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  1. Just need some hungry, physical defensemen who can punish people and of course who can play great defense.
  2. Love the win. Our defense does need to be revamped in the off season. Personally I just don't think our defense is tough enough. Teams are just willing to take it to the net because there is no one there to punish them. You need to have that balance. Brent burns would look good or Webber. A player like Muzzin.
  3. Why does it seem like the points are always wide open for the other team? Its ridiculous. No pressure at all. They all collapse towards the goalie.
  4. Instead of being mad at the refs. How about being mad at yourselves for having the lead three times and not keeping it.
  5. We have lost 5 of our last 6. We could be 6 of our last 7. Our team should be as desperate or more. It just seems like they don't have the calmness to get that extra goal when they are up. It just shows where we are mentally right now. WEAK.
  6. They play different when they don't have the lead. They just don't know how to play when they have one. They lose this game they really should miss the playoffs.
  7. Too many chances to win this game and they just can't do it. Their penalty killing. Why do we have such a hard time getting a hold of the puck and clearing it if we do?
  8. Ya I would like to too, but like I said it's hard to watch the scrambles in our own end after getting a lead for a third straight time.
  9. It just seems every team has the playbook on our defense and so maybe that's why its happening over and over. They have spotted a weakness on our defensive system. It does seem every team coming in is trying the same thing.
  10. Is because the way they are playing defensively is not sustainable. You can't expect to win giving up grade A chance after grade A chance. So fans are frustrated because its been a reoccurring theme. No lessons learned. Just do the same bad play over and over and expect different results. At some point you need to learn from your mistakes. Honestly maybe they should just slap the puck down the ice if they don't want to play good, sound defense.