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  1. Cough in your arms if you have to, and keep about 1 meters distance when in public. Common sense. It sure is serious, but it ain’t the plague. (Famous last words...) i think the economical aftermath will bring the real $&!# though. Gordon is sharpening his knives.
  2. I actually agree in this, but can’t help thinking of the Titanic after hitting the iceberg. Technically, people there were fine too.
  3. But, will a pointless switch to a new coach result in less points than keeping the one failing to collect, well, points? I've not said anything about Green yet, because I haven't been following the team long enough to get a good perspective, but i'm actually leaning towards a change now. Just because he seems to be totally unable to stir around and get the team going, if only briefly. like, the solution is to stick to the current solution.
  4. "Physical presence". I'm gonna use the term "LOL"here. you are his agent, right? end of "discussion". /Chief
  5. I notice how you are avoiding to answer the question by a rhetorical formula one counter question. You, sir, are SHARP.
  6. So, why don't you tell me about his hidden qualities then.
  7. Well, MacEwan has been of no good at all whenever he gets the chance. Douche with too much disappointment bulked up inside of him.
  8. For once, I'm actually looking forward to Green's post game comments.
  9. In about 80 posts of guessing, no one mentioned Schaller before it was announced. Is he considered too good or too bad to be in the equation?
  10. Then let me explain it for you: Because she finds the overall noise in the arena too loud. Some people are more sensitive than others.
  11. LE had more puck winning/defending interactions than most defenders in 2nd. (is Benn still in the arena?!) i'm not defending him. it is what it is. but sure, Bailey should get more ice time.
  12. This. It's as if mf's look another way as soon as the puck is behind offensive blue. I don't want to praise the guy too much. He's doing a solid job. But today he actually had some moments when even only-goals-count-people should've seen his use and contributions. halfway in third he had a session where he broke buffalos possession like three times in 40 sec. including stopping an attack. again, he's past prime but he's stepping up, digging in, and pegging up for other players.