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  1. There is an article on acquiring Toffoli on Hockey Writers, they are suggesting paying less than this the form of possible Baer and Goldy..I guess he has been a recent scratch ...but he did have chemistry with Pearson.
  2. Thanks for clarifying...I don't know enough about the CAP nuances to be honest and every time I read an article it seems to get more and more complicated so I move on lol.
  3. May be off topic a bit but we need to clear 3 million in cap space to bring Ferland and Sutter back off ? Nobody wants any of the other pieces...baer, Loui, Sutter, Bragle. Tanev would seem to be the only piece other teams would want , yes he is hard to replace I never advocated trading him it was more about discussion..I love the guy but how do we deal with the cap too? Looking for answers.
  4. Pretty good read on Brogan Rafferty on Canucks Army that went up 4 hrs. got a future! Maybe not this minute but soon.
  5. That's great thanks so much doesn't it feel better? Have a great day at school and wear your jacket at recess it's chilli out there today...and ya this is PlayStation ...heads up none of this is real.
  6. Wow get a girlfriend buddy or at least some hand cream...blow off some of that anger its a blog not real life...
  7. Yes he is, we can't buy without cap space and Tanev is 4.5 against it..for a guy who over the last 3 years is off 1/3 of each season due to injury..I like the idea of bringing up Rafferty if a righty goes down..I hope Tanev stays healthy because like I said he pays the price but his record in the last few years isn't great..I guess it's the price you pay to win games.too bad he get hurt in the process
  8. Why so much anger?? It was asking for opinions not like I am going to pull the trigger on the trade lol..if you check his stats it has his 2 games..regardless I agreed he had almost 0 concern if you read it was that based on his history he may not even be healthy when we need him the most..just discussion not making the deal I love Tanev's game..lighten up it's Christmas dude
  9. Well Rafferty did play a couple of preseason games so not 0 but close , had an assist -1, had several teams interested in him and he chose to come to Vancouver. I never saw Chris Tanev play before his first game in the nhl either. But he played down in Manitoba for a couple of seasons and didn't have as good a numbers as Rafferty. Sooooo
  10. Not to mention we need the cap space..Rafferty is 24 years old. So not too young..but lacks the nhl experience..big gamble but maybe we get Schenn back for 1/4 of the price if we have to?
  11. I agree I have always loved Tanev's play without the puck and willingness to sacrifice his body, my fear is over the last 3 years he has averaged 50 games played, he has played all 29 so far, will he be healthy when we need him anyway? To me it feels like he struggles with the puck and makes more bad choices than in the past. Anyway just wanted to put it out there to see how others felt.
  12. Is it time to get value for Tanev ...say to Winnipeg who need Dmen for a pick and bring up Brogan Rafferty who has 16 points and plus 9 in Utica or wait till the trade deadline? Chris is healthy now but may not be at that time, both Right shot.
  13. Like I said let's see how the season plays out.....I still believe Max is over valued but would be a great addition to the canucks and primarily with Bo...playing with good players can make all the difference..just ask JT Miller averaging a point a game...a long way from where he was.
  14. Well Jake got a point tonight on he third line Max went pointless again..I guess we will see how Max finishes the bet a FAR cry from 72 and closer to Jakes projected 40.
  15. Ya because Bo needs the Chemistry...and Jake needs the change