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  1. Today was the day of the underdog. Three underdogs out of 4 won their games today.
  2. I really want Myer's to do well here but I really hope he scores more often, and defends a little better. (He has a lot of potential for sure though.) I will wait till the end of the season to reserve judgement on him.
  3. I just realized I am born the same day and same year as Demko. What are the chances! I am also born on the West Coast but in Canada. Dec 8 1995 Happy Birthday to you and me Demko!
  4. Watch it again, he basically elbows him in awkward spot. Also looks like he was aiming for the head. (You have to see it at different angles to see these though)
  5. 3-2 Canucks in OT Canucks down 2-1 with minute left. Green does the unthinkable and puts Loui out there. Loui scores the tying goal. Then in OT, Loui scores the game winner with Matthews in the box. Everyone hugs Loui after the goal like a playoff series win, all is happy in Canuck land.
  6. Feels great to have a trade finally work out this well for us.
  7. It's embarrassing that Marchand is Canadian, the guy is soo dirty. He's injured so many players.
  8. He is really really good sometimes and then sometimes is like this. He allowed 7 goals against Boston in the finals one game and then literally stole game 7 to win the cup. Also his record after a loss is pretty good.
  9. The thing is, before they were in our division, now they aren't.
  10. Think about it this way. If the Bloc hadn't done so well in Quebec, Trudeau would have won another majority. And that's with all his scandals. I'm sure Albertan's would have loved another Liberal majority . They seem to love Liberals