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  1. Keep Toffoli, Boeser, Virtanen, and MacEwen for the long term so the right side continues to be a strong suit + clear 12 million in cap space with Beagle and Roussel (via Podkolzin sweetener) + Eriksson (via 2021 1st sweetener). 12 million off the books + LTIR Ferland + 50% retention on Baertschi + letting Markstrom and Tanev walk = having enough money to reup all of our RFA’s both this off season and next off season. We could also walk from Benn and Sutter at the end of next season for extra cap. Not only that, but you can take advantage of a cap strapped team like Tampa and bring in a guy like Cernak (maybe Lind and Rathbone gets it done?) 2020-2021: Miller-Pettersson-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Toffoli Virtanen-Sutter-MacEwen Motte-Gaudette-Bailey Edler-Myers Hughes-Cernak Juolevi-Stecher Benn Demko [Greiss or Talbot] -RFA’s of the 2020 off season all comfortably re-upped to establish core for many years. -Lots of cap space available to reup Demko, Pettersson, and Hughes. -Possibly still enough cap space to bring in a high ticket UFA in the following season or take advantage of other cap strapped teams to bring in a good RFA who fits our age demographic.
  2. It’s a controversial take for sure, but like I said - 12 million would go off the books at the snap of a finger. With guys like Juolevi, Tryamkin (whom I haven’t ruled to make a comeback), Rathbone, Rafferty, Lind, and Hoglander are still guys that we have in the pipeline and so it’s not like we’d be devoid of incoming prospects. One of the biggest strengths of the Canucks is how tight-knit they are as a group, so why mess with that? The Canucks could really create a long term identity with guys like Pettersson, Hughes, Horvat, Demko, Boeser, Stecher, Virtanen, Gaudette, and Motte all here long term. 1) Keep their young guys that have already bonded with one another. 2) Clear cap and establish a core group of guys for many years to come. 3) Take advantage of cap strapped teams like Tampa and bring in guys that fit within their age demographic (Cernak)
  3. I defeated Liam Neeson already and so I’m not sure if there are any realistic options out there right now. The site has an ignore feature and so might I suggest using that?
  4. Has there been any documented proof of Virtanen having shown shown up to games “higher than a kite” during these past five years? Be careful with potential libelous and slanderous comments. Like I said earlier, for all of Jake’s warts, the guy still produced at a 20 goal clip with limited even strength and PP minutes. Furthermore, the Advanced Stats community came up with findings recently that showed that the Miller-Pettersson line had better Corsi numbers with Jake on it in comparison to Toffoli and Boeser. All I’m saying is that perhaps there is more there with Jake.
  5. Why didn’t you mention Eriksson in the above? I have no issue in you criticizing my post, but why neglect one of the biggest parts? In terms of preserving team chemistry, how would re-upping Motte, Virtanen, Stecher, and Gaudette go against that? (especially admist the rumors of the Canucks moving on from young popular lockerroom players such as Stecher and Virtanen. In my outlined plan, we would keep those guys). You do make a good point about the defense, but with a lot of our bad cap off the table, the Canucks would have options. For example - we could take advantage of cap strapped Tampa and pry away Erik Cernak. Maybe we give them Lind and Rafferty or something (I honestly don’t know if that’s fair value, I’m just spitballing). With a guy like Cernak here, we could let the aging Chris Tanev walk. Miller-Pettersson-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Toffoli Virtanen-Sutter-Leivo Motte-Gaudette-MacEwen Hoglander Edler-Myers Hughes-Cernak Juolevi-Stecher Benn Demko [Greiss/Talbot] Not only do the Canucks preserve their core for the most part and still stay youngish, but they put themselves in a great position to easily re-up Pettersson and Hughes while having a great young nucleus that would likely remain intact for years to come.
