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  1. I absolutely agree. If your boss said to you, "You've done an outstanding job, but we are bringing in someone new to fill your position", how would you feel?
  2. Canuck fan have to be happy with the 6-2 victory over Nashville that ended a four game winless skid. Once again, however, they were outshot in a game that they went on to win. To be honest, I didn't see the game and am only getting my information from online media. But among Marky's 36 saves, 19 were in the second period, and four of them were described as "spectacular". How easily a 4-2 lead could have turned into a 4-4 tie after two periods, with Nashville holding the momentum going into the third period. My point is simply this: Jacob Markstrom has been a key component to the Canucks' successful season to date and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. While I agree that Thatcher Demko is the long term answer to the Canucks' goaltending picture, Canucks' management needs to find a way to keep both goalies in Vancouver until DiPietro is ready to step in as Demko's back-up
  3. Do you remember the huge fuss about losing Luca Sbisa in the Vegas draft? Some posters felt this might be the beginning of the end for the Canuck franchise. But management had it all figured out. We lost Sbisa and the world went on. The point is that Benning and the rest of the management will undoubtedly have a plan to minimize the impact of the Seattle expansion draft. My personal bet is that we will end up with both goalies after the draft. Markstrom will be resigned to a contract that will cover the time until we are ready to go with a Demko and DiPietro tandem. And who in their right mind would complain about having access to Double Ds?
  4. We go neither right nor left. We stay the course. How do you expect to win going forward without Markstrom? Have you checked out how many times we have been widely outshot and Marky has earned two points for us by standing on his head?Take away these points and there is no chance that this is a playoff caliber team. Your suggestion to reward this outstanding effort is to ship him out of town. How would you like it if you busted your ass at work and got shown the door for your efforts? Who would even want to play for the Canucks if they knew they were always one whim away from being traded. Why don't you do your job and let Benning and management do their job?
  5. No to Subban. The Montreal trade is mindnumbingly bad. Whatever happened to: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it?"
  6. Born in Vancouver, raised in Marpole.. Used to take my wife to New West Bruins games. It's the Alberta part of BC because of the time, the fact that Calgary and not Vancouver is our gateway city, people here shop in Lethbridge and Calgary, and that most high school grads go to post-secondary ed in Alberta because of the proximity and comparative ease of transportation. In most of my elementary classes, the kids were split half and half between Flames and Canucks.. It was funny that my kids got BC Student Loans to go to SAIT and the University of Lethbridge.
  7. Mikkim, I got a job teaching in Cranbrook (the Alberta part of BC) and never left. While I cheer for Canadian teams - all Stanley Cup parades should be In Canada, I too hate it when Leafs and Habs fans show up for Canuck games to cheer for a team other than the Nucks.
  8. I get your point about each team being made up of a conglomeration of nationalities. I choose to support these multinational groups that represent cities in the country where I live (seven months a year)'.
  9. I understand that natural rivalries exist between the Canucks and other teams. As a Canuck fan since before Barry Wilkins scored franchise goal number one against Dennis DeJordy, the Canucks are my team, in good times and bad. When the Canucks play a team like the Flames, I am solidly behind the Canucks, even though we live in the "Alberta" part of B.C. I cheer for my hometown team to beat every team, whether it is a Canadian or American based franchise. However, in a game between another Canadian team an ANY American team I always choose to support the Canadian team. I see lots of hate for certain Canadian teams on this forum, and to some degree I understand the feeling. But I have never once in all the years I have watched hockey cheered for Any American based team when they were playing ANY Canadian team. I'm still, and will always be, ticked that the Nordiques were relocated to a US city.
  10. It was supposed to be an all Star game stick. I checked the line-ups and got some of the names, then check the sample on line of the other players, but nothing looked like a match. I will check all suggestions and I appreciate the efforts of those who responded.
  11. I recently bought an autographed 1996-7 vintage goalie stick on eBay. I can recognize most of the signatures, but there are a few I can't make out. Any information or assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
  12. When the hockey card craze was in full force a number of years ago I was teaching a grade five class. One of the required Language Arts concepts we were require to teach was letter writing and addressing envelopes. I decided to turn this into a fun assignment and had my students write letters to hockey players asking them to sign the three cards which were enclosed in each envelope. I suggested to one student to write to Jason Marshall who was playing for the Blues, but at one time had been a student at our school. I knew Jason fairly well and explained to Kyle that Jason would surely write back as he was a great guy. The kids waited with great anticipation each afternoon for the arrival of the mailman at the school. Letter after letter arrived, complete with the autographed cards, but Kyle got no response from Jason. As the hockey season drew to an end Kyle was the only student who had not received at least one response from an NHLer. The playoffs came and went and suddenly the hockey season drew to a close and no further letters arrived at the school. Kyle was really disappointed and some of the more generous kids in the class gave Kyle one of their extra autographed cards, but it just wasn't the same as receiving a letter in the mail with the cards he had sent away. One day near the end of the school year there was a knock at my classroom door and when I answered it Jason Marshall was there. He had brought bumper stickers, signed pictures and other Blues' memorabilia for Kyle (along with the three signed cards Kyle had originally sent). Jason was also very happy to take pictures with the kids and he spent at least an hour visiting with them answering all of their questions. Kyle was the star of the class and the kids all went home terribly excited at having met a real NHL player. It was one of the best days in my long career as an educator.