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  1. Anyone know status of NHL TV, paid for gamecenter to watch Canucks down here, wonder if I can watch Minny game on that with my package. Also wish they had. A playoff option I would pay to watch cancucks in playoff on Canadian feed
  2. The cap really isn't important it's the escrow because if escrow is 20%, they are assuming real cap is 65mil. Which means they roughly except to lose half billion dollars in. A season.
  3. Only thing Green needs to work on is his pregame/postgame interview, if he was entertaining as AV that would be awesome
  4. Not gonna lie but I love the drama now with the first pick! Makes the day more exciting!
  5. Flat cap or not it's what will escrow be. If no fans in stadium next year there goes lots of revenue
  6. Like I said in another post, Vegas has the ability to close off a tower for nhl which includes multiple restaurant nice pool.and feel like your not trapped in a hotel. And this way you have control over people coming and going. And if you look at 1918 pandemic it lasted.for almost three years with multiple waves. At the end of the day you as a business (NHL &Players) need to make it work because October this isn't going away. On a side note about billionaire, if all their businesses are not running at full steam they are losing money like all of us, yes they may have more money in their savings account but the jobs each NHL team creates is a lot (same for MLB, NBA, NFL)
  7. Vegas or area with a hub hotel feel is best option and if they take what nba was thinking of doing the players would be in their own hotel basically and no outside guests will come in. And if they stay in hotel, eat in hotel and play in hotel then it's is own city. Other major cities may have hotel and restaurant but not what Vegas can offer. Now me being in San Diego do you think they would open up seats in the stadium to watch? If they do. I may drive up and watch a game or two!
  8. This break will be good for Petey, he was slowing down and needed a break, so I think young teams will do better in first round Older teams I think will need more time to get rolling But what do I know lol!
  9. I'm ok with it the whole world is gonna be different for next 18-24months anyways Just make it free on tv!
  10. It would be fun to watch! A team like cancuks may benefit them as they had a strong start but faded as tired, older team may take a little longer to get rolling. Also cancelling season imo doesn't work because come October Covid-19 will still be around and then what do you do, this at least gives nhl to work things out
  11. So now GMs will go over scouting reports for the draft and..sign their UFA? Does Benning sign Toffoli during this down time ?
  12. watching the Flyers right now on NBC! i have always lvoed AV, one because of his coaching but also HE is good at interviews he is funny he laughs he just doesnt deadpan sour face