  6. Benning can say whatever he wants but he may not have a choice, especially with a flat cap that seems to be on the horizon. I agree that moving a 1st rounder and an elite prospect is NOT ideal, but you yourself said it best: We’ve got guys like Hoglander, Juolevi (whom I penciled into my lineup in my OP), Rathbone, Dipietro, Lind, etc., and so it’s not like we’re devoid of incoming prospects. Whether we like it or not, clearing enough money to be able to sign Peterrsson, Hughes, and Demko (should we decide to keep him over Markstrom) is going to be an ENORMOUS challenge. Knock on my proposal all you want, but the fact of the matter is that Eriksson, Beagle, and Roussel being off the books clears 12 million right there. Boom, gone. Like I said - moving Podkolzin and a 2021 1st would NOT be ideal, but if that gave you enough money to....... 1) Solidify and establish your young core of players long term: Stecher, Virtanen, Motte, Gaudette, Demko, Pettersson, and Hughes. 2) STILL have a good pipeline coming in despite the loss of Podkolzin and 2021 1st: Juolevi, Tryamkin (who I still believe can come back), Dipietro, Rathbone, Hoglander, and Lind. 3) Preserve one the team’s biggest strengths in team chemistry and continue to build upon that. Then I honestly don’t see how this is a bad thing (although again, to your point, I realize that using Podkolzin and a 2021 1st as a sweetener is not ideal). However, with Eriksson, Beagle, and Roussel completely off the books (12 million), combined with 50% retention for Baertschi and LTIR for Ferland, that’s about 17 million in freed up cap that help us do everything that I described above......comfortably.
  7. I like your Eriksson thought but I’m not sure if that would be enough for a team to take on Eriksson without retention. As far as Virtanen goes, I might be in the minority here but I still think there’s something there. For all his warts, the guy still produced at a 20 goal pace this past season with limited minutes. Once Gaudette develops his game a little, I could definitely see a 3rd line consisting of Hoglander-Gaudette-Virtanen doing some damage. Ferland going on LTIR + Baertschi trade at 50% retention are very realistic and doable in my opinion.
  8. [proposal] Operation “team chemistry”: Catering to one of the Canucks’ biggest strength If there is one thing that Canucks have shown these past few seasons, it’s that they are a very tight-knit cohesive group. While the following strategy that I’m about to mention probably isn’t the best (nor is it particularly advisable), I do think it’s worth mentioning.....so here goes: Step 1: 2021 1st rounder + 7th rounder + Eriksson for a 6th rounder (aka “The Marleau to Carolina deal”). Zero retention for Eriksson. Step 2: Beagle + Roussel + Podkolzin as a sweetener to *insert team here* for *insert draft pick here*. Zero retention for Beagle and Roussel. Step 3: Sign Stecher, Gaudette, Motte, and Virtanen, to comfortable extensions. Show the boys and the team that management believes in the current core. Step 4: No more talks about trading Boeser. Ever. This includes yours truly. Step 5: Sign Toffoli, Tanev, and Leivo, but Markstrom has to walk. A 1A backup such as Talbot or Greiss is signed to aid Demko’s transition to number one (ie Demko starts 60-65% of the games). Goals achieved: 1) Canucks keep the bulk of their young core together as far as Stecher,Virtanen, Gaudette, Motte, and ultimately Boeser goes. This ties into one of their biggest strengths: Team chemistry. Management shows massive faith to the boys. This also shows commitment to building for the long term as management shows a commitment to prioritizing keeping young players. 2) A MASSIVE amount of cap is removed from the books which will ultimately aid our biggest goal: Having enough money to sign Pettersson and Hughes. 3) Sutter stays on for another year which will help Gaudette develop a little more before taking sole ownership of the 3rd line center spot. Miller-Pettersson-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Toffoli Virtanen-Sutter-Leivo Motte-Gaudette-MacEwen Lind Edler-Myers Hughes-Tanev Juolevi-Stecher Benn Demko 1ABackUp
  9. I think the Marleau deal (the one that saw Marleau get traded to Carolina from Toronto) *might* get rid of Eriksson. Eriksson + 7th round pick + 2021 1st for a 6th round pick. In my opinion, that would be the best option for getting rid of Eriksson. Podkzolin or Demko could also be used as sweeteners to move Eriksson without retention, but I would strongly advise against this idea. I am of the opinion that Demko is the next Carey Price, and also believe that Podkolzin will be a solid top 6 player. A Russian JT Miller type guy. Unfortunately, I don’t think Virtanen would be a strong enough sweetener to move Eriksson.
