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  1. I wonder if he pushed for this, fearing if he waited till next season they might let him walk or the cap squeeze would be worse
  2. That would give forwards some nightmares
  3. Really hope we can secure him to the team. Having him play on the right is useful but on a PK could throw him and Myers out there together would be intimidating, especially as while both are big guys they are both mobile skaters
  4. Quite posssibly. I’m not in the crowd of ship him out now, but I’m not against it either and I feel if we trade him it will come back to bite us as he probably will be a better player for it. Sometimes people need a jolt. It’s to familiar here with management, linemates, organisation, friends and family. Somewhere else probably would work well for him. Just would hate to see him become that player else where
  5. Would rather he didn’t drop the mitts and play hard without risking it in fights. I think he skill set is well above that level. That said I do think it’s good to see he is prepared to do it to prove there is bite to the bark, however would hope it’s the exception and not a frequent thing
  6. I think he has to many distractions here and being shipped off to the east coast somewhere may be beneficial for him. He needs time and space and a new start I think to get out of his rut. I think he can become a good player just not in his home town. (To many distractions) he has good speed, a wicked shot and can make good plays however his hockey IQ isn’t the greatest so he often has to use his speed to catch up with the play or to cover back. Which is fine to a point however to be doing this shift in shift out you need hustle and commitment (like motte, Hanson etc) and he just doesn’t. i believe he still thinks he can coast and just use his natural skill to get by - fine in juniors but not good enough now. He needs a wake up call a a city far away with no friends or family where he can focus would be good. (Utica would be good however at this stage in his career (even without waivers) he would know it’s only for a short time and revert to type when recalled)
  7. That period was bad here as well, although we didn’t get as much rain we got a hell of a lot of dry lightning that was continuously striking every few seconds a brilliant purple. Was magnificent to see and it looked and sounded like it was from war of the worlds.
  8. Ah rain - when I lived in Vancouver it was one thing that was consistent and familiar (I’m from UK so rain is a constant)
  9. This - it’s almost like there was a plan that next season cap space for freed up, and the season after a bit more. its almost like there was a consideration on which year we would want/need cap space
  10. Yep - look at the NBA equivalent it’s miles apart in terms of quality. Also as an overseas viewer the NBA one is pretty decent and set up to support that, the NHL one you pay for and get a metric tonne of blackouts which is a joke
  11. I think the window to win isn’t not but in 2 -3 years when EP and QH hit prime, we have some ELCs filling depth And have Pods, Hog, Rathbone,Rafferty on the team (some might be trade etc) but the view being that they would have forced some of the players ahead of them out the team. They get traded for players to fill the holes or for decent picks. I think if we go all in now the team will have to be gutted to move the contracts we need and would then mean we have either sell the farm to do it or overpay UFAs. much rather be competitive, build up the team bit by bit uNtill we get to the point where we only need to get one UFA/trade to put us over the Edge and so we can retain the core and the future options
  12. The all star game or World Cup of hockey to me seem like one off gimmicks, I do think a knockout cup competition because it features the actual teams rather than some random blended roster from across the league would have more support and meaning, as it’s something their team can win.
  13. Adding to this potentially could have the cup title sponsored - ie if Molson Coors sponsored it could be the Molson cup etc- and this goes into prize money. could also use it as a way of testing rules. Ie have the long change on period 1 &3 instead of period 2 maybe allow a team to select the players from the full 50 roster slots with no cap/waiver issues - so if a team wanted to use it to play some youngsters/prospects they can without issue?
  14. Could be done whenever, I envision it taking place during the season with it concluding before TDD
  15. This is meant as a discussion piece so interested in people’s views/thoughts about this. Next season (if there is one) and going forward the flat cap will hurt a lot of teams, not just that but owners will be making a fair amount of losses icing a team if the fans are not there. So I was thinking there needs to be ways of making additional revenue, to both decrease the losses/gain income. this also tied into a though I was having about the NHL (And NA sports) in general. the Stanley cup is the pinnacle of the NHL, probably the hardest cup in professional sports to win (and even harder since the league continues to grow) however we will soon have 32 teams where the only measure of real success in winning a single cup. Not just that with only 16 teams making the cut to play for it half the leagues teams won’t be even in the post season, and potentially a quarter of the teams could write off the season full stop. this can impact fan attendance and also TV rights and also sponsorships compounding a losing teams issue, piling on to teams that are down. Also this means that it also impacts league wide revenue. now I’m not proposing changing up the Stanley cup, but why not introduce something to help with both situations and also provide something for fans to get excited about even if they are a basement dweller. So I propose something along the lines of a knockout cup. each of the 31(32) teams get drawn randomly against another team in the league to play a single knockout game to progress to the next round. each round gets randomly redrawn so it’s not in set brackets with this continuing until the semi finals. The semi finals are then held at a neutral venue and the same for the final (Which could be bid for by teams and maybe even have the final as an outside game?) (aka similar to the English FA cup) this would allow extra games and revenue, a reason to keep fans interested as it’s not a long slog beat team wins, but best on the day which means you have to bring your a game and cannot have an off game. doesnt impact on drafting or the Stanley cup and potentially allows for even more jerseys to be sold /variations for their ‘Knock out trophy’ run. (Canucks could use the skate ones etc) thoughts?