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  1. No to trading Virtanen at all. Tired of seeing people wanting to trade a young unique skillset like him. And no to doing it for a D man who's offensive ability doesn't make up for his lack of sense and commitment in the defensive end.
  2. Dumba is a mean D man who can also move the puck and is a swift skater. He's physical and always looks for the big hit and closing the gap quick. Look up his hit highlìghts especially the ones on P.Kane and Kerfoot for example. Why not get a mean D man that also shown he can put up 50 points as Dumba has. Plus he's quite young still.
  3. I agree with everything except how about Gaudette and Stecher for Dumba and a 4th. Or Boeser and Stecher for Dumba and a 2nd.
  4. No ones throwing Demko under the bus it's just suggesting what is best for the team and for Demkos future. Markstrom became the MVP of the team and is our guy in net now. Markstrom can hold the fort the next 5 to 8 years and Domingue can back him up until DiPietro, Silovs, Kielly, Thiessen, or any other acquisitions or draft picks come knocking. Also Demko hasn't had one bad game he's made huge saves and had good moments but also been equally letting in soff goals and being inconsistent and having many weak games. We were noticeably allowing less goals against when Markstrom was healthy. Demko needs a #1 spot chance with another team for his development and confidence.
  5. @Assassin It's funny to you? We have many UFAs and RFAs and important ones at that. They are priority first and we shouldn't throw money at a redundant type of forward we have many of already. Especially a vastly unproven Europe based one. Brome also doesn't address the need for more size and bite or more blueline mobility. All our UFAs/RFAs consist of Markstrom, Toffoli, Virtanen, Gaudette, MacEwen, Motte, C.Tanev, Stecher, Leivo, Domingue, Ju.Bailey, Fantenberg, Goldobin, Brisebois, Chatfield, R.Boucher, Graovac, F.Perron, Sautner, Bachman, Pope, and Kielly. Also look at the track record of NHL teams signing Europe based players between 22-28 that have no previous NHL draft rights or exposure. Especially the last few years. Vadim Shipachyov, Damien Brunner, Jiri Sekac, Jan Kovar, Sergei Plotnikov, Philip Holm all say Hi.
  6. You may very well be right. When they said that the trade for Simmonds didn't go through because of money. That may have been a way of saying $6 million dollar Eriksson for $5 million dollar Simmonds didn't go through. If Buffalo paid a 5th for Simmonds. We would've had to pay something much higher for them taking Eriksson as well as giving us Simmonds. They probably said a 2021 1st and Eriksson for Simmonds or a prospect like Hoglander and Eriksson. And therefore Benning ended the phone call.
  7. Juolevis development thus far with taking longer than it should to elevate his game at all, the bouncing between the OHL and then Europe before settling in Utica, and the knee problem, is all not what Benning and Co. expected out of him at this stage. They were probably thinking one more season in the OHL (with London) and then a stint in Utica. They even said they feel like he can step into the NHL right away after drafting him in 2016. It's not unlikely that they are growing impatient with him. It's not that it appears Juolevi is a risk, it's that it's looking like he maybe needs a fresh start and his development has not gone as planned here. And now that he just got healthy and is finally playing straight time in the AHL and is starting to develop at the right level. That trading him now while he still has some value and for his and the teams best interest would be good. And Friedman is a pretty credible source and he said during the pre-trade deadline trade rumors about Simmonds to Vancouver. That it looks like Benning would be willing to move someone like Juolevi instead of a draft pick. And yeah Sutter will be the easiest to move. Him and Eriksson need to go for sure.
  8. We have many free agents to deal with especially up front. Why don't we worry about signing Markstrom, Toffoli, Virtanen first. And addressing the blueline and finding a high end partner for Q.Hughes via trade or free agency. Plus if we're gonna sign Brome why not just re-sign Leivo instead who is more proven and was only starting to scratch the surface before his injury. Leivo is also around the same age.
