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  1. I would criticize myself for going to the restaurant in the first place.
  2. As far as I've heard hockey players across the board are going out in public and basing their decisions on the regional protocols and rules around them. Jake is no different. Only A$$holes bring it up just to ... well ... be a$$holes. For me, once he gets tested he can either play or not play depending on whether or not he tests positive. It's his own decision and as a 23 yr old he's only hurting himself if it turns out he can't play NHL hockey because he chose to go see pretty girls and have a beer. it's his decision not anyone else's. If that's how he sees it and that's the decision he made I don't see how anyone can appoint themselves a care giver and authority figure/Covid expert. I'm not young anymore but I can realistically understand his point. Going out and living your life vs the small chance you will contract Covid, factor in the invincible self belief and you either get a tiny bug you can kill off as a high profile athlete, or sit in your apartment watching others have fun when you're faced with possibly 2 months in a tight bubble. I would most likely do the same calculation and proceed similarly. See you at Celebrities. Horrible name for a bar by the way.
  3. People suck. Who are the dirt-bags that bring this stuff up? I guess everyone at the bar was there illegally or something? What a brutal, tiresome, world we live in.
  4. It might be fine, kind of like Saskatoon, but I don't see any players breaking the bubble as you suggest. You would have to be a complete idiot to end up on the front page of the Edmonton Journal breaking the the rules. Even if it's safe as a player you just can't do it. That would be Leipsic level stupid. (I know not quite the same just sounded good)
  5. Despite a few ramblings I personally don't consider any stadium unsafe for the return to play if the right safeguards are taken. How many people in the area have the virus doesn't really matter as much as more important things like if it's done in complete isolation with constant testing. I have a bit of faith in the business world that they can certainly provide the aspects necessary to complete the task, along with strict security, intense testing, and a collaborative effort. It would be an honor to partake in such an endeavor and I would expect everyone from the players, trainers, owners, media, and cleaning staff (hopefully secluded and thoroughly vetted) to be better than they ever have in regards to the rules.
  6. As a rugby player, a tactician, and a humanitarian I would say keep your dis Be-Leafs at home in TO. You clearly couldn't evade a fluttering stamp
  7. So the guy on the right isn't breathing and just exudes covid? Holy crap. The dumbness hurts.
  8. I just lived in 3 hospitals over the past 4 days by the way.
  9. lol, where I'm from only 20% percent of the medical staff or people in general wear masks. You will learn in time ... eventually.
  10. I'm drunk. Don't mind me but you're 4/13 in covid as far as provinces go.
  11. It's funny how BC people only compare themselves to bigger provinces and declare themselves and Dr. Bonnie brilliant. News flash. You're not. And you don't make up all of Canada.
  12. I knew the simpletons wouldn't get it. Still more effective and still more beneficial but you have people like this that can't be made to behave properly. The best thing you can do is shop quick and not cough or breathe heavily while out in public. Wearing a mask means little compared to that.
  13. Holy crappppppppppppppppp. Kids everywhere, and they got control of the interwebz.
  14. Masks are meh. Not breathing huge clouds of vapor as you're passing by people is much more effective.
  15. Just go work yourself until you die. Kidding. But really your body is incredible. Run it to the bone. Edit: I know you're a rugby player. Just offering support.
  16. Only the misguided would listen to him on the first place.
  17. That Mll, he is well written but non combative. Strong info though. I appreciate the way he doesnt try to stamp an idea on a person.
  18. Sorry I was being dumb. Let's just kick the Wild's ass and forget about it.