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  1. It doesn't work at night. I thought that was a no brainer.
  2. Yes I am. I dont know a green alt. That's why I ask. Thanks. What's the answer.
  3. Where's that power coming from. There is no green answer.
  4. I'm excited about the election and possible Alberta separation.
  5. Nanos Poll yesterday Cons 32,5 Libs 31.7 NDP 20.8 Bloc 7.2 green 60 PPC 1.5 Not a troll. Where would the power come from. Is there an answer?
  6. If the media can turn a blandy like Sheer into a "turd" I'm pretty sure no one else had a chance either.
  7. Where's the electricity going to come from when you plug in your electric car at night if the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing?