring the world to a halt in a pissing game? And on top of not forecasting how in the world 3M couldn't find more wood to make a mask? It was made in BC, but it's just a mask. So many people making the leap from everyday worker to politician.
  7. What, some doorknob said you could have gatherings ... I don't think so. Go back to Jersey Don.
  8. Nicely said Boudrias, really makes it tough to speculate. Thanks for the response.
  9. Thanks Deb. That's what I was thinking but I also thought they would start letting some attempts fly in these desperate times already. Perhaps, and now that I think about it they most likely already are.
  10. Why is it supposed to take so long for a vaccine? My physiology classes and such were quite awhile ago but I thought all they would have to do was obtain antibodies from those who survived, and create those synthetically. Can't we speed this up with "everybody", working on it? Excuse my ignorance please.
  11. When someone wants some Mary Jane on the down-low. To say I need some weed. As in, "Hey man I sneed"!
  12. Good points, we can't sustain this forever.
  13. Yeah, it's getting out of hand there. I would really love to see a complete numerical breakdown, per country, per capita, average comparison. How many people die in NY everyday, probably more than Canada? Most of us don't think about the sheer number of people that die everyday in the world. There are like 7 billion people out there.
  14. This is something I started contemplating the other day when I realized I had this thread, and the death count thread both opened for about 3 weeks without closing either or opening any other. It was kind of morbid, which got me thinking how many people usually die every day that most people like us don't care about all. I think I saw a website like that once. It also climbs at an alarming rate, so it begs the question how much higher is the death rate now than it normally was, and how much of that can be attributed to Covid?