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  1. I can go either way on it. I think there is a point to be made that the teams that had great cap control can get jipped with cap crunches teams getting a free lifeline. I think it’ll be important to wait and see how the NHL restructures everything. If there are big changes I think obviously we should follow to keep things realistic. Just being aware of the situation either decision has for all the Teams throwing out a life boat or not.
  2. Can’t wait for the draft lottery. Tampa Bay is exploring trading down in the draft depending on where we settle (currently projected with 2nd overall pick). Any teams looking at trading picks lmk
  3. With all this quarantining going on I might as well keep busy so.... I'm open to trade offers for this off season and I'm interested in acquiring draft picks and prospects I'm still listening to offers to players on my team and I currently have a surplus of defensive prospects such as Dennis Cholowski, Erik Brannstrom, Philip Broberg, Callan Foote, Mattias Samuelsson, Cam York and Alexander Romanov. I'm listening to offers that in return gets me a forward prospect. Let me know, Stay safe everyone
  4. Hey everyone, I realized one thing just now. Normally if I’m not mistaken you guys hold the draft a few days before the actual NHL draft correct? If that is so, I don’t think they are moving the draft for NHL so if that carries on as normal how on earth do we sort out standings for the draft before the NHL draft? This leaves two options that I see in that we postpone our draft until after the NHL decides what to do with playoffs or we carry on the same but how do we properly rank teams for the draft pre NHL draft? Let me know
  5. ******************************** TAMPA LOOKING TO MOVE A DEFENCEMAN FOR A GOALIE OR FORWARD ****************************************** Hadyn Fleury, Travis Dermott, Philip Broberg SEND DM
  6. Aggressively trying to move Travis Dermott, Girgensons, Sorensons, Czarnik, Cehlarik and possibly Broberg. listening to offers on everyone except Horvat, Hanafin, Jones, Tuch, Little, Schwartz. Also for everyone who complained about the trade yesterday I’d like to point out only 2 of those players have proven to be NHLers and they are a wash. All of the other players are PROSPECTS and unproven. Ian Scott has one good year but so did Mark Vinsentin and look where he is. Romanov had a great world juniors, so did Brandon Gormley and he’s out of the league. The NHL didn’t stop Washington from trade Martin Erat for Filip Forsberg and both Pittsburgh and I feel we got the better end of this deal. Grow up we didn’t trade Connor McDavid for Matt Martin it’s literally 8 prospects total and only 2 have proven to be valuable in NHL. I’ve had way worse trades offered from GMs in this league that if I blindly said yes too I’d have gotten fleeced worse than this deal.
  7. They are 2 seperate trades. The first being Nussbaumer - Plasek first being Estephan and Romanov. The second being Comtois and Roy for Scott and Brannstrom
  8. Justin Faulk, Andrew Cogliano, Jake Allen, Anders Nilsson, Zemgus Girgensons, Brandon Manning, Patrik Nemeth, Greg Pateryn, Austin Czarnik are all available. Yes I know my team sucks but I'm looking to make deals even if it's minor league players and such. I won't really be active the next 2 days so today is kind of my trade deadline. Still listening to offers on all other players as well.
  9. Hey guys, I'm the new owner of the tampa bay lightning, I'm doing a firesale on the roster. I am actively shopping Bo Horvat, David Krejci, Justin Faulk and Jake Allen among others. Send offers I'm looking to wheel and deal.
  10. Hello everyone, I’ve taken over the Tampa bay lightning in the CDC league and i wanted to introduce myself. I’m happy to be here  and understand the trade deadline is fast approaching.


    I want to announce I want to overhaul the roster and am open to any trades. Including Bo Horvat. I’m ready to wheel and deal let’s get some moves done. 

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      @Nolancause we're supposed to know your talking about the cdc league. 

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      I mean, that's much more likely than the GM of the real life Lightning posting on CDC ;)

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      And I thought I drank too much.  What in the hell does this even mean?  It’s funny as hell though.  :goat: