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  1. Lmao. Drooling progressives hiding behind socks and 16 year olds.
  2. Be real. That one would have barely made bottom ten lifetime. lol
  3. Well well well. We gots ourselfs a smart guy. lol Yeah. They were completely clueless out there. For 90 secs I kept waiting for some kind of threat to evolve, then I realized nope, not gonna happen. Thank goodness some wildass panic got the job done after expiration. I suggest some wildass panic (urgency) about 10 seconds in next time. How d'ya like that?
  4. Without exaggeration, that 5 on 3 was the worst I've seen in my life. This team thinks a two man advantage is an excuse for a vacation on ice.
  5. I see. There's something special about BC. Specialer than everywhere else. That's straight from the Koch brothers. Believe it.
  6. Fantastic. BC and affected first nations will get exactly what any other province, state or first nation get when a pipeline goes through to a port in North America. We got a deal. Git'er done fo sho! The party with the smallest number of seats weilds the most power. It's not a logical solution. haha. Hang in there. Yeah. I guess for now it wouldn't hurt.
  7. Alberta isn't complaining about Alberta. Alberta isn't forcing Alberta to sell oil to the Koch's at 30 dollar discounts.
  8. We aren't leaving unless TMX is delayed. We love paying the country's way, just stop beating us up while we do it.
  9. BC is a hole when it comes to environment. Alberta is way cleaner. We can easily clean up all the crap you spew into the fraser and the ocean with the money we save on Quebec daycare.
  10. Bur remember, we aren't going anywhere if we are part of a functioning country. Which means TMX will not be delayed.
  11. I like your attitude. It will help the cause!
  12. Reality is things change. Quebecer's can understand this or hit the road. How can you not agree with this?