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  1. No no. If he were to enact his power he'd be attacked mercilessly from foreign leftist and liberal media and would likely not survive. His successor would reap the benefits.
  2. He wanted to get re elected instead of doing whats right for the country?
  3. So you say laws can't make it happen. Does this rule out emergency legislation to bypass the corruption? Did you watch the video?
  4. What do I care? As long as the judges understand English it will be a step in the right direction.
  5. I said I'll sit here and listen. How is that blind faith? Did you watch the video I begged you to watch.
  6. I guess you haven't been following the pipeline thing. That's ok.
  7. My legal knowledge is a that a discussion is not a veto. New Alberta courts will know that.
  8. Pundits on TV say it could be done. If you're smarter than a pundit that's great. I'll sit here and listen.
  9. Courts that interpret law instead of make it.
  10. Boy. I'm gonna miss those "courts". Courts that think having discussion with someone means putting them in charge. So wise I've heard emergency legislation could be passed. Courts enforce laws made by parliament so change the law.
  11. Harper screwed us over because he didn't legislate the pipeline through like he could have. Just like Trudeau can now but will not. Both of them pander to foreign opinion. You know this but prefer to pretend that getting tough doesn't work because you know it does.
  12. Oh! You don't know. Please watch this after the game. Only 17 mins. will change your attitude. Why renewables can’t save the planet | Michael Shellenberger | TEDxDanubia - YouTube I begged the other guys to comment but they couldn't or wouldn't.
  13. Poverty? Buying our oil from the Saudis like Singh wants?
  14. Not at all. As soon as a pipeline is built it will be filled. You are the only problem.
  15. Yeah. It'll be good for Vancouver too.