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  1. Players are celebrated for their contributions to their team. There’s no rule that states that you can only celebrate your team’s history if you win a cup. With that logic, how do you explain all the HOFers that never won a cup? Too salty. Go drink some water
  2. Read the OP’s original post from 11 years ago.... “Keep Krog or Pettinger or Brown” WOW.
  3. He'll be fine. He hasn't gotten the points in the past 2 games but he's been flying out there and putting in the effort. Petey is the least of our concerns
  4. I saw the stats that compared McD and Drai to Lemieux/jagr and Gretzky/Kurri. Comparing point production to that era of hockey is just insane. Oilers fans are blessed to have McDavid and Draisaitl. Most undeservingly blessed. Another reminder of why I hate the team and that crap city so much.
  5. The boys seem genuinely happy for LE after scoring that goal I know we crap on Eriksson frequently on this forum, but I feel good for LE and I hope he can find a way to get his mojo
  6. That's gotta be the first and only time I've ever seen a thesis written on a canucks fan message board
  7. You do you bro. However, there's nothing wrong with supporting a sports team and spending time to watch the team you support, if that is what you enjoy doing with your time. Newsflash: People can still achieve their goals and realize their dreams even if they spare time to confide in a hobby like watching sports.
  8. I think the early periods of success kind of spoiled the fanbase on expectations this year. In reality, before the season started, this type of record is exactly what was predicted; a fringe playoff team. This isn't a team capable of being a top 3 seed in the west. Yet. This fanbase needs to realize how lucky they are to have players like Bo, Petey, Boes and Hughes leading the team. Imagine being a Minnesota fan or even a Detroit fan for that matter. Our young core is miles ahead of those teams. Petey is no Crosby where at age 21 he would lead us to the cup. Hughes is barely 20 and Brock is only 22. Good things will happen soon.
  9. This should’ve been a win. Easily. Remember when the team “learned their lesson” from the Washington game? It’s games like these where it shows just how crucial the man behind the bench is when it comes to results. This is all on TG and his coaching staff. I hope it doesn’t take until the playoffs (if they even get there) to realize that TG isn’t a coach that can lead a playoff team.
  10. TG isn’t someone that can coach a playoff team. Whenever there is pressure, he always panics and does not make correct judgements on coaching decisions. Challenging a pretty clear goal with 3 minutes left, allowing the opposing team to have a PP? Not calling a time out sooner? A young team like the canucks need a coach with good leadership and wisdom. TG is not that.
  11. Can’t wait to hear TG’s comments post game. Lemme guess. It’s gonna go something like “That’s hockey”...“We had a good second period”. This team is too streaky. No stability at the moment and that points to the coaching staff