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  1. Jake Virtanen is on pace to be on par with kreider this season and is younger a better 200 foot player that is excelling in growth every season and out values Kreider alone . Stecher. Baertchi Leivo OR Ferland Leivo Baertchi 3rd in 2021 For Kreider 3rd in 2020
  2. Look there is no doubt Kreider would fit great either on 1st or 2nd line in Vancouver for numerous reasons . He would certainly benefit because of those complementary aspects. BUT ...you all are way overvaluing him as if he is a superstar like Hall or something ...the most the guy has ever hit is 57 pts in his entire career. He is a 30 to 50 pt guy that could perhaps increase on one of Vancouvers top lines. Enough with the 1st round picks with top prospect and a stud player $&!# . You are all nuts .
  3. Taylor Hall traded in exchange for a 2020 conditional first-round draft pick, a conditional 2021 third-rounder, along with forward prospects Nate Schnarr, Nick Merkley and defenceman Kevin Bahl ......hummmmmm so what yall saying is kreider is more valuable then Hall ? Is he 1/2 as good?? Is he worth a 1st round and 3 prospects ? Look at the last 10 major trades.. .Nyr needs roster players bottom 6 ....they have a pretty good prospect pool. They need a Ferland/ Levio / goldobin or Baertchi etc . Plus a prospect or 2 ... how bout Ferland Stecher Baertchi and a 3rd in 21
  4. And Bo Horvat is a far better player then Kreider , much younger and hasn't even peaked yet lol
  5. Wow you majorly overvalue Kreider , Reid Boucher alone is the leading pts getter in the Ahl this year and Brisbois will be a top 4 d man . Leivo can make any top nine better . 3 positions filled with 2 top prospects for a 28 year old top 6 LW'er . I would how ever throw Beartchi in to balance the salary so then you have 2 nhl ready top 6 players , and 2 nhl ready prospects that are tops in AHL. Youd be crazy not to take that.
  6. Trade Proposal: To NYR: J.Leivo (LW) 26y R.Boucher (LW) 26y G.Brisbois (D) 22y To Van: K.Kreider (LW) 28 4th in 2020 (3rd if Ranger make playoffs) Miller. Petterson. Boeser Kreider. Horvat. Motte Pearson Gaudette Virtanen Ferland Beagle. Eriksson