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  1. I can't believe we just traded Loui, Podkolzin and Juolevi for Simmonds and Subban. NUTS! Haha, just jokes, just jokes!
  2. Has your mom ever told you that you would make a great detective?
  3. I'm guessing trying to Captain this team is an enormous task for him. Give him some time to adapt.
  4. My Gawd. If I have to read another hockey illiterate post about systems I may just snap.
  5. Lol, Okay, I follow the NHL pretty closely but I actually had to look this dude up. 31 games this year, 17 & 24 before that, healthy scratch ... 4 points. No thanks, maybe in the past years but we have guys like MacEwen, Loui, Sutter. and even Boeser, that need to find a place to play. The 3 or so fights he may get in before playoff hockey starts is not worth it. He 100% wouldn't be playing in the playoffs, he's no Ryan Reeves. If he's dirt cheap though I have no objections as there is no roster limit. Better than paying anything for Simmonds. So yeah, I guess get er done JB, although I can't really see Green dressing a puncher to exact redemption at the expense of two points.
  6. Why on earth would we trade for yet another forward, and one that would sit in the press box all year and wouldn't even be allowed in the dressing room during the playoffs?
  7. We have tonnes of cap space right now. Once we pay Loui his $5m next July he becomes far more tradeable with a sweetener.
  8. Craig Smith would be a hell of an add if we're looking for in your face, tough, hockey.
  9. The season is almost over, the cap is pro-rated. Fitting contracts in this time of year, especially with Boeser's, LITR, is easy,
  10. One thing to remember is that if we can get through next year there could be some compliance buyouts that don't count against the cap ... I think.
  11. But does Toffoli want to play for four or five years on a losing, rebuilding team, or does he want to play good hockey with a chance to win? Also, do LA even want to throw a contract his way? It seems like useless move, one JB would be crucified for.
  12. Yup. I really try to hear everyone out and I've never blocked anyone before but yeah I'm seriously considering it. Either some of these guys are trolls or just people whose ignorance deserves to be ignored.
  13. One of the dumber posts I've ever read on here. YOU,. are sure they were not needed? WTF is that nonsense? How can you tell they weren't needed? And then you assume JB just threw it in for kicks? How foolish!
  14. While we could all ponder the head scratching post from MikeyD, I for one have never had problems looking for trades in the trades section, I would urge you to look at the alarming numbers from one of our own. Our Captain, our Captain, Vintage Canuck, as you can see has a negative corsi post to up-vote ratio. He hits a lot of posts but in fact I believe this is an all time record -28535, beating the immortal Clutch quite handily. Perhaps this is why we don't have a uniformed CDC dressing room, and have many dissenters who publicly question the teams desire and direction. Let's not give up on our own, if you see our Captain, give him an up vote or two, go Green and Blue. (just joking Vintage, you do an amazing job, Thanks!) WE ARE ALL CANUCKS
  15. Oh no! The sky is falling! Why do people make statements like this? Obviously they don't have the math skills nor the creativity or business acumen to even contemplate such an issue. Of course Boeser can be fit in ... what kind of nonsensical thinking is that? Where do people get off making statements like this?
  16. Playing on a crappy Kings team the last couple years and the desire to play a prominent role on a young emerging team may get a decent contract signed.
  17. Just saw this and assume people are freaking out but I can see the reasoning. The second isn't that big of a deal, hopefully we get it back. Schaller is good to get rid of. Madden does sting but he just got hurt and might be out for the year, making the likely-hood of him staying in school another year pretty high. He's also only 150lbs and may be 3-4 years away, who knows? After next year we'll have Bo, Petey, Gaudette, Boeser, Pearson, Miller, and Virtanen occupying spots with Roussel, Podkolzin, Hoglander, MacEwen, Lind, any UFA's in two FA periods and now Toffoli. Not sure this guy makes the NHL right away or at all given his size. Definitely a big price to pay with a favorite prospect, though it definitely could work out really well if he clicks with the team and re-signs a decent contract.
  18. Exactly, but some people are such homers they give the players a pass and look for a scapegoat ... in this case Green, which really amounts to a shortcut in thinking. I mean Stetcher completely gave that game away in the first period and that had nothing whatsoever to do with coaching. We also hit two posts and Petey missed a wide open one timer when we were down 2-0. You were absolutely right, the players had no jump, the coach can't pump their legs for them. The only guy I saw engaged, skating, and leaving it on the ice was MacEwen. That's on the players ... not the coaches.
  19. Yep, we lost another hockey game, bring out the geniuses and the pitchforks. Green sucks, a monkey would have played Marky, Bailey should have played, we have no compete, Loui sucks, our system sucks, our PP sucks, the refs suck, Bettman sucks, our Captain sucks, Roussel sucks, Boeser sucks. Nice, I probably just saved myself an hour of reading through the same crap posted over and over again. I am also glad we have a team to cheer for again even if they aren't perfect and lose hockey games now and again. lol at guys like MikeyD and Alf who think we have a top 10 team but are just held back by coaching. Haha, not even close, our team team defence is horrible and it has nothing to do with systems. Unfortunately our personnel, guys like Hughes, and Miller although great on the offence are horrible defensively. Miller doesn't even try half the time and Hughes is getting ventilated for goals like crazy when he's on the ice, although he is putting in 100% effort. Petterson has been awful lately as well giving away pucks like crazy with less attention and care to detail then last year. And that third line might as well not even step on the ice some nights, but yeah let's pretend we're a SC contender simply held back by dumb coaching and management.
  20. He played really well today. Keeps impressing me I would keep him up now that Ferland is iffy and give him a shot the rest of the year barring any trades.