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  1. HAHA. This guy just tethered all and any ties with the league and his own team overnight. Actually impressive. Hope the midget enjoys Russia.
  2. It might be a blessing even not to go to the playoffs. This team can't handle the playoffs. It's a fragile, weak and easily breakable team. Can't trust 4 goal leads (game vs WSH), 3 goal leads, or 2 goal leads. Yet Travis "We played well" Green is having none of the negativity. What a loser. You will never win with an attitude like that.
  3. If the Canucks miss the playoffs, I think it will actually be a worse feeling than the years prior. We fully expected them to be near the bottom the past few years but this year they just threw themselves off a cliff when they had such a great advantage with that hold of 1st in the Pacific. This team has a such weak mentality and it shows.
  4. lol. The Canucks screwed themselves by offering him that contract. If you are offering ANY player a 12 year contract, you need to think that far ahead and management at the time was ridiculously naive and short-sighted. Also, once he was traded, his allegiance switched over to the Panthers. He doesn't owe the Canucks a thing. I find it laughable that you suggest a player decide not to retire and go on LTIR just for the sake of the concern that he thinks he might be "screwing over the Canucks". A player has right to decide what is best for his career. The contract is the contract and the Canucks short-ended themselves.
  5. Well deserved. He was great for the Canucks, but Florida was always going to be the place he called home. Congrats to Bobby Lou!
  6. This team can surprise. Colorado is the far superior team but I hope the hunger for those 2 points hits the Canucks.
  7. From Sportsnet 650 Twitter: Green: Just play well... Just play well. Best thing you can do is go out and play your best game. I didn't think we had any passengers. Go up and down our lineup, didn't have any players that weren't good tonight. "Moral Victories" lol. Seriously? No one is going to held accountable? This is who management believes will lead this team to the cup? I've been saying it all along. He is not right coach for this team. I know he's only 3 years into an NHL coaching gig, but if Benning's vision is to "win now" (like his trades seem to show) then get someone behind the bench who is capable of doing that now. It's one thing to have the young players on your team developing but another to have coach having to develop as well. You don't need two of those problems. TG as a player was always known to be a joker and lighthearted guy in the locker-room. You mix that in with his stubbornness and arrogance as a coach and you get a lack of accountability. It's simply like he doesn't care. I usually don't like to overreact, but if that's the voice in the locker-room to a young team after yet another 2 points stolen because of another choke.. especially during this time of the year... you shouldn't be a coach. Please get rid of this clown.
  8. Everything you said is so wrong, I can't tell if this is a troll attempt or just a mental breakdown. Probably both.
  9. There's always been a dilemma with TG this season. When the team went on that extended losing streak earlier in the year, everyone wanted Green's head. Out of nowhere, they started playing better and had a good hold on 1st in the Pacific and now seem to be trending down quickly once again; the "fire green" demands now back. That's the problem. There will be spurts of good play that makes fans forget about all of TG's flaws and when it doesn't hold up... the same old story all over again. In the grand scheme of things, I think TG isn't the right coach for a team like this moving forward. He has shown time and time again of his serious flaws in judgement during in-game situations (e.g. time-outs), his demeanor seems indifferent whenever the team loses crucial games and he is so arrogant that he will stick with his strategy even if it evidently isn't working. Sure, he's still a fairly new NHL coach but that's been the problem. He's a rookie, very similar characteristics to Willie Desjardins before him. A young team like this needs a well-seasoned coach. A coach that knows when to put the foot down and keep every player in check when they are playing horribly. A coach that knows how to deal with sudden situations and knows when he needs to calm his team down. Just my two cents.
  10. It's a mix of laziness and mental lapses from the leaders of the team. They treat it like a sunday morning skate when every game should be do or die, regardless who the opponent is. How pathetic.
  11. That's true, but how much did Gillis really even contribute to that 2011 team? I mean, he did his part in adding the extra pieces to complete the team (Higgins, Lapierre, Hamhuis, Ehrhoff) however, that core was constructed by previous regimes. It was Nonis and Burke who were responsible for bringing in the likes of Kes, Burr, the Sedins, Bieksa, Edler, Luongo, Schneider, Hansen...etc. Helk, even the Vigneault was a Nonis hire. He was pretty much gifted an eventual powerhouse team and made the likes of signing free agents a lot easier while decimating the prospect pool throughout the years. He was awful at player development and it heavily impacted the retool of this team.
  12. Considering the other candidates or lack thereof to drive this new generation forward, I think Bo was the most obvious choice. If Miller was here earlier I think he might've made a good captain. He's not afraid to back down from anyone and he calls things like he sees it. Bo will learn along the way... its been 5 months since he took that responsiblity.