  9. Well Benning did flat out say he would look at moving a young piece in a trade because he doesn't want to give up any more picks and they have alot of good prospects. Plus it's not unlikely that they are growing impatient and getting concerned with Juolevis development with us. Yeah you're right we don't want to wind up giving Stecher $4 to $4.5. As for Eriksson he will likely return the gentleman treatment back to Benning and Green and retire, or mutually terminate his contract for a fresh start somewhere. Otherwise he can be packaged and dumped with Juolevi or Lind to a team. Baertschis contract is still under $3 million and I can see a team taking a chance on him because he's had time to recover and gone awhile concussion free. And he still is a creative skilled finesse guy who's lighting up the AHL. Worst I can see with Baertschi is we have to retain 25 to 50% of his cap and/or throw in a C level prospect with him and take back a low draft pick. (Which is actually a good deal.) If Ferland has to retire than someone like Roussel will be needed and he's put up career highs here and done his job as a physical agitator. He sticks up for guys too and he just needs to get back his groove after entering play part-way through the season and dealing with the knee injury and surgery. If Ferland is good to go than trade Roussel. As for Sutter just trade him. Between him, Eriksson, and Baertschi. Sutter has the most value and actually brings alot to a team. He's just struggled with injuries and has a questionable contract. Main thing is is hopefully Benning keeps Markstrom, Toffoli, Virtanen and gets rid of Eriksson and Sutter.
  10. Rathbone needs at least one year of seasoning in the AHL for his gap control and defensive game. They will likely add one sub-par or high end RHD in free-agency or trade. Tryamkin and Rafferty are pretty much locks but are still relatively young, both carry uncertainties, and would best be suited to start as depth options. Juolevi will not quite be ready yet or will be traded. And Brisebois, Chatfield, Teves, Eliot all need a little more work in Utica. And Fantenberg will no longer fit in and should walk. You may be very right and insightful about Stecher. And if we let both Tanev and Stecher walk then we have far more room for all our pending free agents up front. Not to mention the blueline may need quite the overhaul. So in that case I can see these two options... Edler- UFA/Trade RHD Hughes-Myers Tryamkin-Tanev Benn-Rafferty OR Edler- UFA/Trade RHD Hughes-Myers Tryamkin- UFA/Trade/Chatfield Benn-Rafferty
  11. I saw some reports from hockey coverage pages on Instagram that the Canucks are growing impatient with Juolevis development, and may trade him this summer. Tanev already makes $4.45 Million and that's $2,125,000 more than Stecher as is. Tanev also plays the fourth most minutes among D-men on the team, half the time plays injured most likely, and takes the biggest beating. Constantly getting hammered by forecheckers and taking pucks and sticks to the face. And therefore is always battling the most injuries. He will not take a discount, he's been taking a beating for this team for years and hasn't seen the playoffs for 5 years. He's also matched his career high in points this season (20) and was on pace for the most yet (23). Not to mention he's in the middle of his prime and just turned 30 in December. Tanev will want to go from his current $4,450,000 to $5.5 or $6.5 milion. Whereas Stecher will likely want to go from his current $2,325,000 to about where Tanev is now. Plus Stecher will very likely go for the hometown discount and loves playing for his hometown team. Choosing Stecher over Tanev will give us more room for addressing contracts with Markstrom, Toffoli, Virtanen, Gaudette, MacEwen, Leivo, Motte, Domingue. And to add to the Juolevi trade rumour credibility, Benning said himself at the deadline (especially when pursuing Simmonds) that he's done giving up picks and would look to use a young prospect in a trade instead. Elliotte Friedman went on to add that Juolevi was a guy being looked at to use in a trade. And added that they would basically look at using any prospect outside of Podkolzin and Hoglander, in a trade. I can see Juolevi or Lind being packaged with Eriksson this summer to ship him out.
  12. Yeah I just thought since this team has potential to be a contender this season but has had defensive lapses. That any tinkering now might help. And I was avid about Brouwer and Ness because they would've been cheap and free. I think this off-season we should release Tanev and Fantenberg while re-upping Stecher. Then find a UFA/RFA top end D-man to play with Hughes and takes pressure off Edler and T.Myers. Juolevi will likely be traded as a sweetener in a cap dump and I've heard they're looking at shipping him out regardless. And that Benning and co are impatient with his development so far. Can't really blame him for his serious knee injury but I get the impatience. Also, don't really get the reaction to a post before this by @canuck73_3
  13. Stecher has some details to figure out and needs to pace himself if he wants to stay in the NHL IMO. Regardless. He plays and trains hard like I said and has upside because of good skating edge-work. And Tanev is going to want at least $6 million or more and is gonna be exiting his prime. Plus our blueline needs some adjusting. I would let Tanev walk and re-sign Stecher to a hometown discount. As for the point by @mll. It was not do-able because of the post TDL rule. If it weren't there I would stand by my point that adding someone like Brouwer for now would be smart and cost nothing to the cap.
