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  1. I think his point is Gagner is the best player the Oilers have ever had.
  2. I hope nobody ever stands up for a team mate again just in case it causes the other team to win. Matheson says hi. Im sure Roussel was happy he did it after getting crushed.
  3. Someone just told me that fight caused the Wild to win... I heard it also caused a volcano to erupt and a star to fade.
  4. Hopefully Green plays the guys that were the most impressive vs the wild this season.
  5. I’m so glad we have all these insiders to tell us what’s really happening.
  6. Media jumped on the destroy virts confidence train. Too bad fans aren't as chapped as when they sewered boes.
  7. Maybe he made a big stink about being replaced after the season he had and the coach is sticking it to him a la pissing contest.
  8. Ditto, this has been settled already. I was referring to the people stalking me and calling me names for a week on here. Excited to see Jake.
  9. Easily our best player in that exhibition game. Im excited to see him vs minny.
  10. Did the big win last might without him in the lineup make you feel that way? MacEwan was terrible last night. Turnover after turnover, wild shots that missed and resulted in sending the jets back our way. He also got absolutely rocked because he didn't know what he was doing. I still think he has a future but man did the Jets expose how green he still is.