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  1. Canucks fantasy hockey?

  2. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    I AGREE i have spent thousands of dollars on canucks tickets. Even followed the canucks down thru california.. this year i bought zero... previous years i would watch almost every game .. this year 5 games.. they don't care about the fans and it shows clearly in this small corner of the website. FYI the Oilers fantasy hockey works great .. they use the old system the canucks had way back in 2008.. I will be there from now on
  3. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    im done! this fantasy hockey is an embarassment.
  4. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    elaborate? did you ever play 2008 version? i see all the corrections you requested ... its fun? here is the canucks lineup its not the same as fantasy lineup so how do i know whos playing?.... just guess? is henrik playing tonight? Bieksa out? where can i see how im doing as the game progresses? link?
  5. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    Hi Joe I had asked Deb to contact someone> SN admin in October, Glad to see someone finally responding. I have a few questions and suggestions. 1) how long have you been working /maintaining the Fantasy hockey? 2) are you aware of the previous version back in 2008? 3) when do you expect to have a viable and reasonable accurate fantasy hockey board up and running? 4) who are you accountable to for the work you do to maintain the fantasy hockey? I would like to suggest rolling back to the old fantasy hockey from 2008 until you get a usuable and working fantasy hockey. I think you should scrap the current code and start fresh as it has been nothing but problems since day 1. I dont think using fans to beta test is going to help much as they are pretty frustrated. look at the logins from years past I'm sure you'll see a dramatic drop. Having the lockout has not helped much either. There are many other threads about the fantasy hockey and the person(s) responsible for maintaining it with many coments somewhat heated to say the least. It would be nice to see some accountability and a process of rebuilding a usuable Fantasy hockey for the fans with consideration of the fans in mind and coordination with With that in mind the lineup for tonights game does not show Loungo yet has a big story on his return tonight. injured players should be edited out (unavailable to pick). I sincerily hope the fantasy hockey is fixed for the deserving fans PB_eh
  6. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    it says i have 0 pts.. why?
  7. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    fix it please
  8. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    how can i see which player got pts for what? this thing is messed
  9. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    do u think it will be fixed this year? sigh..