  10. Here’s my thing with Gaudette: Although I’m really pulling for him due to his underdog story (ie 5th round pick that turned into a Hobey Baker winner, etc.), he’ll REALLY have to take a leap in his offensive game in order to become an effective player for the Canucks. He’ll need to become a guy that could carry a 3rd line offensively and bring out the best in his linemates (and ultimately, make that line a consistent bottom 6 scoring threat at the bottom 6 level). The reason why he’ll have to turn into that guy, is because I don’t think it’s likely that Gaudette will become a defensive stalwart of any kind. Gaudette’s game is about offense. He’s not a two way player, and he’s not going to be a Brandon Sutter or Jay Beagle type. Even if Gaudette develops into what I described above, it’s still going to be Horvat taking on the tougher match ups and defensive responsibilities. That’s not necessarily a good thing or a bad thing, but that’s what I believe would be the reality even if Gaudette maximized his potential. Gaudette’s not a two way guy and he can’t play wing. If Gaudette is to have value for the Canucks, he’ll need to develop into a “2A or 2B” calibre center that can carry a 3rd line offensively (while having defensively responsible wingers to cover his deficiencies). On the flip side - I wonder if there would be some value in the Canucks actually going out and getting a good two way center that could help the penalty kill and take defensive pressure off of Bo so that Bo isn’t so over exerted in this area. Would a package of Pearson and Gaudette land a player like that? (Colton Sissons perhaps). If the Canucks were to package Pearson and Gaudette for a good young two way 3rd line center, would Baertschi be able to fill the shoes of the departed Pearson?
  11. I won’t speculate on trade values, but rather, suggest approximations as to what it would take for the Canucks to get these players off the books. Ferland: LTIR Eriksson: 2021 1st, Podkolzin, or Demko as a sweetener. Or 1-1 deal to the Devils for Corey Schneider? (same cap hit and term left). The addition of Schneider would allow us to give the reigns to Demko while walking from Markstrom, which would result in an overall cap savings. The Devils might be interested in this because Eriksson is owed far less money in real dollars. Beagle: Trade with 50% retention in his final year. Sutter: Trade with 50% retention. OR - trade Sutter to Minnesota for Devan Dubynk (similar cap and term). Same logic as my Corey Schneider idea from above. Roussel: Trade with 50% retention in his final year. A 2022 1st or Podkolzin as a sweetener would probably help the Canucks package both Beagle and Roussel together without any retention required. Benn: 5-7th round pick without retention. Baertschi: Trade with 50% retention.
  12. Sounds like a good plan for the short term (next season), but taking on Tyler Johnson's contract beyond next season seems like it would lead to a ton of cap problems for us. As far as back-ups go, I wonder if Ryan Miller would be willing to come back here on a one year deal if we walk from Markstrom?
  13. I can write a whole piece on Gaudette, lol. While I admire Gaudette and his journey to the NHL, I just don’t know how he’s going to fit in with the Canucks’ future plans. 1) Defense is clearly not his strong suit and so we wouldn’t be able to rely on him to take on more defensive responsibilities to free up Horvat and Petey a little more. 2) Gaudette has scoring abilities, but are they good enough to carry a 3rd line with 3rd line calibre wingers (and contribute to creating a bottom 6 that can consistently chip in?). I’m not so sure. Gaudette definitely took strides this year, but can he develop into that good 3rd line pivot? Even if he does, will Bo still have too much pressure on him in terms of defensive responsibilities?
  14. To your last point, I’m wondering if the Canucks might consider moving Gaudette I’d they are also moving Sutter. If Baertschi is deemed ‘unmovable’, then it might be worth the Canucks giving Baertschi Pearson’s spot while packaging Pearson and Gaudette for a good and young two way 3rd line center that can assume defensive responsibilities. Miller-Pettersson-Toffoli Baertschi-Horvat-Virtanen Roussel-Sissons-MacEwen
  15. My only issue with offer sheering Cernak is that we have cap space issues of our own. The other factor to consider is that offer sheets are often seen as “taboo” in today’s NHL and most offer sheets are usually matched (while giving the GM that made the offer sheet a bad rep amongst the old boys club in the NHL). Some people have suggested Virtanen for Cernak, but I don’t think Virtanen has enough value to land such a part. As far as the Sutter for Dubnyk idea goes, the idea behind this is that both Sutter and Markstrom would come off the books in this deal. Obviously, we could let Markstrom walk and sign a better 1A goalie than Dubnyk, but Sutter would still be on our books. Furthermore, we would have the option of walking away from DD at the end of the season if Dipietro looks like he’d be ready to join the team in the following season. By contrast, if we were to sign a 1A goalie, he likely wouldn’t be willing to sign here for one year. It’s the same reason why I wouldn’t mind doing a Boeser for [insert young top pairing right handed shot defensively oriented guy]. A deal like that not only clears Boeser’s 5.8 million dollar cap hit (while limiting damage to the right side since we’d be signing Toffoli), but would also allow us to move on from Tanev. IN: Dubynk, Carlo OUT: Sutter, Boeser, (Markstrom, Tanev = wall) Net cap savings = Markstrom’s cap hit + Tanev’s cap hit.