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  1. On 7/3/2020 at 5:20 PM, Hairy Kneel said:

    In the interview Diamond says if Tryamkin signed in the  KHL the timing would be bad for us, in that we would probably lose him in free agency.  As a UFA.

    Hopefully. This guy bores me. Trade his rights for anything.

  2. On 6/26/2020 at 7:34 PM, -AJ- said:

    I find it absurd that anyone who called themselves a hockey fan and a fan of the Canucks could actually cheer for us to lose during that play-in. Clearly we have been outside of meaningful hockey for too long.

    Goofs at best, lol

  3. 20 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

    I was talking about the tests done before entering the hub city. Once there the risk is lowered substantially.


    As for Phase 2 and 3 there will be players that test positive, that’s inevitable. The challenge will be to make sure that they don’t spread it to their teammates. That will be up to teams to have thorough sanitization and strict measures to limit contact (smaller groups, more separation etc.) 


    Of course it’s up to players who could still be careless. But as long as they maintain the teams guidelines the risk of infection should be low. As for players in Florida, we should all be praying for them.



    If you read the Panthers play in bio and most notably Barkov's comments he says they're all dialed in. Even as far as social distancing goes. Sorry I tried to find it but it was buried in somewhere. Basically he said it was hard but they all are 100% committed to safety, which is needed for society, and to win.


    He said it will be hard not socializing with the team in between but they have to do what it takes to win. He's the Captain.


    For myself, if a couple goofballs associate and then spread it, it means there are a bunch of goofballs on the team, and you were seriously not capable of assimilating an assault for the Stanley Cup. with my unpracticed medical degree I would anticipate stupid behavior will get nipped in the bud ... or kill the whole playoff. I'd be willing to bet though that Bettman and his people will have this down to a science and it will be a spectacle for the whole world.


    The thing people have to realize is that this isn't the real world. Players will be tested every game and not hide any sickness. Chances of spreading are small to none in my humble opinion.


    And if they do just quarantine the hotel like a zombie apocalypse. Us humans have a great game plan for that right?

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  4. @gurnlol, very carefully if you've heard the joke. still nothing compared to the numbers we've had. 1200 people as an exception will do nothing, even if they all had Covid it would barely matter, at one point Montreal was spewing out 400 a day. It's all numbers, especially when they get under the bubble. fear of an outbreak is unwarranted and close to nil


    look at me, no punctuation, barely 


    The thing people might not be factoring is these aren't college kids. They're flying in with a mask, and going straight to the hub for testing. You know you could even isolate for 3 days as you enter the hub. I think it's definitely 98% possible.

  5. 9 minutes ago, mll said:

    Testing is not fail proof though.  There are false negatives.  They are going to be spitting on each other and it might well be that a few are positive because they did not take all necessary measures to be virus free before joining the bubble.  


    It's not but that's obviously the plan and what we're going with as human beings. As well, they'll obviously include a wait period? lol, or no?


    Also, can a test be done in less than 3 days. If so, the NHL can do it.

  6. 13 minutes ago, gurn said:

    Perhaps it is the fact that not all 1200 people have been in Canada since the beginning of covid.

    A bunch will be coming from Texas, California and Florida.

    A bunch will be flying back from Europe.

    Lots of possible cases.


    Once in the bubble and they stay in the bubble the worry subsides; however I've still not seen confirmation that all the restaurant/hotel staff will be in the bubble or if they are going to their homes every night.

    Yeah I'm a 100% on the bubble. Not sure where you're getting the info that people will be jet-setting in and terrorizing the town though.


    I also heard these meals are catered. Am I amiss?

  7. 17 minutes ago, mll said:

    Phase 4 is likely going to be just as strict as phase 2.  The protocols should be made available.


    The most challenging part of this return to play is actually now - ensuring that everyone enters the bubble virus free.  Burnside says multiple executives are worried that some of their players are not going to be responsible throughout this return to play.  There's frustration because the league is implementing all those strict protocols (like masks at all times when not on the ice) and then players go out and put themselves at risk away from the rink.  They are also worried about the players' social circle where the people close to them could catch it and pass it on.


