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  1. For starters—they got completely, and thoroughly dominated by two of the best players in the world.
  2. Unfortunately, little buddy, repetitive opinions that are harnessed by the obnoxious powers of puerility will be called out, too. That is what a forum is for.
  3. How young is canuck2288? So many questions, so little time.
  4. I distinctly recall at the beginning of the season, some overly enthusiastic members on this board anointing this team as superior to the 2011 squad... Oh, you silly ducks.
  5. Dunno. Coaching in the NHL, making millions—certainly grounds for some measure of self-love.
  6. Here's to hoping he makes it past the second intermission—faculties intact.
  7. Relax, cat muncher. That was a solid period of hockey. Pour a dram of scotch, and rejoice.
  8. Solid period. Excellent movement on the power play. Let's stay in it, boys.
  9. A truly punchable face. Everything about it simply invites a fusillade of fists.