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  1. Ever since I've started watching him I've had serious questions about his understanding of how to pick up his check in front of the net and determine where and how to cover the cycle. I see him repeatedly leaving his post in front of the net and getting sucked out while an opponent is left wide open in the danger area. Similarly, I've seen him remain in front of the net, however, not really mark his check who still gets to puck and a chance on net(reminds me of a former player). Has anyone else noticed this or noticed if he has improved at all? I've only seen 2 games this year but these things are coachable. Anyways. Go Juo Go. I really hope he makes it.
  2. Myers had a great game of not listening to Green's game plan tonight.
  3. No. It's been weird though. Out of town usually blacks out SNP, but it's on that channel and SN1, no SN 360, or Center Ice.
  4. Whatever you call it, he's effective. He does poach not all the time though. I think he's got a lot more talent which we're seeing glimpses of.
  5. A poacher is someone who cheats or floats around the offensive zone popping up when you don't expect it causing an interception or turnover, usually turning into a quality scoring chance.
  6. Touche. It's just mind blowing that's all. No coffee this morning before the computer. I'll just stick to watching hockey without CDC for awhile.
  7. Yeah, I thought it was classless. Oake got personal on Marky for a news comment instead of respecting a persons privacy. He tried to bust Marky down for an emotional response to further his own career. Slimy and disgusting. You could see Marky's demeanor change right after. Way to bring that up that after a great win and great performance you schmuck.
  8. I just howl out loud and cringe internally at a guy(s) like this . These guys are so pompous, arrogant, delusional, egotistical, and out to lunch. How these guys can pretend to understand coaching, what the coach is coaching, what goes on behind closed doors and in practice, and how the players are adapting to it is borderline sociopath behavior. It's also the equivalent of that friend of yours who will routinely lie right to your face and continually think you believe them. On top of that they spew this garbage on hockey sites to other knowledgeable hockey fans. That would be like me showing up to a difficult birth and questioning the soon to be mothers Lamaze coach.
  9. Oh My God I can't wait until Scott Oake is off the air. What an awkward tool. Bieksa: Scott Oake asks bad questions.
  10. At least they wouldn't roll over. Foote has a couple good shots and hits. The comment was a little glib.
  11. I would say the NHL is extremely difficult. I don't feel that it's something you can leave for 2 years and just jump in like you never left. I would be happy to be wrong but I just think it's going to be a stretch to think he can just just jump back into the NHL. I guess I read it differently than most. I thought he made great strides by the end of the year but thought he had some serious struggles on the way. He's going to have to relearn some things, including playing for a new coach, with new teammates in a far different Canucks teams.
  12. Just like most players it's going to take time to adapt. I would guess it's going to take him an entire year like last time in order to get up to NHL speed. Not to mention the team is much better now so it's not going to be risk free like last time where we afford to let him learn on the job.
  13. Wow, I wish you were my teacher. Pretty good synopsis but very lenient on the grades. Virtanen - C ... The kid is playing good but no reason to prop him up artificially Leivo - C+ ... Inconsistent but plays inconsistently good most nights ... i.e. he is hard for teammates top read Beagle D ... (who I like) has been a D at best. I have faith he'll get his $&!# together Sutter - D+ ... (like him too) this guy started great but same old problems have reduced him to nothing in the last month Schaller - D .. started great but has faded into nothing lately although good play the last 3 Graovac - D ... how can you give a guy a passing grade when he's not even there? Tanev C- ... no where close to a B ... C- is closer ... (he's expendable ... I don't care how many shots he blocks or how hurt he gets) Rousell C- ... scored a goal on his return but to injured to receive such a worthy rating. He has been steady but that's it Markstrom B - Definitely not an A+ with his leaves from the team and he's better than this, he's shown it before Demko C ... He has played alright ... but hurt when we need him Eriksson D - you're being generous in my opinion ... he hasn't been good enough to earn a spot MacEwen D - hasn't made a case to be a regular Dipietro D - alright but definitely no opportunity ... he has sat on the bench ... if he was a C he would have earned a start Pearson B - ... plays his heart out every night ... plays to the maximum of his realistic abilities - this guy clears the zone and gets pucks deep Gaudette C ... homerism The coaches I won't comment on because it's a fools game to try to see inside peoples brains. Unless you're the mentalist. I do find it funny though. You can spot all the pretenders when they claim to understand coaching and the way it's deployed on TV. So many of these jokers around here. All in all a very good post. Merry Christmas Jan ... and to all a happy new year!
  14. It would be the story for the ages. I say go for it ... but what do you do with Leivo, Peasron, Loui, and Ferland? You know they're in shape and they could probably still play. Sedin Sedin Miller Hughes Petterson PP OMG The passing would make even Canucks fans sick.
  15. I'm a huge fan of Stretcher but I think his days are limited. I love his heart, and his compete level, but he is too small and doesn't provide the offensive upside needed to overcome that. I think we can make an upgrade there.
  16. Every Vegas player skilled or not plays the body 90% of the time. We have Petterson and Boeser.
  17. Petterson must stop playing dumb in his own end. He's getting owned now.