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  1. Apologies for the angle on the 2nd, that's Kesler and Virtanen. Petey was a lucky find online, waiting to get a case to hang on the wall.
  2. Just listened to the full 30 min. Jim was very open about everything. Looking forward to the resume myself. We should know more about the process in the next few days to few weeks from what I understand.
  3. It depends on what Barrie thinks he's worth on this team, we have an upcoming dynasty if we play our cards right. Barrie could be part of it, we'll also be fine without him.
  4. Myers is similar to a less established Edler. Let him figure out his role with the team and get comfortable in Vancouver before the fan base is ready to ship him out. I can't be alone in seeing he was crucial in times this past season.
  5. No, even better, Leafs can't afford to retain Barrie and apparently he wants to come here. I'm hoping JB & Co. can work something to keep all our valuables and somehow squeeze in Barrie, if that means letting Stecher walk, convincing LE to retire, and then doing something with the Baer/Sutter/Rousell contracts it would make us a serious contender. A lot of moves would need to be made but I have faith in this management.
  6. Goldobin was given a fair shake. Maybe he could've earned a few more minutes (when we didn't have anyone to play in the top 6). If he had earned Green's trust to play more than just waiting for passes or skating around he may have stuck around longer. I wish him the best, maybe he can come back to the NHL at some point in his career. Good luck Goldy, wish you all the best in your home country!
  7. I definitely agree, Schenn was a pleasant surprise although temporary. Hughes has been an unbelievable addition to the team and we lucked out with the kids maturity, professionalism, skillset, and the list goes on. Let's give Tryamkin a chance to prove himself, we all know he's itching to get back in a Canucks jersey and show he's an NHL player!
  8. I like these guys' thinking. Give it a shot, Tram and Huggy!
  9. Nostalgia

    NHL 20 Thread

    If anyone's got a club to join, I play pwf and can't remember my ppg exactly in drop-in but its around 2.8 with close goals/assists. Add my psn RedDragonsX1A
  10. If ones argument is that this is just locker room talk clearly you grew up in immature locker rooms. This would not fly among the Canucks nor would it fly in any of mine. This kind of behavior exhibits so much immaturity. The person who quoted me earlier and asked if I would have known better at 18-19, yes, I would have known better at 14. Especially in the age where everything you say on the internet is accessible by everyone. You'd think people growing up with this level of technology would know by now that nothing said on the internet is private. If you can't handle the consequences of your words, maybe they aren't worth writing nor speaking? You know the saying "Think before you speak."
  11. If teams were given a compliance buyout it just may give us the cap to solidify the team's needs. I'm thinking buyout Loui, let Stetch walk or trade rights if possible. Retain Tanev, Markstrom and Toffoli. Demko is tradeable in the future, in a perfect world we would be able to keep both Marky and Demko but I am hoping for the best. Reality would be one of them would be left exposed if we weren't able to receive something back in return for the stronger chance at a cup.
  12. You may be right in that I'm jumping to the conclusion that these kids' actions speak louder than their words. They were bashing people in what they perceived as a closed group until it wasn't, then they have to face the conesquence of judgement afterwards. Would YOU be comfortable if it were YOU in the same position?
  13. TBH this act was extremely immature, I would think a professional in the league would be smart enough to carry themselves better than this. Sadly, its not the case always. I hope the league finds a justifiable way to punish these young guys and perhaps give them an opportunity to learn from this. As said earlier, this kind of behaviour is inexcusable and down right awful.