    There's no control over what a player does until the bubble of phase 4.  The league is relying on players being responsible and doing all they can to limit their exposure to stay virus free.

    The thread on the main board on Virtanen shows just how challenging it is.  Several are arguing that he did not break any law (he didn't) and therefore it's a non issue.  Someone is even arguing that the clubs wouldn't be open if it wasn't safe.  It's not covid safe though.  The virus doesn't care about the law.  The new reality is that there is always a risk to catch it and social distancing and wearing a mask limits the risk.


    Testing is not fail proof and it can take several days for testing to detect the virus.


    For me that's the only way it's feasible to human beings.


    1. Live according to the law as you see it until testing.

    2. Be tested, If pass go to camp

    3. Play, or if fail be quarantined 14 days.

    4. Once passing test rely on the bubble, as well as practicing moderate social distancing.


    End of story.


    It's all about testing at this point, and then adherence to the bubble. We're way beyond social distancing being a be all end all. Lots of these guys will be spitting and bleeding on each other in short time.

  8. 1 hour ago, Hairy Kneel said:

    The stricter the better for these games. I think even outside the bubble staff and family need to be monitored before they can enter the bubble.  Fencing off and surveillance cameras should be used. Health safety is paramount,  I think ankle bracelets would be good, added reassurance. 

    Safety safety safety. 

    I don't know anything but my first worry is some lazy fringe staff member doesn't care about hockey and slips out for some drinks with friends and ruins it for everyone. Conceivably though the whole cleaning staff could be showered/washed, and then proceed to do cleanup with a mask, even if they brought in some fresh Covid. In that case they may be able to keep people clean even with Covid. I would have a staff Supervisor watching every move (never remove mask or touch face), and possibly have self contained breathing units for the tertiary people in the bubble.


    Are there actually going to be cleaning staff quarantined in the bubble? Some people are so rich or too young to care about the logistics, or the care and dedication some people have to picking up their $&!#.


    You have to remember there are no crowds so no seat, food service, food spill, walkway, or food area clean up. We're strictly talking about Ice, Benches, Change Rooms, Physio Rooms, and Media Areas. These would be your most trusted high level career employees, not some 17 kid serving you a corn-dog for $17.50.


    I wonder what kind of staff that would take? 3 games a day = 6 change rooms, breakfast/meeting places, practice. I wouldn't put more than 2 in a room (probably one), 2 in a meeting place, and so on. I'd probably staff 12 people per day or less to be safe. Then there  is the Zamboni, and ice crew, janitorial, so another 4-10. If I had that contract I would be pumped to provide the best service ever. My people would be impeccable.


    I don't own a cleaning company so someone else might tell me I'm out to lunch, which is OK. I just wonder what it would take to run a skeleton crew in a complex such as this. I've trained in big stadiums before where 5 or less people were running it on an off day.

  9. 9 minutes ago, coho8888 said:

    Umm, yeah right.  So if Jake gets himself infected and cannot take part in training camp wouldn't that have an effect on the team's performance? 


    As for Matthews getting infected while walking down the street.  Well, look up "Sarcasm" in the dictionary.  I know full well how this Virus gets transmitted.


    Someone starts this thread about Jake putting himself in a risky situation at a Club and we all comment on it.  But somehow it gets construed as us vilifying him, hanging him out to dry, having a hate on for him.  You can disagree with my opinion that he made a bad choice by going to a club but don't ever accuse me of trying to vilifying him or not supporting him.  As I've said in past posts, I very much like the way he plays on the ice despite this perception that he hasn't lived up to his expectations.  I want him to succeed.  He is exactly the type of player we need to do well in the Playoffs.  

    Well yeah, Spezza and half the other NHL'ers going for dinner the other night puts him in the same boat, along with the rest of the world.


    Hold everyone to the same measure.


    Matthew 7:5 The World English Bible translates the passage as: 


    You hypocrite! First, remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother's eye.

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  10. 2 minutes ago, WeneedLumme said:

    Yes, if and when "the food is not to your liking" (ie: his on-ice play is not acceptable) you would absolutely "have the right to say something about it."


