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  1. I liked the Canucks since before most people on here were born. But according to some I'm not a Canucks fan even though I've been diehard since 1979, just because I don't live in Vancouver? So the rest of us in Kelvington where Wendel Clark was born or my relatives in Medicine Hat are all just useless Canadian fans without a home in the seven seas? Okay. Everyone Canadian that doesn't live in a major hockey city doesn't get hockey, Got it.
  2. Not allowed. I guess you have another great life. Dammit. Canucks is my life.
  3. Another internetter commenting without knowing what he was talking about. Wrong side dude. And no we don't want him playing on the wrong side.
  4. There is a world outside of BC. LOL. It's Canada, wide range of time zones. Have a heart.
  5. Green good .. CDC Dumb super super dumb sometimes Looking forward to idiotic comments. This be a fun place.
  6. And points are everything, and he has the same amount of points as MacEwen. Yapo.
  7. Pretty well written article. Certainly better than reading through the tears in the PGT. I was preoccupied last game working on the computer. Kind of glad as I wasn't that invested in the game and picked the right one to half watch. So, I'm pretty pumped for this game. Last game was a high pressure game where a loss was a fair possibility. This is a statement game against a decent but much more beatable team. We should come out guns a blazing. A nice 60 minute team win would go a long way for this group to show they are resilient and a team capable of making the playoffs. Good teams rebound.
  8. One of your all time faves? That's quite a flock you have there Apollo.
  9. ^ Yep, we just flat out played like crap. Players giving away the puck in the slot, breakaways galore, unchallenged face-offs to Stamkos 10 feet out, blunder after blunder. That's all on the players. Horrible effort all around.
  10. It's going to jump up huge if the US TV deal goes through ... or no?
  11. What if we take 1/4? That leaves another team with $2.5m and can't they bury $700,000 in the minors? That would only leave them with a $1.75m cap hit next year. I would like to think there will be takers come the deadline.
  12. He was a great sportscaster with unique insight and honest delivery until he joined Leaf nation. Now he's just boring and fake. But rich. Is it worth it? hmmmmmm
  13. I see. I did read your additional comments. Great game. Cheers I'm a long time reader so I have a lot of respect for what you bring to the forum. By the way ... who is that Ghostsof1994 impostor? Go Canucks!
  14. I don't have a link but I read a Canucks release in the GDT that said Trevor had a previous important (health/charity?) engagement but he is definitely in the plans moving forward, notably the Sedin retirement party in Feb, and another 50 years event. Ring of honor maybe.
  15. That guy has no class. He was a jackass last week too. He's really climbing up my hit list fast.
  16. I don't think you put players out in the last minute based on advanced stats. You put out the players you think will help you win the game based on how well their playing. Obviously he did a good job.
  17. Lol, you mean the guys that can see inside the coaches head from their couch? Probably sharpening their pitchforks for their next genius incision. Hahaha. Old Gonads.
  18. 7 minutes of $&!# and the babysitter gives them lollipops.