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  1. True, we have to get new blood into the system. But traditionally there's been a process of working through the ranks and proving one's ability before being handed a head coach job.
  2. We are sucking in those gents' areas of expertise, but I feel it is the overall team "style" that is the problem, and that's up to the coach.
  3. Maybe, but don't you think the talent level we're icing right now is pretty fricking great? I don't think firing Willie for another non NHL coach is playing our last card (if that's what you meant)
  4. I could see it looking that way. I saw it more as confusion, like no one expected to do hockey. To me it looked like many individuals were going hard but surprised to be in an NHL game with no plan.
  5. Been so freaking excited for weeks and jonesing for months. All our individual players have been looking great, and I was really hoping we could capitalize on our few week window. But I’ve been watching a lot more non Canuck hockey than usual lately, and watching real teams has been a rude awakening.
  6. That's what leads to the big question. What's the end game? With Miller and Toffoli we might make the playoffs this year. Then what?
  7. I don't disagree that it's a good test. Though with Demko looking pretty shaky so far I don't feel as confident they'll weather the storm. But the team (coaches) needed to realize that relying that much on a goalie (or any one player) is not sustainable.
  8. Because of the cap compliance rules. It's probably less, but we would still be taking a cap hit for players we no longer have.
  9. GMs say a lot of things. I don't share that optimism obviously, but we'll see and I hope you're right!
  10. That does seem like the goal now, but even that feels high. Could be worse I guess, but I only have 30 years or so left (and that's if they finally prove that booze is good for you). And I've been waiting a long time. I'm gonna go on record now and declare that if they haven't won the cup in 20 years, I will switch allegiance to the newly minted Penticton Vees NHL expansion team.
  11. Hey, I hope you're right man. I'm not a capologist by any means, but buyouts and retention don't necessarily help a whole lot with the cap, do they?
  12. Agreed, but I don't think we have enough best players to take us very far.