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  1. I'm a super big fan of Juolevi. Have been from day 1. Goodness knows we've needed a top notch high pedigree dman since ... well since our existence. I believe in +/- while many others don't, but I also see many reasons why people have bad plus minus and are still good players. It's very situational and paints more of a picture of the situation than the player. But really, you should be able to influence somewhat whether or not you are scoring or getting scored on consistently from shift to shift. I think we are going to be amazed when he finally gets to the NHL. He is big, smart, quick, calm, smooth, has a great first pass, and can run a PP. The one thing that has always concerned me is his ability to cover and then clear the front of the net. I have mostly watched him with London and he always seemed to pull the "I'm here but not really covering anyone routine", and then he got easily pulled away from his front of the net responsibility. This can easily be taught though. His raw instincts cannot.
  2. Game played out like clockwork. Canucks blowing leads Poor Buffalo goaltending 2 young teams making mistake after mistake Horrible reffing CDC bitching worse than the reffing Eriksson crucified - even though didn't play back to back high paced play Garrett talked about food during important game moments Horrible reffing Saturday beers Super Excitement and nail biting You know ... the Yooze
  3. Pork Schnitzel w asparagus and potato. Some Pilsners to wash it down. Go Jake!
  4. Yeah John, back when Garrett just started experimenting with Ketchup.
  5. I remember my psych teacher in grade 11 telling me these were engineered by sports psychologists for something like $100,000. They were supposed to instill fear in their opponents and inspire our own team and fans. Something about the black making people afraid and the V with Gold and red symbolizing our victory.
  6. Touche. Must read a little closer. I still thought it was epic. It seemed we were still the underdogs in most of those series ... I was a little younger though.
  7. You miss a lot of the games. I feel for ya but you got to do what you got to do. I usually feel no sympathy for all those complaining about early games since I love hockey at any time. The earlier the better for me. Having said that I'm usually in the CST zone (9 PM start time usually) and love to have a Canucks game and some beers to start the weekend. It's a nice feeling to be relaxing and doing something you love while everyone is is doing boring Saturday chores. Anyways, I couldn't seem to nail down the correct start time here and mistakenly thought it started now. I was so looking forward to an ice cold beer but I'm facing a really tough choice. I only bought a 6 pack and I'm thinking I might be shotgunning 3 of those later already. Dilemmas Dilemmas.
  8. Not at tattoo fan but I actually like what you've done here. Real cool incorporation and I love the background. Cool.
  9. Well constructed post but I think we move on from Tanev in the name of progression. He is becoming less valuable as our team emerges. We should be able to find someone to do what he does that is younger with more upside.
  10. Lol. Pearson has the same number of points. Flourished indeed.
  11. The last time they first indicated they hoped Juolevi would return in a few weeks, before shutting him down for the year, media and fans went on a childish, and ignorant witch hunt. In the future I would treat every injury like this if I was the Canucks. Imagine if they would have indicated he had hip soreness and he would be out for a bit. Then when one week turned into two and then three we'd have people like Alf saying he's got degenerative hip diseases and such. The whole spectrum of JB haters would be out with pitchforks not only turning on JB but Juolevi as well. Does he really need that at this point in his career? Doesn't it make sense to these people that with Juolevi's injury they want to make sure he's 100% healthy. For those that play sports they will understand that compensating for one injury can often cause another. Doesn't it make sense to give him a couple extra games off in November as compared to risking his whole year and future, just to make sure he's healthy. A bunch of rabid dogs. They'll eat anything, even if it isn't food. Edit: Those scanners also tell you to the exact second when you will be fully healed.
  12. Give it up man. It's so lunatics like you didn't speculate bs like you're doing now. OJ doesn't deserve this crap. Give it a rest and try to support the team.
  13. Exactly, signing both goalies and then losing one is better than getting a mediocre return and losing another player. Sign Markstrom this summer for 4 years. Then re-sign Demko for a couple years when his contract is up and we either move forward with two good goalies, the better of the two, or conceivably both goalies while losing another asset. I don't think either goalie gets you that good of a return. Maybe a 2nd rounder +/- b prospect.