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  1. I would take that for the worry wart crew that JB and crew know what they are doing. He's way better at math then they are.
  2. Nope, unless you move 8 other people and reorganize I don't see purpose.
  3. Edler is awesome. I used to dis him. That is because he has all the tools but his biggest flaw is he can be beat when he's tired. I don't dis him anymore he provides so much toughness and in the corner ride your head into the boards play. No one else can do that. People literally don't want to play against him.
  4. I remember an article back in the 80's where the Princess to heir made 90$ a second for knitting. Tragic waste of ... everything.
  5. What the does this even mean? Chanel #5. How could extravagant assholes embody the idealism for hard working Canadians?
  6. I'm just being a wiseguy but I bet both Sedin's would kick the living crap out of you.
  7. Royalty is absolutely useless and wasteful. I'd be embarrassed as a Canadian. It was bad enough when they had sovereign control. Do these people honestly do anything besides picking up Million / Billion dollar paychecks for doing nothing at all except spending that free money they get from us, waiving to the public, and appearing for photos? Disgusting facet of life if you ask me. A little off topic but in my books her character and acting in 'Suits', has got to be the considered the most useless acting job in history. If they completely wiped that character out of the show it would have been better. She plays the old stereotype of a woman being successful purely because she's attractive, instead of skill, personality, charm, and intelligence ... because she's unequivocally the worst actress I have ever seen in my life. Maybe she should just be a princess or something. Okay. I've wanted to say that forever.
  8. I don't recall saying he was terrible but I guess if I had to choose I would live under a bridge in Calgary based on the fact I hate Toronto more. But it's warmer in Toronto.
  9. You may be right. I think his defence is very good. Especially for a rookie. It's amazing and way better than people expected. I just thought his offence is off the charts and if he was working on something it would be how to handle some of the bigger players better. But I digress. You may well be right.
  10. It's known as Scotholevi syndrome.
  11. I don't know how much +/- matters in the NHL because the competition is so good but when I played it 100% meant something. You either score while you're playing or get scored on. It's pretty simple. And this guys get scored on with a bad line change theory is absolute garbage. Every hockey player is responsible for making a good line change. No one just jumps off the ice on purpose so they won't get a minus. People on here act like 90% of the goals are scored this way. Even if it does happen it evens out unless you're just an ahole that doesn't care about hockey or your team. Someone posted about Quinn Hughes and suggested that his plus minus is irrelevant because he's a good player. It's not, his defensive game is obviously the one place he can get better, because his offence is great.
  12. Dumba will get way more than Tanev makes. Probably 3-4 mil.
  13. That sucks man. You need some vitamin , or B maybe. That's playoff hockey which you apparently yearn for but can't see it. Hmmm. I don't know what pace of hockey you like but it doesn't get much better. Maybe smashing people in the face? Honestly I'm not trying to criticize just wondering how you couldn't see what I saw? Hockey at it's best.
  14. Yeah he's been real questionable lately. Losing a lot of puck battles in our own end, which is so unlike him.
  15. They wouldn't but the poster suggested no trade would get a first out of Toronto except Hughes. That's totally incorrect.
  16. Oh, I think Tanev, Stetcher, and Pods would do it quite easily. Edit: Edit. I guess I should explain better. This is a response to the poster indicated by ... well responding.