  14. First off Ferland is not part of the cap problem. He's an under 30 power forward with tons of playoff experience and is a proven 40 point player that hits hard and fights. His concussion situation is either retire or he gets healthy and the Canucks get him back. If he can't get healthy his cap hit is gone and he retires. It's not even affecting them right now as he's on LTIR. As for your concern for the core. Pettersson, Horvat, Hughes, Boeser is enough and lets give Brock a season to see if he can play 82 games healthy or stay relatively healthy and not have to be playing while dealing with his father having a stroke. You don't just trade a 23 year old forward like Boeser because of some injuries and one off year. You're also forgetting Virtanen, Gaudette, MacEwen, Motte in that future core mix and I'm sure Benning wants to keep them as they're all having solid breakout seasons. (Especially Virtanen and Gaudette offensively). They're all young pending RFAs, have upside, and play the aggressive style this team is building. Add in J.T Miller, T.Pearson, and T.Myers to that mix who are all only 27, 28, and 30 respectively, and all locked up beyond this season. And you need to do more research on our prospects. Besides the future core I just talked about, we still have even younger players showing alot of promise on the way in Podkolzin, Hoglander, Lind, Gadjovich, Jasek, Palmu, L.Karlsson, McDonough, Focht, Rafferty, Rathbone, Tryamkin, Woo, Utunen, DiPietro, Silovs. If L.Eriksson and Sutters contracts weren't here than no one would say anything about Roussel or Beagle especially since Roussel and Beagle are actually beneficial. This team just needs to get healthy and come together and they can compete now. And they can definitely do it next season. They're not 3 years away. The list for the off-season should be... Dump Erikssons contract. Re-sign UFAs: Markstrom, Toffoli, Stecher, Leivo, Domingue, Graovac Re-sign RFAs: Virtanen, Gaudette, MacEwen, Motte, Ju.Bailey, Brisebois, Chatfield, F.Perron Release UFAs: C.Tanev, Fantenberg, Bachman Release RFAs: Goldobin, Boucher, Sautner, Pope If Ferland retires or stays on LTIR than keep Roussel. Otherwise if Ferland comes back than trade Roussel for a pick or two picks. Trade Baertschi and a 4th for a 6th Trade Sutter at 25 percent retained for a conditional 5th Trade Demko to Detroit for a 2nd, a 4th, and a prospect. Sign Lockwood to an ELC. Miller-Pettersson-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Toffoli Ferland or Roussel-Gaudette-Virtanen Motte-Beagle-MacEwen/Leivo Hughes-UFA/RFA/Prospect Edler-Rafferty Tryamkin-Stecher Jo.Benn-UFA/RFA/Prospect Markstrom Domingue
  15. I'm just tired of Stechers inconsistent gaffs and letting or directing in goals. He's a hometown guy like Brouwer but i use the hometown card for Brouwer because Stecher is a still raw and young depth defenseman whose over-used. Where as Brouwer is far more experienced, a cup winning power forward, and the type of forward we wanted in Ferland and Simmonds. And are possibly starting to get out of Virtanen, Roussel, and MacEwen (even with Virtanen and MacEwen playing that role well they are young and raw.) I know Brouwer is not the player he once was but he's still effective and tough and costs under $750,000. He's only played 13 games with the Blues this season because after being released from Floridas camp, it took until November 20th for the Blues to sign him after giving him a PTO for a week. And he likely only had to wait for that contract while teams figured out their cap and were still sorting out their roster as the season was fresh still. He then missed 2 games due to not being able to get to the team because of VISA issues. And missed another two games due to illness. In those 13 games with the Blues Brouwer had a goal, 7 pims, 12 shots, and was a plus 1. All with only 9:28 of ice time. Sutter is basically the veteran forward to us what Brouwer is to St.Louis. We just have played Sutter more and he costs over $4 million more LOL. If Sutter were on St.Louis he'd only have played 13 games for them as well I bet. I would see no issue in scratching Sutter for Brouwer until playoffs. Especially since Sutter is likely still playing through an injury. In that case scratch any forward whose playing injured and put Brouwer in for some size and snarl. It allows some guys to really get fully rested for playoffs. Let's say worst case scenario as well that Leivo and Beagle are out until the end of the regular season and possibly not back until a potential later round in the playoffs. Than we don't need any extra pressure or guys getting hurt. Insert Brouwer. And if he can't be sent to Utica than send Eriksson there for now. He's possibly done playing here anyway. Rest of the season up front... Miller-Pettersson-Toffoli Pearson-Horvat-Boeser Roussel-Gaudette-Virtanen Motte-Brouwer-MacEwen Sutter IR: Leivo, Beagle