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  1. He was just looking for a low-consequence elimination that would get blood on someone else's hands. It's what gave him away as scum for me and should also clear Rocket for the time being. Play makes no sense if SS and Rocket are w/w.
  2. Good start for my franchise player Rosario Radomsky...
  3. Sorry I'm on clunky mobile, just pretend I switched to PL and then back to SS at the last second
  4. 2nd time I'm forgotten on a reads list this game. I'm used to being forgotten irl but it still hurts.
  5. I'm scum but I don't know how to openwolf yet
  7. At least you'll go out with honour, Quaresma
  8. I select the Nickel perk Name: Thunder Dragon Empire Nation: Bhutan Lines:
  9. Bussing won't save you, Quetzalcoatl