    But criticizing the cook because of the way he dresses on his days off is not nearly as reasonable, nor is putting Jake under a microscope looking for some pretext to vilify him.


    As for Matthews, who actually has become infected (unlike Jake, as far as I know), if you really believe that there is a significant chance he caught it walking down the street, maybe you should do some research into how this virus tends to be transmitted.

    I would criticize myself for going to the restaurant in the first place. ::D

  11. 24 minutes ago, coho8888 said:

    Teams have policies that protect their interests.  It might not specifically say you can’t go to a club but it may state that the player should not engage in any extracurricular activities that pose an increased risk of injury to the players, the public or teammates.

    Do we have a right to judge someone?  Good question.  Hard to answer.  If you go to a restaurant and your food is not to your liking, do you have the right to say something about it?  Jake is employed by the Canucks but ultimately it’s the fans that support the team by buying tickets to the game, merchandise etc..  If the player did something that could have jeopardized the success of the team are we allowed to comment on it?


    As for Matthews, I don’t know of any pictures where he was caught drinking at a nightclub or bar.  Arizona has a 30% infection rate right now.  He could have picked it up anywhere.  Maybe even walking down the street.


    As far as I've heard hockey players across the board are going out in public and basing their decisions on the regional protocols and rules around them. Jake is no different. Only A$$holes bring it up just to ... well ... be a$$holes.


    For me, once he gets tested he can either play or not play depending on whether or not he tests positive. It's his own decision and as a 23 yr old he's only hurting himself if it turns out he can't play NHL hockey because he chose to go see pretty girls and have a beer. it's his decision not anyone else's. If that's how he sees it and that's the decision he made I don't see how anyone can appoint themselves a care giver and authority figure/Covid expert.


    I'm not young anymore but I can realistically understand his point. Going out and living your life vs the small chance you will contract Covid, factor in the invincible self belief and you either get a tiny bug you can kill off as a high profile athlete, or sit in your apartment watching others have fun when you're faced with possibly 2 months in a tight bubble. I would most likely do the same calculation and proceed similarly.


    See you at Celebrities. Horrible name for a bar by the way.

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  12. 5 hours ago, WHL rocks said:

    Dont belive this for a minute.  There won't be a bubble in Edmonton. Can't speak for Toronto but won't be like that here in here. Been here long time.. well before covid crisis started

    . . Players will be out and about in Edmonton...


    I walked from the rink and hotel where players will be staying for approx 20 mins to a friend's house.. And then back to rogers place MacEwan station to take LRT back to to my place. 


    Life is normal here in edmonton.. 


    There is no way players will lock up in a bubble. When they all come here and notice how people are living they will be going out for food and drinks or a walk or a jog..


    I guarantee it.. no matter what media reports..  here they will not lock up in a bubble like they are in jail.. 


    Maybe that's the plan but when they come to edmonton and see how normal things are they'll be out and about...


    It might be fine, kind of like Saskatoon, but I don't see any players breaking the bubble as you suggest. You would have to be a complete idiot to end up on the front page of the Edmonton Journal breaking the the rules. Even if it's safe as a player you just can't do it.


    That would be Leipsic level stupid. (I know not quite the same just sounded good) :lol:

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  13. Despite a few ramblings I personally don't consider any stadium unsafe for the return to play if the right safeguards are taken. How many people in the area have the virus doesn't really matter as much as more important things like if it's done in complete isolation with constant testing. I have a bit of faith in the business world that they can certainly provide the aspects necessary to complete the task, along with strict security, intense testing, and a collaborative effort. It would be an honor to partake in such an endeavor and I would expect everyone from the players, trainers, owners, media, and cleaning staff (hopefully secluded and thoroughly vetted) to be better than they ever have in regards to the rules.

  14. 4 hours ago, Me_ said:

    It’s air displacement; not Covid.



    As a rugby player, a tactician, and a humanitarian I would say keep your dis Be-Leafs at home in TO.


    You clearly couldn't evade a fluttering stamp 

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  15. Just now, Gawdzukes said:

    lol, where I'm from only 20% percent of the medical staff or people in general wear masks. You will learn in time ... eventually.

    I just lived in 3 hospitals over the past 4 days by the way.