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  1. Just a thought. With the talk of the NHL getting restarted and using hub cities and empty arenas, Wouldn’t it be possible to dub in crowd noises and cheers for your favourite team? I am no tech guy but surely it is possible to have fans call in or login to a site record yourself cheering and maybe singing some of the celebration songs and merge them together with thousands of other fans to form a virtual home team crowd. It could work as a fundraiser for those arena employees displaced because of COVID-19 or go towards the teams charity. Fans could submit their cheer or their noise for a fee. The crowd noise could be piped into the arenas through the sound systems and be in sync with who the home team is designated for that game. It would be a win win the players and the fans, giving them a virtual crowd to listen to instead of a lack lustre silence of an empty rink, akin to a rec hockey game. Pipe dream or possible?